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Motorcycle IMU Data With Arduino and Android t

Motorcycle IMU Data With Arduino and Android t


Motorcycle + Arduino IMU + Android GPS = RideData App

... RideData Motorcycle Data Log apk screenshot ...

Introduction: Arduino Rocket Data Logger

Introduction: Realtime MPU-6050/A0 Data Logging With Arduino and Android

MagiDeal 9axis 9DOF IMU Sensor Breakout Board Module Gyroscope Compass for Arduino

... RideData Motorcycle Data Log apk screenshot

It can be part of the “Internet of Things”.

For many people, riding a motorcycle is more than just a way to get around town but a way to relax, enjoy the day, and see the world one bug splat at ...

To ...

Tilting System - I could reuse most of the code from this Arduino Gyro Camera system that uses a 3-axis gyroscope and 3-axis accelerometer to tilt a camera ...

HALJIA GY-85 6DOF 9DOF IMU Sensor Module for Arduino ITG3205 + ADXL345 + HMC5883L

CJMCU-32005 9DOF BNO055 + STM32F103 IMU Attitude Sensor Module For Arduino

Arduino Based Vehicle Accident Alert System using GPS, GSM and Accelerometer

Introduction: MPU6050: Arduino 6 Axis Accelerometer + Gyro - GY 521 Test & 3D Simulation

... RideData Motorcycle Data Log apk screenshot ...

Self balancing bike

9 Axis 1000hz IMU Posture Sensor AHRS Surrent Digital Gyro Gyroscope Module Track System VR Robot

The blue line is the measured roll angle with a SBG IMU and the red line the estimated roll with an observer. Even if data are filtered, it seems not over ...

SparkFun VR IMU Breakout - BNO080 (Qwiic)

CJMCU LSM9DS0 IMU 9DoF High Precision Integrated 9-Axis Attitude Sensor SPI / I2C For

Waveshare Infrared Proximity Sensor for Raspberry Pi, Arduino - Blue

Lean angle indicator - Arduino project


There is also a modification I don't have a handy picture of, but it's one I have done on several of my bikes. I installed a set of these:

Arduino 5 Minute Tutorials

A step-by-step tutorial for interfacing an IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) sensor with an Arduino and reading the Yaw, Pitch & Roll values.

How to setup a very basic Arduino web server that's perfect for displaying data and controlling

BerryIMUv2-accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer 5

GY - 521 6DOF MPU6050 3 Axis Gyroscope + Accelerometer Module - Arduino Compatible

Adafruit's 9DOF (9 Degrees of Freedom) breakout board allows you to capture nine distinct types of motion or orientation related data: 3 degrees each of ...

Waveshare 5-CH ITR20001/T Infrared Tracker Sensor for Arduino - Blue

... RideData Motorcycle Data Log apk screenshot ...

Sensors & Environment

An Arduino Uno with DHT11 sensor module, three LEDs and a Piezo speaker.

LTE Cellular Shield for Arduino with Voice!

Introduction: How to Receive Arduino Sensor-Data on Your Android-Smartphone

21 thoughts on “Self-balancing unicycle using Arduino and Sparkfun IMU”

SparkFun MicroView - OLED Arduino Module

Make an assistant which tells you about how much to drive backwards without any collision through your smartphone by Arduino and 1Sheeld.

How to build a device for estimating blood alcohol content from a breath sample. Developed with Zerynth and an ARM board.

BerryIMUv2-accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer 4

This tutorial will show you how to interface Arduino with the best available IMU sensor, MPU 6050 and also to generate a model using Arduino MPU

Bluetooth Based Android Phone/Tablet Controlled Robot

Completed setup

This fellow http://www.janspace.com/b2evolution/arduino.php by the way, calmly uses the x accelerator reading to calculate and display the lean angle(found ...

Image is loading IMU-9DOF-MPU9250-breakout-board-Arduino-MultiWii

It comes with the MALG PCB, which is based on the Arduino Duemilanove. It controls DC motors, provides audio amplification, powers LED lighting, ...

Fritzing Sketch

Arduino 5 Minute Tutorials

Dimmable Arduino LED Strip Driver

DFROBOT 6 DOF IMU Shield for Arduino

BerryGPS-IMU - GPS and 10DOF for the Raspberry Pi - Accelerometer

Bluno Nano - An Arduino Nano with Bluetooth 4.0

Simple POV Bike Effects with WS2811 Strips


Arduino Uno R3 Compatible Bluetooth Wireless Robot DIY Kit

Arduino Firmware

RetroBand that is implemented by Arduino has only one feature, which is collecting data by using accelerometer and sending them to a mobile device.

Two MPU 9250 connected to one arduino (Code of the MPU6050 edited for MPU9250)

Replace L298P For Arduino UNO R3 MEGA2560 Dual Channel DC Motor Driver Shield Expansion Board L298NH

How to Use the Adafruit BMP280 Sensor - Arduino Tutorial

... with stainless steel braided teflon cored ones and replaced brake pistons with new stainless steel ones. These brakes will probably outlast the bike.

ESP8266 WiFi 5V 1 Channel Relay Module IOT Smart Home Remote Control Switch Android Phone APP Control Transmission Distance 400m


... RideData Motorcycle Data Log apk screenshot ...

Three Axis Gyroscope + Accelerometer + Magnetic Field Altitude Sensor Module for Arduino

Connect the APM autopilot, motor shield, logic level converter, and Arduino Mini as shown in the wiring diagram (click here for a ...

This is a SMD BLE module based on TI cc2541 chip, very cheap, small and easy to use. The preloaded firmware allows you to quickly build BLE communications ...

Introduction Here are twenty amazing Arduino projects that you almost wouldn't believe, if not for that they are the real deal. These authors have turned ...

#MakerVerse.io data acquisition hub prototype (inspired by @worrydream's #SeeingSpaces talk) A photo posted by Dave Spector ...

Product Overview

lidar_assemble2 lidar_assemble3

VR IMU (Qwiic) - BNO080 High Precision

SparkFun VR IMU Breakout - BNO080 (Qwiic)

CC2530 ZigBee development board suite wifi gateway Internet smart home android

This tutorial will show you how to interface Arduino with the best available IMU sensor, MPU 6050 and also to generate a model using Arduino MPU

... 15.

Many MEMS gyros are packaged with accelerometers (the combo gyro/accelerometer is called an IMU) and there are also some with compasses, ...

NEO-6M Arduino GPS Module NEO6MV2 Flight Control EEPROM APM2.5 Large Antenna

Xadow - Compass

GY-85 Sensor Module 9 Axis 6DOF 9DOF IMU Sensor

Adafruit TSL2561 Digital Luminosity/Lux/Light Sensor Breakout

HGLRC PBF3 EVO F3 Flight Controller



The offset of the gyro sensor will also be continuously updated and corrected. This will result in a drift free and fast responding estimated tilt angle.

Sparkfun 6dof razor IMU with DCM quaternion filter from FreeIMU library

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