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My colorguard photos taken in my bestfriends yard Not t

My colorguard photos taken in my bestfriends yard Not t


My colorguard photos taken in my bestfriends yard. (Not professional) #flag #

Senior Photo / Portrait / Picture Idea - Color Guard

Color guard senior picture ideas. Color guard senior pictures. #colorguardseniorpictures #colorguardseniorpictureideas

One of my color guard senior pictures.

Colorguard/band homecoming ask

This would be an awesome Sr picture, my gosh :D

Put on 50 yard line with the stands behind her still a great shot

More information

Colorguard. Dress. Tossing. Prom!

I want to do this for my senior pic!

Color guard, winter guard, cheerleading uniforms, pom poms, flags, sabers

Things we love #bestfriends

When my ears hear this my heart stops, my breath catches inside my throat,

I made a meme to express my excitement about our guard uniforms. and show flag silks

Value, cherish, and appreciate those that happened in guard and do the same to those that yet to happen in life.

How to Appear Confident When You Don't Feel Confident

Ear buds will get tangled and yanked out of ears when rehearsing tosses and car speakers for group rehearsals muffle the sound.

The family packed back up not too many days later and went back to their home in North Carolina. I've gotten to see Ashley once more towards the end of last ...

We are told this so we stay inside our 'toaster' (personal space) and make sure all the movements are fluid. If we go outside our toaster we become burnt ...

2017 was a year of immense personal growth for me. Relive my year with my

We put this into our practice all the time. Just DO NOT bleed on the silks. Or if you are like the best color guard male on my ...

As Cinderella, my senior musical began, Jill became more unhappy. You were only doing color guard to appease me, I was still being shady towards you, ...

08/06/02: It feels really strange not being in color guard. I have done it for the past three years, but decided not to my senior year because most of my ...

Even if someone doesn't love your work, be proud that you did it to the best of your ability.

You never step off with your right foot. That is the biggest no-no. It is always left foot first

Two months before her sudden death last summer, Eisenhower High School teacher Ashley Tolley (second from left) poses with students Daniela Nesta, ...

It's not Jazz running, It's being a chicken with it's head cut off. You need to get from one 25 yard line to the other? You best believe you squat and run ...

They made us better people and better performers. They taught us to appreciate the people that chose to give us their free time. So, for that, I thank them.

Kids Grab Your Balls It's Canning Season T-Shirt 12 Purple

After Being Told Her Mother Lied About Her Father's Abuse, This Woman Decided To Confront Them Both. - Knowable.com

Below you will find a picture of me riding a sheep when I was 4. My dad is chasing after me. Shortly after the photo was taken, I fell off and scrapped ...

And as he became more comfortable, his mood went from super shy to really happy. I mean look at this boy's smile. Beautiful!

Jamie is on the Color Guard (my secret desire in high school) and was just lots of fun to photograph! She wanted some pics with her 2 best friends and I ...

I look forward to enhancing my photography and editing skills in the future.

It was quite the juxtaposition in comparison to the military cadet jackets and circle skirts.

posted ...

Ian Allen

19th September, 2015 The Color Guard carries the Vanderbilt

They also help with cold metal flag polls in rain and sometimes snow performances. These things become your best friends ...

Love how this one turned out!

Meadow Pollack, 18

Cara Loughran, 14

Florida shooting victims: family and friends pay tribute to the lives cut short | US news | The Guardian


Scotts Turf Builder Lawn Food - WinterGuard Fall Lawn Food, 15,000-sq ft (

Over 30 veterans attended the event and I'm proud to say my family had a special friend to recognize. Ron Green, a surrogate uncle to me and best friend to ...

I enjoy traveling to anywhere with a beach chair and a bucket of Coronas. I am a passionate sports fan, with a love for the Indianapolis Colts, ...

I love these crazy kids! We've lived a lot of life in one year, but we've had a blast doing it!

Gina Montalto, 14

Hey so this is my best friend Brandon who is amazing at colorguard and is killing

Mom Best Friend T-Shirt

Rudy is the Best Friend of MY Best Friend, which makes her my extend BFF Family! I was so excited to be able to spend my evening capturing these images of ...

Members of the Ventures Winter Colour Guard practise their routines at Courtland Avenue Public School. - David Bebee/Record staff

Rudy is the Best Friend of MY Best Friend, which makes her my extend BFF Family! I was so excited to be able to spend my evening capturing these images of ...

They now have another little girl who was born not too long ago. Krystal tells me that Mackenzie is now at the age where she can't even get a cell ...

Vintage photos of the West Genesee High School Marching Band



I knew that not everyone reading would relate to my story so I wanted to bring other people on board in hopes that you could connect with one of these ...

JMU Marching Royal Dukes added 4 new photos.

Definitely my favorite shot of the day!

Thank you for giving me my soulmates. No, I do not mean a man. I mean my true friends and the people who understand my soul more than anyone else.

The Scouter Digest - Winter 2017 by National Capital Area Council - issuu

(For some reason the American flag is no longer a mandatory part of a drum corps show and thus there is no reason for a squad to guard it.)

Being a writer is my ultimate dream job and lifetime goal. And here I am. Writing a blog, with my best friend. A blog that I really feel like has limitless ...

Kids COLOR GUARD MOTIVATION GIFT T-SHIRT, Marching Band Practice 4 Royal Blue

So why did so many celebs show up this year in way-too-basic black sequins? One never knows. But don't take my word for it – I'll let the pictures speak for ...

... best friends, outdoor senior pictures, glitter, Bearden High School, ...

But not too long after, he realized that this photography thing was not for him. It's not easy looking that cute and smiling on cue.

I learned many things about cameras and Photoshop to fix my pictures. I'm looking forward to taking different kind of pictures that I have not taken yet.

Stout, Katherine

Other memories revolve around all of the things Haley is involved in at school … the good, the bad, and the ugly. Her favorite classes in school are art and ...

The Right Gear

Favorite movie not many people have seen? Meet the Robinsons - #keepmovingforward

... until the color guard left the field. With all the coverage about NFL players kneeling for the National Anthem, I thought this was a real class act.

I just didn't know who she thought she was picking up and moving 3,000 miles away but I wished her well. I wrote to her every single day.

The backyard is fantastic. A huge yard surrounded by corn fields with some trees to provide some shade. They also had a little fenced in area for their 3 ...

How to Fall in Love with Anyone | Book by Mandy Len Catron | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

A-Rod on possible retirement

“My only problem with homeschooling/unschooling is that the kids may not get out to socialize.”

Senior Wills 2017

We're not just the snazzy drummers, the loud trumpet players, or the people on the stands moving their arms in strangely rhythmic motions (those would be ...

Kate has been in my life since the good ol' days of Kindergarten. We were always the tallest kids throughout grade school, looked alike, loved sports like ...

Garden Spot Marching Band (July 22, 2014: file photo)

It's hard to remember everything but the biggest thing I remember is winning and running to my best friends to celebrate all of our ...

It was my last first game as a Madison Mohawk Marching Band member. While I was crazy nervous about our first performance, I was very excited for our ...

In Loving Memory of My Best Friend - Purple Ribbon Case

Jesse asked if I had a picture of the island garden (on my patio) at night so he could see how the garden lights looked.

Apologies to Emma Gill for accidentally not including her name for the majorette squad for football Band.


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