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Mauna Loa Eyerdom and dealing with crown rot Violets t

Mauna Loa Eyerdom and dealing with crown rot Violets t


Granger's Heart's Desire (Eyerdom) Double blue and white frilled. Quilted, ruffled.

АЕ-Снежный Эдельвейс · VioletsAfricanPansies

This is not the first time I observed this behavior in other chimera African violets. This time it happens to be in Party Fun.

See a picture and learn how to grow, care for, and maintain African Violet plants at

African Violet 'Mauna Loa' a true red chimera

АВ-Ленинградское мороженое Цветок: Химера. Огромные полумахровые звезды цвета черной смородины с белыми

ПТ-Царская Особа

СК-Пангея (А. Кузнецов), колл. Л. Галицкая

Dean`s Silver Veil

Russian African Violet "RS Liedianaja ...


Фото фиалки АВ-Мимими (754-17) добавил пользователь Dany (Dany)

African Violet, Houseplants, Violets, Saintpaulia, Pansies

Фиалка НК-Мальва

African violet N-Avatar (N.Berdnikova). Blue bells. Crown variegation

Rob's Scrumptious (Robinson) Semidouble white star/dark pink patches. Crown variegated medium

Crown Rot, Root Rot Among My Chimera African Violets. Mauna Loa (Eyerdom). See more. АВ-760-150, сеянец

Saintpaulia, African Violet, Violets, Crib, Africans

African Violet * EMILY SAVAGE* Starter Plant - J. Eyerdom - Double Lavender-

African violet PL-Lesnaya Fialka (PL-Forest Violet). PL Johnny-

ЛЕ-Танцор Диско

African Violet * LYON'S UNPREDICTABLE* Starter Plant - Fantasy

African Violet Optimara Millenia



РС Колесо Фортуны

Chimpansy | (7393) (A. Murphy) 07/02/1990.

Ness' Spring Blush

Flower Plant 1

african violet Wrangler's Gaudy Lady pair of leaves


I have a African Violet that looks…

African Violet ''Mac's Very Indigo-miniature variegate''starter plant

African Violet *LOUISIANA LULLABY* starter plant – Semi-double Lavender

African Violet ~~ LE-Kardamon ~~ plant NEW 2017 Russian / Ukrainian Variety!

СК-Соблазн (А. Кузнецов), колл. Е. Морозова

Lacy Lass Standard African Violet in Bloom | eBay ~ LLG, 2011, #10406

Crown Rot, Root Rot Among My Chimera African Violets. Mauna Loa (Eyerdom). See more. СК-Пангея (А. Кузнецов), колл. Л. Галицкая

African Violet Plant "Dancin' Queen" in 3 oz cup

Rob's Outer Orbit

Image result for African Violet * Shirl's Pip Squeak

Фиалка НК-Вечерняя Одесса. PhpVioletsPansies


African violet - LE - Kassiopeya - plant - New Ukrainian Variety!

African violet LE-Aramis (E.Lebedska). Large semidouble dark-blue

African Violet, Small Gardens, Saintpaulia, House Plants, Exotic, Violets, Africans, Indoor House Plants, Little Gardens

African violet-Saintpaulia - LE - Tristan - plant - Ukrainian Variety !

Miniature African Violets | Ness' Crinkle Blue -


Tomorrows Pink Ice Standard African Violet Plant

Mac's Smoldering Sapphire

African Violet Varieties

Rob's Jitterbug African Violet, Saintpaulia, Grown by Boa Linn, photo taken by Boa

Beautiful African Violets—Yukako x Froggie photos

African Violet Varieties

DS-Пинка (Диметрис)

African Violet PLANT Lacy Lass frilly edge!

Candy Cane | (Eyerdom) Single dark maroon/white ruffled edge. Standard.

Arctic Frost(химерный спорт)(стандарт)

Halo's Aglitter - one of my new African violets

Пример цветения из Сети, источник под фото | African Violets | Pinterest

Dress Rehearsal

N Jashma African Violet Plant Mini New Russian Variety

Indoor Garden, Violets, African, Pansies

Buckeye Extravaganza

My plant- Circus Fascination

African Violet plant "Kei Yoki" Pretty Bloom

Saintpaulia sport of 'Suzie Sunshine' | Flickr - Photo ...

ЕК-Майская Акация

Variegated medium green and white, plain. Standard Sport of Luxury Liner

Raspberry Halo Sport

African Violet live plant ROB'S KITTEN by Shantiyarnandknits, $2.75 Rob's Kitten Caboodle Robinson. Semi


African Violet - San-Bar

Mauna Loa (Eyerdom). See more. African Violet | eBay Lyon's Cherry Vanilla (S. Sorano) Semidouble white frilled pansy

violets MyViolet series, myDarling, introduced in fall of

African Violet Flowers Photograph - African Violet Flowers Fine Art ..


Untamed Heart march 2018

California Victory 2013 ~ Must get. Think I had.

Hearts Aflutter Standard African Violet Flowers..ordered

African violet 2 - evening escort

Georgia, A Pink Beauty :)

РС-Рамзес химерный спорт


Optimara - myViolet series, myDelight (4" standard African Violet)

Mac's Black Jack | African Violets ✿ | Pinterest | Black jacks, Mac s and Violets

Cherry Princess Semi Miniature African Violet

Throw these in for colour variation

Свадебный букет - Саша

Лесной Царь(стандарт)(химера)

CARNATION SPRINKLES African violet chimera -- IN BLOOM

The biggest african violet crown

African Violet PLANT Golden Dawn

ЛЕ-Магический Кристалл.jpg

Image result for variegated indoor plants

African Violet Plant * CAJUN'S ROYAL KNOCKOUT * Standard

Optimara - Paris (6" large African Violet)


Jolly Wine-O