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Murat roi de Naples Ivo Preda Figurines t Naples and

Murat roi de Naples Ivo Preda Figurines t Naples and


Murat roi de Naples, Ivo Preda

Murat in Russia 1812

Murat in Spagna 1808

Murat Grand Duc De Berg 1806 Pegaso conversion in 75MM Painted by Alexadros Aggelakis | Modelling Art | Pinterest

Ussaro del regno di Napoli?

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Aide de camp de Murat roi de Naples. By Danilo Cartacci

Murat a Les Tuileries - by Ivo Preda

Ivo Preda

Aide de camp de Murat roi de Naples. By Danilo Cartacci


Joachim Murat - 1807 - Virtual Museum of Historical Miniatures

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Hussar officer 1806


Cacciatore della guardia del Wuttemberg 1782

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Prince de Salm-Kyrburg, ADC of Napoleon - by Ivo Preda

Murat, Re di Napoli

... Murat portraits in Model Soldier by Ivo Preda. See more. re di Napoli

Murat Eylau by metal modeles

I Soldatini di Gaetano Ciotola: Joachim Murat Re di Napoli - Collezione Gaetano Ciotola

Murat, Ivo Preda

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... in Model Soldier by Ivo Preda. See more. Murat a Napoli 1812

Eugene Rose De Beauharnais 1812, Ivo Preda

aide de camp, Ivo Preda

grenadier of the Old Guard, Ivo Preda

Jean Hamelinaye AdC del Maresciallo Bernadotte 1809 - Autore Ivo Preda - Collezione Gaetano Ciotola

Roi de Naples | NAPOLEON - iada | Pinterest | Napoleonic wars and Napoleon

General Andre Massena, by Rod Curtis

Figurines à pied : Trompette du 1er rgt. de hussards 1806 compagnie d'élite

... in Model Soldier by Ivo Preda. See more. Murat a Eylau 1807

Officier des Velites de la Garde Royale de Murat. By Marco Greco

French 5th Hussars

the art of Henry Boisselier - Page 9 - Armchair General and HistoryNet >> The Best Forums in History

Pin by Historex on Mounted Figurines | Pinterest | Napoleonic wars and Military

2° ussari Italiano 1800

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Adolphe De La Barthe aiutante di Campo del Maresciallo Oudinot Russia 1812 - Collezione Gaetano Ciotola

Joachim Murat Granduc de Berg. Painted by Enrico Azeglio

L'Aigle - by Ivo Preda

Page of Napoleon

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Yooniq images - JOACHIM MURAT - French military commander and sometime King of Naples

Military history

Romeo Models 54mmm-Officer of the Naval Guard- Kingdom Of Naples 1811 painted by

Find this Pin and more on History by avlad0267.

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Foreign troops light infantry : Officer , guards of honour, Kingdom of Naples 1813

Hussars, Officer, In 1806 they became the second British regiment to be converted to Hussars.

Napoleonic figures, a French trophy

Colonel Charles Luis Dupin, Mexico 1865

French cuirassier with captured Russian color.


Splendeur des Uniformes de Napoleon 5

Marshal Murat and ADC'S

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Officer of the Guard, Egypt 1798

Capitaine 4° régiment Hussards 1812

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Murat in Spagna 1808 | French Command | Pinterest | Spain, Napoleonic wars and Napoleon

Aide-de-Camp of The General Staff of Murat - Naples Kingdom 1813

Napoleonic Wars, Toy Soldiers, Prado, Action Figures, Age, Military, Adventure, Fairy Tales, Military Personnel. Murat

Personnalités de l'Empire

Charles Lefebvre-Desnouettes, by Ivo Preda

Not a reproduction of a real situation but an allegory where all character are Colonel General.

Captain of the Ussars - Reign of Naples 1815-1820

Cigarette Card Player s DANDIES No. 23 Murat King of Naples : Beau Sabreur

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Michel Duroc by Ivo Preda

Lancero Polaco Guardia Imperial 1812. Poste Militaire 90mm by Guillermo Pérez Román.

2016-09-09-07-jpg.255112 2.000×3.008 pixels


Napoleonic wars

http://www.pegasomodels.com/image_view.asp?id=993 | Figurines | Pinterest | Models and Toy soldiers

Charles Lefebvre-Desnouettes, by Ivo Preda

Picture of Assaye - Lieutenant Colonel Patrick Maxwell - 1803

Davout, Ivo Preda

Grenadier of Line Infantry - Reign of Naples

General Edouard de Colbert - 1815 - Virtual Museum of Historical Miniatures

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Knight Errant.

Joachim Murat, King of Naples, as crown bearer to Empress Josephine.The crown

Officer of the Navy Guard - Naple's Kingdom 1811-15

Caroline Murat

Murat re delle due Sicilie

French Aide de Camp c.1806

Miniature Figurines, Diorama, American Civil War, Cavalier, Civil Wars, Equestrian, Soldiers, Miniatures, Military

Lieutenant of Light Infantry - Reign of Naples 1815-1820

Muzéo, Edition d'art et de photo | Portrait de Joachim Murat, roi de Naples et de Sicile en habit de grand amiral de l'Empire français de Bosio Jean ...

Figurine, Miniatures

Pin by Kirby Wagner on Wargames painting | Pinterest | Miniatures, Napoleonic wars and Military

Figures: French cuirassier: Vive l`Empereur!


Vitrine de Bernard.S (Métal Modèles, bien entendu...) Trompette

"Naples: Murat is reviewing the Grenadiers of his Guard", Patrice Courcelle &

Général de Division Jean Andoche Junot duc d'Abrantes in the uniforme of…

Miniatures, Paint and History: General Bonaparte 1796-1797 75mm