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NASA Spots SquareShaped 39Hole39 in the Sun Video NASA and

NASA Spots SquareShaped 39Hole39 in the Sun Video NASA and


Blood Moons/Lunar Eclipses -- NASA Explains

A coronal hole, almost square in its shape, is one of the most noticeable

NASA Caught Hiding Earth-Size Alien UFO Spacecraft Near The Sun Behind 'Fake Pixel Glitch,' According To UFO Hunters [Video]

NASA Spots a Weird (and Rare) Circular Sight on the Sun


Ceres has <a href="https://www.nasa

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NASA Spots Square-Shaped 'Hole' in the Sun (Video)

A brief guide to the fascinating world of solar photography.

Through the square window: The huge hole appears to show a vast abyss to the

NASA's Hubble telescope spots rare exploding supernova

NASA astronaut Reid Wiseman Tweeted this photo he took from the International Space Station today. (The equipment in the foreground are solar panels that ...

Sunspot ...

New Supernova:Huge Star Explosion spotted in the cigar galaxy M82

Coldest star ever found spotted by NASA infrared telescope

Amazing Alien Planet Discoveries of 2013


Sun-like stars are bright enough that their habitable zones are pushed close to the edge of where Kepler is able to detect planets. NASA

An unidentified flying object, or UFO, is any apparent anomaly in the sky.

So if you look at the right, you see the shape of the square and that blue line around the moon. And if you look at the left you see that all ...

NASA to invstigate Asteroid The Osiris-Rex will spend a year surveying Bennu before returning to Earth

Solar and Heliospheric Observatory captured all of these images and video seen by these two conspiracy

A mysterious video of a UFO apparently landing on earth has gone viral.

Five years ago today, on March NASA's Kepler Space Telescope rocketed into the night skies to find planets around other stars within a field of view the ...

A new recipe for the search for extraterrestrial life

Discovery and name

Image credit: NASA/CXC

The James Webb telescope is tested before being launched into space (credit: NASA)

Jupiter Revealed In Stunning New Images From NASA's Juno Spacecraft | IFLScience

What looks like a giant statue of a man has been found on Google Moon in this video posted to YouTube

The black boxes in Google Sky, WikiSky, and Microsoft World-Wide Telescope are not 'censored' by NASA

Figure 3: NASA photo showing a portion of the the ISS (image credit: ESA)

NASA satellite observation of deforestation in the Mato Grosso state of Brazil. The transformation from forest to farm is evident by the paler square shaped ...

NASA Satellite image Sept. 7, 2015

Project Mercury astronaut John Glenn trains in a mock-up of the planned NASA space capsule, 1959 Ralph Morse—Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images

Post ...

NASA high altitude balloon

J.P. Skipper has a wonderful website who states, The above image is taken directly from the 1994 Navy Clementine military official science data and shown ...

David Wilcock and Corey Goode: Revealing the Five Alliance Groups - CLE 2017 Notes: Part 1 - Stillness in the Storm


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"Thanks to congressional inaction, NASA must continue to fund its defunct Ares I rocket program until March — a requirement that will cost the agency nearly ...

Incredible UFO sighting caught on camera could prove aliens exist | Daily Star

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[Image: NASA-and-the-enigma-of-the-8000



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Speedy Tuesday - A Speedmaster Professional 145.022-71 Non-NASA (and Original)

» Nikon Stops Producing Its Tiny 1 Series Mirrorless Cameras as Rumours Point to a Full-Frame SystemPhotography Site

If you line up the buildings between the two photos, the streak is perfectly aligned, but longer in the second image. It's also more blurred in the second ...

Square Raises $150 Million at a $6 Billion Valuation

The 'crystal clear' UFO flies in during 'hoax' video.

Recent Advances in Mechanical Engineering RAME-2016 (Proceedings) | Machining | Composite Material

Altyn Depe, Turkmenistan 60.43E, 36.85N. “


LACASSINE -- I was sitting outside on June 3, 2009, smoking, and noticed a light hovering in the same area of the sky as my last report on May 31, 2009.

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Volcanic Eruptions Could Lead to 'Mass Extinction' as it Saps Oxygen from Oceans

[MIND-BOGGLING] Black Portal & Alien Cube UFO Over Texas! 6/29/2015

Vero Beach UFO // Click on the photo to enlarge

They symbolise heartfelt emotions and the givers gratitude for the recipients understanding – something marrying my husband has taught me ...

Dubai 1980. and 2003.

A true-color satellite image taken on NASA's Landsat 7

(Image NASA) 'Double Earths' Could Be Fun Exoplanets To Hunt For -- If They Exist see: Can binary terrestrial planets exist?

The two new silver coins from the Royal Canadian Mint that mark the 30th anniversary of

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NASA posters depict alien worlds

A mysterious square-shaped monument made from a series of standing stones was unearthed beneath

Global Rainfall and Snowfall Map

Fashion PULIS: Like or Dislike: Her Royal Highness Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex in a Wedding Gown Designed by Clare Waight Keller (British) for French ...

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If you eat mindlessly at your desk without keeping a check on how much you are ingesting, can be pretty dangerous for your weight loss program.


Open ...

REHOBETH – About 2:30 pm, on Sunday, August 17, 2008, two witnesses and I were at a cemetery holding a “ghost hunt” research with video cameras, cell phone, ...

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UFO T-shirts & Hoodies

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