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Meister der Kemptener Kreuzigung GNM ARMOR amp Warriors and

Meister der Kemptener Kreuzigung GNM ARMOR amp Warriors and


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Death Triumph, Medieval Woodcut by, Hans Holbein

Diebold Schilling, Amtliche Berner Chronik, Bd. 1 Bern · 1478-1483 Mss

Deutsche Bibel AT, Bd. 1 (Gen. - Reg., Psalter)

37 best York Rickey images on Pinterest | Atlanta, Christian and Church prayers


St Barbara; the saint standing in the centre, with the sword and broken wheel

Antonius Buch der Beispiele — Schwaben, um 1480/1490 Cod

89430.jpg (566×1458)

Kalkar, Nicolaikirche, high altar, shutter painting paintings completed in 1508 or early 1509

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Medium Aevum Dürer's house in Nuremberg was not far from an armourer's, and he would have seen armored knights daily. This watercolor study served the ...

This woodcut depicts Venus from the "Seven Planets" (Septem Planetæ), one of our modern star signs. It dates from between

Woodcut printing press demon in medievil book dark ages

European Sword. Dated: circa 1480–1500. Culture: possibly Italian. Medium

A fearsome array of medieval hand weapons, including flails and lances, in Prague Castle


Vinzenz-Altar, Flügel: Die Ritter mit kniendem Stifter. 1465

Diagram of medieval sword belt, one style of fastening scabbard to the belt.

Swords, Medieval, Objects, Sword, Middle Ages

Hose worn below armor in century, Bayrische National Museum, Munchen. or at Germanische Nationalmuseum (website: www.de/) The Germanic National Museum is ...

Spade, Messer, Armors, Swords, Weapons, Templates

Two polearms assembled by Sean Flynt made from a Windlass warhammer and a GDFB poleaxe head

'Urizen as the Creator of the Material World (relief etching) William Blake


Jeg tvivler på alle typerne er der, da bogen er fra

Mandalorian War Song : Rage of the Shadow Warriors

Find this Pin and more on York Rickey by pyamio70.

Ottheinrich-Bibel, Bd. 2: Mt 26,31 - Lk 5,

L`Ultima Frontiera. Taurica 1461-1490

Doublet, Berlin, Satchels, Medieval

XIII Century shield back


Boba Fett

A complete late medieval to early post medieval iron scale tang knife with copper alloy handle scales. The tang runs the through the centre of the handle ...

Knives (set2)

Csuth Gábor


I haven't seen much reproductions of bauernwehr style knives, so I thought I'd bring these under attention.

Terra Teutonica 1360-1440's photos – 74 albums

Spada italiana fine sec XV

Fernanda de la Cerdea 1270 scabbard

Viking age / Swords Hedeby / Sweden


grosse messer - Google Search

The century English fight master George Silver considered the bill to be the most broadly effective of battlefield weapons.

The actual pieces ranged in size from approximately 1.5 inches to perhaps a quarter inch square, and were so finely and accurately stitched that ...

Castle Keep, Isle of Skye - Fine Handcrafted Blades

Type XVIIIa longsword. Weight 1370g, blade lenght 960mm, PoB 700mm. www.

Lyversberg Passion Note how the hose on the left leg of the man in the foreground is coming unlaced or unsewi.

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