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My great uncle Hans Langseth otherwise known as King Whiskers

My great uncle Hans Langseth otherwise known as King Whiskers


Meet Hans Langseth, AKA King Whisker holds the record for the world's longest beard, 18 feet 6 inches long #KingBeard #Norway #WorldRecord #Minnesota ...

vintage everyday: The Story of Hans Langseth, the Man Who Had the Longest Beard

The story of Hans Langseth, the man who had the longest beard in…

ca.1880 CDV Photograph LONG BEARD Human Freak Bogardus Studio NYC Hans Langseth? in

Hans Langseth King Whiskers holds the record for the world's longest beard 18 feet 6 inches long.

Hans Langseth King of Beards !

CDV of Freak with The Longest Beard Check It Out Vintage Carte de Viste | eBay | Vintage photography | Pinterest | Long beards and Vintage photography

My great great great grandmother

Zachary Wilcox he had a 12 foot beard he was a Veteran of War he has a book written about him called "Prince of the Whiskerinos " & He came in place ...

Zachary Wilcox 2nd longest beard Ever .. Wad 12 feet long

Sign says longest-beard but it's clearly untrue since longest beards belonged to Hans Langseth

This is how I imagine the islands leader would look. He is 60 yrs old

Credit: Courtesy of Michael Hoppen Gallery Unknown photographer, Louis Coulon, 'the longest beard in the world', 1910T.

Wild whiskers

Hans Langseth ?

beard+championships | World Beard and Moustache Championships™ - The Official Site

Street fashion by Misha Gulko


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Love me a good beard <3

Deborah Ann Justet my great great grandmother and Nellie waddie Liethead's daughter

Find this Pin and more on ~Whiskers On Yo Face~ by jamezworld.

Zachariah & Hans Langseth Rare Photo at Sacramento Days 1949 longest beards Ever

it's just one big sissy spiral! has to be one of my favorite uncle si quotes!

Valentine Tapley from Pike County, Missouri, swore that he would never shave again if Abe were elected. Tapley kept his word and his chin whiskers went ...

Abrahan Lincoln grew his iconic beard on the campaign trail after an girl wrote him: "All the ladies like whiskers and they would tease their husbands to ...

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Photo from whisker wars season 1 saying "I'm jack passion champion of beards

Aarne Bielefeldt from Whisker Wars. If your gonna rock a beard, at least do it with style.

Men's beard styles in the 19th century.

Know Who You Are | Steve McCurry

Hans (to the right) with his children Pete, John, Emma, Martin and Nels.

Funny pictures about Interesting beard. Oh, and cool pics about Interesting beard. Also, Interesting beard photos.

Frederick William Edwards The Bearded Feller https://www.beardedfeller.com/

Plentiful: A bearded man who attended the championship in Anchorage displays his grey whiskers

A week into Movember, why do some men have just a dusting of hair on their upper lips, while others have trouble controlling their new whiskers?

platea: Karl Oskar Lööw, Fredhäll, Uppland, Sweden by Swedish National Heritage Board


Southeastern Beard and Moustache Competition | Garden and Gun

My fave duck dynasty man!

The 25 Best Pictures From The 2012 World Beard And Mustache Championship

Funny pictures about I mustache you a question. Oh, and cool pics about I mustache you a question. Also, I mustache you a question photos.

Birmingham UK street style, Moustache

Writing lets you get to the bottom of your thoughts. "As a writer you should not judge. You should understand." -Hemingway on how to become a good ...

The beard and the wonderful: Photographer captures men with the world's best facial hair for new book

Photographer Greg Anderson captures the best of the best at the 2014 World Beard and Moustache Competition in Portland, Oregon.

On September Sam Brinkley, who became known for one of the world's longest beards in the early century, was born near Burnsville in Yancey County, NC.

British bearded lady in world's best facial hair exhibition

I asked my wife to describe in Haiku my Mouvember Stache. I thought Burt drove

Whisker Wars on ITV4 in the UK. Brian Redbeard for my husband please. Thank

Beards and Moustaches World Championship 2011

Myk O'Connor, Whisker Wars IFC

Just For Men World Beard and Moustache Championships

Just For Men World Beard and Moustache Championships

It takes a triforce of courage to name your daughter after a video game character, but Robin Williams pulled it off. Watch Williams co-star with his ...

I will not sully that beard with my attempts at humor

Beer Can Rollers - Whisker Wars on IFC

The story of Hans Langseth, the man who had the longest beard in… – History

Observations about beards and the men who tend to them. WELCOME TO THE BEARDLY, a place dedicated to man's greatest achievement: The Beard.

Greg Anderson : Portraits du Championnat National de la Barbe et de la Moustache!

Big Beard by merkley?

Baxter Warren Earp sometimes called a trouble maker, and probably the most unheralded of the

The 35 Manliest Mustaches of All Time.

In the United States held a competition for the best beard and mustache (10 photos

Theodore Roosevelt

Wow but somehow CUTE

Matthew Rainwaters (great name) kooky photographs, series on men who grow outrageous beards

Classic gentleman's cut, with a great mustache

Giuseppe Verdi (Italian Romantic Composer) Mainly operas known as the greatest composer of opera of the century. His most famous are Rigoletto, Aida, ...

Great depression vs current recession essays Comparing and contrasting the Great Depression and the Great Recession may. The Great Depression VS the Great ...

In the United States held a competition for the best beard and mustache (10 photos

grizzly bear chair

Andrew Shaylor: Hell's Angels MC. Parallels can be drawn between the masculinity of biker

100 best Moustaches images on Pinterest | Moustaches, Beards and Funny pics

Book of Beards by Justin James Muir

Duke Denver a.k.a. "Uncle Jesse"

best+beards | Best beards | Worlds craziest beards | Photo Galleries and News Photos

my beard mentor!

Greg Anderson : Portraits du Championnat National de la Barbe et de la Moustache!

Best of the 2009 World Beard & Moustache Championships from flickr


beard+championships | ... Beard and Moustache Championship 2012. So Moustache Up

Can't be more hipster.

Cudjoe Kazoola Lewis, The last known survivor …

When you have your mugshot taken, do it in style. Why not sport a very fashionable "Forehead Mustache", because one mustache simply isn't enough!

Jack Passion, the best ginger beard around.

what your facial hair says about you

Extravagant beards and moustaches - photography by Dave Mead

With June being our 8th Anniversary here at TRMI, and celebrating that as well as our receiving of the National Coalition of Motorcyclist Silver Spoke Award ...

It's true!


B-Slick » How slick are you » Whiskers beard and moustache

n6 capitan uncino

Competitive facial hair growing = AWESOME

best+beards | best in class | BEARDS!

Hans Langseth Rolling up his 18 foot beard .. He did this often while working

Allistaire Mac Wilkie from Pethire, Scottland had his whiskers, 12 feet long at Coney