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Medium Mark C 1919 Military t Wwi

Medium Mark C 1919 Military t Wwi


Picture of Medium Mark C (Hornet) Medium Tank

Medium Mark C

Very clean Medium Mark C, [this photo shows signs of a contemporary 'touch up' removing the background] Photo: Beamish Archive

Mark A Tank Medium "Whippet" in the German service WWI

medium-mark-a-whippet-tank-western-front-ww1-DRHHCP.jpg (1300×1019)

Medium Mark C's deployed to the streets of Liverpool August 1919

Medium tanks Whippet Mk A, Mk b and Mk C The tank seemed to the British high-speed. Tactical and technical characteristics medium tank MK A "Whippet" Combat ...

Medium Mark C

British Medium Mark C Hornet Tank. British Tanks of the Inter-war Decades

Medium A tank Whippet

... Picture of Medium Mark C (Hornet) Medium Tank

British Tanks of the Inter-war Decades. Vickers Medium Mark I

British Tanks of the Inter-war Decades. The Medium Mark ...

Soviet T-35, a five-turreted heavy tank of the 1930s

WWI, 26 March 1918: First use of Medium Mark A or Whippet Tank (

Medium Mark C (Hornet)

the Medium Tank Mk A (Whippet)



Medium D 14 ...

Whippet Firefly of F Battalion in The Museum of the Army in Brussels (original colours)

Mark B Tank Medium "Whippet" WWI

Zdjęcie w albumie CG - Medium Mark A "Whippet" tank - Zdjęcia Google

At first a large budget was made available for tank design but this was all spent on the failed development of the Medium Mark D.

Medium Mark B

Tritton Chaser - The 'Whippet' - art view

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Beutepanzer A - 'German' Whippet

Medium Mark A Whippet

Whippet medim tank - Bovington Museum

Picture of Medium Mark C (Hornet) Medium Tank ...

... 1/35 scale model Takom British Whippet Mk. A WWI Medium Tank ...

British Medium Mark A Tank 'Caesar II' from which Lt Sewell won VC on August 1918 Tank Museum Bovington

Medium Tank Whippet. Bovington Tank Museum

Whippet in the Russian White Army

British Medium Tank, Mark C, "Male" Tank, (not produced), (2 pcs.)

WWI Medium Tank Mk.A "Whippet" Takom 1:35 Scale Kit #2025

World War 1 Tanks (1914-1918) - Armored Fighting Vehicles of The Great War

Medium Mark C, cross–section diagram

Japanese tanks of World War II

Vickers Medium Mark Is on a manoeuvre somewhere in England, 1930

LO 405 - WW1 Peace Day Victory Parade London 1919, Medium Mark C Tank

Tritton Chaser - The 'Whippet'

Whippet Tank

... a a practical vehicle, based on the design and dimensions of the Mk VIII “International” or “Liberty” tank that was scheduled to go into action in 1919.

Medium Mark C “Hornet”

Medium Mark C's deployed to the streets of Liverpool August 1919

Mark V[edit]

Whippet Medium Mark A with. Mgebrov Russian Armoured Car (bird view)

Medium Mark C's during the 1919 Victory Parade, ...

Three unidentified Whippets (the fourth is out of shot) in Japanese service on a road march. All vehicles display a small Army emblem Star on the nose and ...

Mark IV captured

Tanks in the British Army

Picture of the Char d'Assault St. Chamond

British Tanks of World War I

Mark IV female on display in Ashford, Kent. The white-red-white stripes on the front are a British recognition marking that was also carried by British ...

Mark "C" Japan 1927

Medium Mark A Whippet The Medium Mark A Whippet Tank WW1 Pinterest The o39jays The

Medium D 9 ...

Medium D 14 Medium D 16 ...

Medium Mark D

... Medium D 15

British Tanks of the Inter-war Decades

Tank Hunter WW1

Picture of the M1917 6-ton

Tanks in the German Army

Surviving vehicles

Medium Mark A Whippet tanks of the British Occupation Forces move through County Clare, Ireland

was deployed in 1918 and used in action in the closing months of WWI, in the Allied intervention in the Russian Civil War on the White Russian side, ...

... Mark V and had boosted its speed from 5mph to 20mph, and likewise on a Whippet increasing its speed from 8mph to 30mph. The driver sat at the rear of ...

Mark V 21 ...


... Mark V 4 ...

The Medium Mark I replaced some of the Mark V heavy tanks; together with its successor, the slightly improved Vickers Medium Mark II, it served in the Royal ...

... Mark V Tank mock-up

Medium D 11 ...

Picture of the Medium Tank Mk A (Whippet)

When the government design bureau, the Tank Design Department, was closed in 1923 any direct official involvement in tank development was terminated.

Medium Mark C's during the 1919 Victory Parade, ...

first American tank, Holt

Picture of the T-28


stroboscopic cupola 4

Mark V* Tank

stroboscopic cupola 3

Whippet of the Rising Sun

Mark V heavy tanks of the 301st Tank Battalion go into action at Souplet, France, 17 October 1918. (National Archives)

My rendition of the HGC Mk II and MGC .

Mark V 16 ...

A homecoming Mark A Whippet is guided through the streets of North London in 1919


Medium Mark A Whippet Mark A Wikiwand

The Spartacist ...

Soviet T-72 main battle tank, with a 125-millimetre gun. A