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Methane and CO2 Why climate action means addressing both

Methane and CO2 Why climate action means addressing both


Carbon emissions in the form of both carbon dioxide and methane are a source of carbon dioxide and which is being virtually ignored.

Graph showing increase in 3 GHGs (CO2, CH4, & N2O). From

Addressing enteric methane can deliver quick and immediate wins for climate change mitigation

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Fig 1: Measurements of CO2 from the Law Dome ice core(1) fall

Methane's Role In Climate Change | July 7, 2014 Issue - Vol. 92 Issue 27 | Chemical & Engineering News

Controlling emissions of CO2 (purple line) is the only way to limit global warming in the long-term. In the next two decades, however, limiting emissions of ...

Infographic: The Climate Risks of Natural Gas | Union of Concerned Scientists

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They've both literally gone off the charts relative to natural cycles. We have an environment like the world hasn't seen for millions of years, ...

Global average temperature has increased. Anomalies are relative to the mean temperature of 1961-1990. Based on IPCC Assessment Report 5, Working Group 1.

Because carbon pollution has been increasing since the start of the Industrial Revolution and has shown no signs of abating, it was more a question of “ ...

Methane's Role In Climate Change | July 7, 2014 Issue - Vol. 92 Issue 27 | Chemical & Engineering News

Landfills are dominated by food waste that produces methane as it rots, a gas 25

Methane concentration pathways from IPCC and observations from the NOAA measuring network (Saunois et al 2016, Environmental Research Letters).

Here is a graph of the various forcings that influence climate (methane is CH4, right above CO2).

SLCPs come from a variety of sources

natural gas

Costs of reducing both CO2 and CH4 from no-climate-policy reference emissions, in years 2015 and 2030.

Graphic shows amount of methane lost in natural gas distribution process.

Learn about the climate risks of natural gas leaks from drilling sites, processing plants, storage facilities, and pipelines.

NASA and the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) - "The current warming trend is of particular significance because most of it is very likely ...

... which is a proxy for local temperature, and the atmospheric concentrations of the greenhouse gases carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4), ...

Greenhouse gases

Methane's Role In Climate Change | July 7, 2014 Issue - Vol. 92 Issue 27 | Chemical & Engineering News

Factors altering the climate

The Governor's Climate Change Pillars: 2030 Greenhouse Gas Reduction Goals

Agriculture both contributes to climate change and is affected by climate change. The EU needs

Methane: The other important greenhouse gas

Graph showing correlating increases and decreases in CO2 and temperature over 800,000 years.

The ...

Climate change occurring 10 times faster than at any time in past 65 million years


Arctic · Global Warming

A new EPA proposal for national standards on methane can help reduce overall greenhouse gas emissions

1 Abatement opportunities for non-CO2 climate forcers Black carbon, methane, nitrous oxide ...

Carbon dioxide equivalent emissions from the agricultural sector. (Source: DEH 2006)

... 8.

SCS has worked with innovators such as New Leaf Paper and Guayaki to address SLCPs

Climate Change. The Svínafellsjökull glacier in Iceland. Glacial retreat is among the most highly visible impacts of

An 'atmospheric CO 2 budget'reveals the

'In addition to releasing ancient microbes, melting layers of permafrost also release methane, a greenhouse gas 30 times more potent than carbon dioxide, ...


Temperature and CO2 over the past 500 million years

Arctic-news.blogspot.com/p/seismic-activity.html. Light, M.P.R. and Solana, C. , 2002b- Arctic Methane Hydrates: A Potential Greenhouse Gas Hazard.

Climate change denial

Implementing all the recommended measures to reduce black carbon (BC) and methane (CH4) would keep global warming to below 2 °C at least until 2050.


The Last Time CO2 Was This High, Humans Didn't Exist

There ...


Scientific consensus: Earth's climate is warming


Top Ten Things You Need to Know about Global Warming


The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) climate assessment states that hydraulic fracturing “is an important reason for a reduction of GHG ...

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Diagram explaining the relationships between risk, hazard mitigation, resilience, and adaptation. Climate change ...

AMOC Time Series Dr. Peter T. Spooner

Carbon dioxide concentrations in Antarctica over 400,000 years. “The graph combines ice core data with recent samples of Antarctic air.

Fig 4: Close-up of deuterium (temperature proxy) and CO2 from the

climate change chart scythe

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Indicative methane production profiles with N2 and CO2 injection.

... 9.

CO2 is only one of the greenhouse gases. Here are some more:


In the same period, the amount of energy arriving from the sun has not changed very much at all. This is the first piece of evidence: more energy is ...

Truth on About Meat Beef New SUV Livestock Cattle Cows Animal Ag Agriculture Farms Causes how

Greenhouse gas concentrations surge to new record

CO2 Emissions v. Vulnerability to Climate Change, by Nation (source: George Washington

Figure 1

The implications of changes in atmospheric composition, specifically GHGs and air pollutants, for climate change, human health, and ecosystems.

From a climate perspective, natural gas carries significant risks.

We have been led to believe that we can control the size of the ozone hole and both methane and CO2 concentrations with our emissions.

Short-Lived Climate Pollutant Science Update - What have we learned since 2011?

Climate change due to increasing carbon dioxide concentration from burning coal oil and gas is causing ...


EPICA ice core data

climate change: timeline

Frequently Asked Questions about Climate Change (E3150)

Inv. Report 2015; 16. • Total methane ...

Figure 2: RCP fossil fuel CO2 emissions scenarios through 2100. Emissions estimates from the International Energy Agency (IEA) through 2011 in black.

"Emissions-based" estimates highlight the indirect effects that emissions of certain gases can have on the climate via aerosols, methane, ozone, ...

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WRI global GHG emissions flowchart

... 27.

To address climate change, nothing substitutes for reducing CO2 emissions

Methane concentrations are higher in the northern hemisphere because both natural- and human-caused

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At the Intersection of Climate Change and Health: What's Being Done