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Mauritius an island off the coast of Madagascar the only known

Mauritius an island off the coast of Madagascar the only known



Located some 500 miles east of Madagascar in the middle of the Indian Ocean, Mauritius

The beautiful Mauritius island may be hiding a chunk of continent. (Sapsiwai via iStock)

Beachcomber - Paradis Hotel

underwater waterfall mauritius

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Mauritius - an island off the coast of Madagascar; the only known home of the

The Mascarene Islands in the Indian Ocean east of Madagascar consisting of Mauritius, Réunion


Long-lost continent found submerged deep under Indian Ocean. Mauritius ...

The Dutch originally named the island Mauritius, after Maurice of Nassau, the Stadtholder of Holland (sort of like a hereditary head of state in the ...

Mauritius is a tiny island nation in the Indian Ocean off the southeast coast of the African continent. It is so small that you can reach its four corners ...

mauritius-1-600x406. Visuals looking off of the island ...

Le Morne Brabant, on the island's southwestern tip



Ile Aux Cerfs, Mauritius seen from above! droneheroes // Photo by

Mauritius Aerial View - One&Only Le Saint Geran


Magnificent Mauritius: If you knew more about this small island state, you'd

Lemorne Mauritius

Beautiful panorama of tropical island. Paradise beach on Mauritius.

An island nation located about 2000 km off the southeast coast of Africa and lies east of Madagascar. The only known home of the now extinct dodo bird.

Madagascar Country Map

Mauritius, island off the southeast coast of Africa

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Mauritius is an island which lies in Indian Ocean southeast off African coast (close to Madagascar) and it is one of the favourite honeymoon destination and ...


Colorful Mauritius ✮ This picture is so pretty! :) I was reading about this island, Mauritius, located by Madagascar. It said that it was the only home of ...

Things to do in Mauritius | Discover the Mauritian simplicity | Heritage Resorts Mauritius


Mauritius attractions and things to do in the island. A comprehensive list including a complete map.

Shanti Maurice


Large detailed political map of Mauritius with relief and roads.

map of Mauritius

This week we heard from Julz over at Wandering Expat Family all about expat life in Mauritius. We've never even thought about life in Mauritius before so ...

Stunning pictures taken above Mauritius create 'underwater vortex' optical illusion | Daily Mail Online

Le Morne Brabant Peninsula, Mauritius

The sign at Mauritius's airport read, “Welcome to Paradise.” I heard great things about this island in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Madagascar so I was ...

Island: Mauritius lies in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Africa and near to


Anse Source d'Argent beach, La Digue Island

underwater waterfall mauritius

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Mauritius, Beaches, Camping, Flik n Flak, Grand Baie, Le Morne,

Mauritius: Neighbouring Islets

Is Mauritius In Asia Or Africa?

Île aux Cerfs. Location. Mauritius in ...

Mauritius: an Island off of the African Continent, east of Madagascar, in the

White-sand beaches and breath taking views are only one of few reasons why to visit this beautiful island.


Mauritius (pronounced Mar-ish-us). A small island country off the east coast of Africa. This rich island seems comparable to a Caribbean island getaway. ...


Although not as colossal as the pyramids of Egypt, or the ones in the Eastern European state of Bosnia, the pyramids on these two tropical islands pose a ...

North Island. Indian Ocean & Africa | Seychelles

The crystal clear waters of Comoros.

Aerial view of Le Morne Brabant mountain which is in the World Heritage list of the

Sugar Beach - Mauritius (Honeymoon by Victoria Tso)

Indian Ocean map

The tiny nation of Mauritius lives on a beautiful volcanic island in the Indian Ocean. Once, it was a strategic colony for trade routes between Europe and ...

Mauritius: Head off to honeymoon heaven

Known for its beaches, culture, and food, Mauritius is an excellent holiday destination. The northwest and southwest have the best beaches and best ...

Mauritius is rich in endemic diversity with a fusion of French, Indian, Creole and Chinese peoples.

Reunion Island, Indian Ocean - view from helicopter

Off the south-west coast of Mauritius, about 200m from the shore, sits the famous Crystal Rock. It is an exposed section of a fossilised coral reef, ...

mauritius ocean

Aerial view of Maldives

... islands in the Indian Ocean. mauritius

Mauritius from the sea

Madagascar. Stitched Panorama

1901 Map of Mauritius

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Mauritius Island. Located in the same glittering Indian Ocean ...

The terrifying underwater 'waterfall' in Mauritius

Mauritius: The Island

Location of Rodrigues Island

French Mauritius (1715–1810)[edit]

Cultural Exploration and Attractions in Mauritius


INDIAN OCEAN ISLANDS. Off the eastern coastline of Africa ...

Where is Mauritius?


Looking through our pictures from our time in Mauritius it seems quite impossible to show you everything in one post, so we'll split it up a bit.

The 10 Smallest Countries In Africa

View from Lion Mountain, South-east coast of Mauritius

The 'Underwater Waterfall'One Of The Most Beautiful Places on Earth - YouTube