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Mysterious 39blubbery monster human39 caught on camera swimming

Mysterious 39blubbery monster human39 caught on camera swimming


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An artist as a figure between industry, technology, and imagination. Some remarks on Portret artysty jako inżyniera. Twórczość Edwarda Ihnatowicza by Joanna ...

War rape in the face of heroic narrative. The case of Polish cinema – TRANSMISSIONS

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20 June 2006

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Educational Leadership Practiced As Both Art And Science: A Narrative And Evocative Autoethnographic Analysis

Clint Eastwoods's Letters from Iwo Jima as a transnational film – TRANSMISSIONS

Depictions of Post-9/11 South Asian Racial Profiling in Indian Cinema – TRANSMISSIONS

Slow Expansion. Neomodernism as a Postnational Tendency in Contemporary Cinema – TRANSMISSIONS

Standing at 6 foot 6 inches, Connor is quite thin. He has short brown hair, which can be styled when he remembers to do it. He has light brown eyes, ...

“Let everybody love me”. The transnational body of Elżbieta Czyżewska – TRANSMISSIONS

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