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Most of your body is made of pure H2O it39s the one thing you can39t

Most of your body is made of pure H2O it39s the one thing you can39t


Most of your body is made of pure H2O, it's the one thing you can't live without. For the new years, start by drinking more water!

One should definitely know why it is useful for our body?

The Ultimate Guide on How to Increase Daily Water Intake. Most people know they ...

The Miracle Drink With AMAZING Health Benefits

Without water …. as we all know water is very essential for our body.without it body soon dehydrated . Ya we can get it from the food which we eat ,but evn ...

I remember the days in school where my chemistry teacher warned us about the danger of drinking distilled water. We will suffer a painful end and nothing ...

Benefits of Drinking Water • EXTEND YOUR LIFE > http://www.foreverhealthywater

... about 80 percent of your blood and about 70 percent of your lean muscle. (Because there are a lot of tissues that have less water, the average is about ...

Is Hydrogen Water Actually Good For You?

Harmful things that happen to your body when you go on a juice cleanse

That's because it's easy to swallow a little water while you're swimming, and the chlorine that slips into your stomach can cause a serious stomach ache, ...

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Fact of the day #1

Most experts agree that water works better than carbohydrates or sugared beverages for moderate exercise.

iStock/deepblue4youRemember ...

Water Week Part 4 – Do This To Your Water Before You Drink It

You know that you need to drink more water. It's good for you, and it will help you lose weight. Being hydrated will make sure your organs work fully and ...

Did you know that you can split water into its two component elements--with just a few household materials? See what your water is really made of in this ...

Are you drinking eno Are you drinking enough water? Heres 5 easy ways to tell if you need more including a water widget to calculate how much you should ...

Water is the most essential element for survival, has its own vitality for all kinds of living beings. The earth is covered with 71% of water rest is ...

It's a formula comprised of cleansing oil molecules called 'micelles'. Bioderma was the formula that sparked the trend and its name has been growing within ...

Did you fall victim to the $39 Kopari Coconut Melt, $100+ Creme De La

The 'drink more water' health message might have been somewhat over-played.

7 Things Your Pee Might Be Trying To Tell You

What happens to our bodies after we die

For every American celebrity with clear, flawless baby-angel skin who claims that water is her ride-or-die beauty secret, there's an equally radiant French ...

HCl Not Just Another Supplement

Water fasting can help your body reach ketosis faster than dieting.

It's not all about giant dams—H2O is a surprisingly common and versatile tool for meeting the world's energy needs

How to wash your hair without shampoo. Been going strong for over 7 years now

What Everybody Ought To Know (But Doesn't) About Heartburn & GERD

Well, You Can't.


Did you know that if your brain dehydrates by as little as 1% you lose 10% brain capacity? It's no wonder that many of us walk around in a fog!

This DIY liquid castile soap recipe is easy and inexpensive to make, and results in


Hypotonic, isotonic, and hypertonic solutions (tonicity) (video) | Khan Academy

It has only one proton in the nucleus, which is orbited by only one electron. It is the only element that does not have any neutrons.

The Secret Life of the Aluminum Can, a Feat of Engineering

You would be surprised at the many health benefits of drinking cucumber water. It can

You Asked: Can Water Go Bad?

I definitely don't shower every day - in fact doing so dries my skin

How Much Muscle Mass Can You Lose During a Water Fast?

No risks of overdose


Why it's badass: This sweet-ass bad boy is the

Water doesn't just satiate our thirst, it also plays an essential role in


We all know water is important, it's the one thing you are told from day

6 Ways Doctors Can Help You Get Pregnant Without IVF

Oh, the thrill I get out of creating new awesome DIYs in my laboratory (okay, it's my kitchen) for my family and all of you.

You can't live without water! What is its chemical formula?

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Credit: Mr. William Folsom, NOAA, NMFS


It's in every living cell, tissue and organ, and it's second only to oxygen as the thing we need most to survive—pure, clean water. We can't live without it ...

Ninety-three percent of all water onboard the ISS is reclaimed from condensate, which, for Nasa astronauts, includes urine. Photograph: Alamy




14 Things that can Help You Bring Down Inflammation Inside Your Body (TOTALLY VEGAN)

Jillian Michales Detox Water has taken the internet by storm! Find out why people love

How Much Water Should You Drink?

how drinking water helps you lose weight

Stage 4 Deficiency accounts for:

Myth: Dinosaurs were scaly beasts

40 Ways to Lose Weight in 4 Seconds

mercury in liquid form (c) Fotolia/marcel

Alexapure Pro

I love this stuff. It's basically half almond milk and half coconut milk. I love the subtle coconut flavor. I actually drink this way more often than almond ...

Did you know mushrooms produce Vitamin D even after they've been picked? Professor Alice Roberts reveals some of the fascinating facts she uncovered for the ...

DIY 101 – Working With Water

Remember, normal drinking water has a pH level of 7-8. We want to alkalize our water, pushing the pH to either 8.5 or 9. It's best to use bottled or ...

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Foods can influence our urine pH

For this project, you're going to need some stainless steel and some ABS pipe fittings. I visited a local fabrication company, and not only did they have ...

How To Clean An Ear Piercing

If you can answer all the questions to the 20-question chemistry quiz, a