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Members of the Saturn Death Cult Shi39ite Muslims take part in a

Members of the Saturn Death Cult Shi39ite Muslims take part in a


Likewise, many of the world religions and the new sects are essentially temples dedicated to the Cult of Saturn. The Christian groups, both Catholic and ...

The ...


A Comprehensive Guide to the Illuminati, the Conspiracy Theory That Connects Jay-Z and Queen Elizabeth

The Mysteries of Germany's Most Secret Occult Order The hidden teachings and practices of German occultism have long held a strong fascination for the poet ...


What the ancients were seeing when they depicted the Sun as three concentric discs was a different alignment of planets from what we see in the sky today.


Some say it refers to Hélios/Apollo, some say to El, the ancient Saturn (El) death cult

Religion is Deception - Muslims Jews and Christians All Worship The Black Cube Saturn Worship

For non-Muslims to understand diversity among Muslims seems to be a leap too far.

He predicted that the US was going to be hit by a terrible terrorist attack & that it would be blamed on Muslims......but 'don't you even believe it' he ...

[NOTE: Everything on this web site is just my speculative opinion. I do not pretend to know for certain what the truth is. But I hope that I can contribute ...




卐 Hitler | Atlantis | Aztecs | Hollywood | Babylon | Rapture | Rennes | Rosslyn | UFO | 666✵ The real “Beast” of the Bi

A well-known Reformed apologist, elder and professional debater is drawing concerns after presenting, and continuing to defend, an interfaith dialogue event ...

Attic red-figure lekythos attributed to the Tymbos painter showing Charon welcoming a soul into his boat, c. 500-450 BC

How a Quranite Muslim differs from a Sunni Muslim

A naval action during the siege of Tyre in South Lebanon (350 BC). Drawing by André Castaigne, 1888–89.

Putin was elected Russian President again, to a 6 year term ending in 2018, when he is 66. March 7 2012. A large solar flare on the ...

Painting of a ghoulish, naked man holding a bloody, naked body and devouring the


Even Jews Ask: Is Judaism a Satanic Cult?

The scam here is that the job titles and job specification posted on various internet job sites as “Customer Service Representative”, “Customer Service ...

Can we be confident that the Department of Education did indeed carry out a rigorous assessment? I understand no scientific specialists were involved and I ...

Baphomet sits on a black cube associated with Saturn in front of two crescent moons in this image by Eliphas Levi. On top of his head is the torch ...

The recent murders in Thiruvananthapuram have brought the spotlight back on Satan worship in Kerala.

Twitter Ads info and privacy

Non-Muslims in mosques[edit]

An artists representation of "Muhammed's Paradise". A Persian miniature from The History of Mohammed, Bibliothèque nationale de France, Paris.

A kameas (magic square) sigil.

Great White Brotherhood

'Cash me outside' girl pays off mother's mortgage | Page Six

Many of the Taco Bell restaurants throughout America possess this Serpent 6 logo on the front and two sides which creates “666”. In addition to the Mark of ...

A woman screams and covers her eyes, which are then superimposed over her hands

The world could be set to end in October this year, when a giant mysterious

The faces of two robots stand atop a pyramid. A helicopter flies over an industrial

Thomas Sheridan's Official Blog: Psychic Attacks are Very Real and Very Dangerous

A son opening a surprise gift from his parents

The Koran. Penguin Classics edition. Originally published 1956. Current version published by Penguin Group Ltd, London, UK . Translation by N. J. Dawood.

One of the oldest surviving fragments of Euclid's Elements, found at Oxyrhynchus and dated to c. AD 100 (P. Oxy. 29). The diagram accompanies Book II, ...

This unopened black granite sarcophagus was discovered this week in Egypt. It weighs many tons and is the largest sarcophagus to ever be unearthed in ...

Budazhap Shiretorov (Будажап Цыреторов), the head shaman of the religious community Altan Serge (Алтан Сэргэ) in Buryatia.

L. Ron Hubbard outside his Sussex mansion, Saint Hill Manor, with his family

Saturn officially rules over Aquarius, although modern day has put Ur Anus/Uranus as the ruler of Aquarius the Male water bearer.


A cult statue of the deified Augustus, disfigured by a Christian cross carved into the emperor's forehead.

Star Trek[edit]

Arnovis Guido waits for his daughter Maybelline Guido at the Mons. Oscar Arnulfo Romero International


Isaiah 6:10 “Make the heart of this people dull, and their ears heavy, and blind their eyes; lest they see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, ...

Muslims praying around the Ka'aba in Mecca, Saudi Arabia

Sabbatai Zevi "enthroned" as the Jewish Messiah, from Tikkun, Amsterdam, 1666.

Beyonce Admits Illuminati Membership to Oprah Winfrey, Reports The Huffington Post? - YouTube

I'm not a Muslim.I'm not a Muslim.I'm not a Muslim.Imnot a Muslim.

Labor compares Abbott to Trump as Turnbull rebukes former PM for attack on Islam

Statistical correlation of dynasties[edit]

First part of the initiation into the third degree

Gender Apartheid and Islam

Jerry Brown


Manicheanism priests writing at their desks, with panel inscription in Sogdian. Manuscript from Khocho, Tarim Basin.


Kukeri-Surva 2015-35

Statue representing the god Thor, c. 1000, National Museum of Iceland.

... Saturn consists of a very Christian-looking cross attached to a sickle?… a 'sickle' did I say?

Humans are considered to be