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NASA39s IXS Enterprise what a real interstellar vessel might look

NASA39s IXS Enterprise what a real interstellar vessel might look


Warp-drive technology would allow for spacecraft to travel faster than the speed of light

New concept images show a spacecraft with a warp drive that could travel to our nearest star in 4 weeks - current ships would take 80,000 years

This is What NASA's Warp-Capable Enterprise Starship Would Look Like!

Will NASA's IXS Enterprise Starship Make Interstellar Travel Reality?

Warp Drive: NASA Claims that Interstellar Travel is Possible - Real Life Star Trek Warp Drive - YouTube

Warp 2



KSP Quick Look: IXS Enterprise Beta 1


IXS Enterprise

Enterprise could be built in the near future - Photo: wikipedia.org

NASA's IXS Enterprise


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Alcubierre warp drive via Anderson Institute

This week, NASA revealed a possible design for the IXS Enterprise, a faster-than-light concept spacecraft. It looked pretty interesting!

Credits: Sony Pictures, screenshot

How Humans Could Go Interstellar, Without Warp Drive

The starship Enterprise in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode, The Hunted.

The myths and reality about interstellar travel

Fusion-powered ships, such as the one in this Project Icarus concept, might be our best bet at achieving short-term interstellar flight.

The 11-foot studio model of the starship Enterprise, designed by Walter “Matt” Jefferies. “Obviously not a primitive 'rocket ship,' but rather a true space ...

NASA's real life Enterprise may take us to other star systems one day

A wide-field view of the sky around our nearest neighbor, the bright star Alpha Centauri. ESO/Digitized Sky Survey 2 Acknowledgement: Davide De Martin ...

Just as with Gene Roddenberry's beloved space franchise, the warp drive proposed by NASA physicist Dr. Harold White would make the vast interstellar ...

100 Year Starship: An interstellar leap for mankind?

Model, Starship Enterprise, Television Show, "Star Trek"

interstellar science

Interstellar ramjets

A-001 Warp ship, building and testing.

Outside the Solar System[edit]

NASA Warp Drive Project - "Speeds" that Could Take a Spacecraft to Alpha Centauri in Two Weeks

New Infographic Names the Fastest Ship in the Universe

Artist's concept of the Bussard Ramjet, which would harness hydrogen from the interstellar medium to

I will consider this question by way of a digression discussing the idea of the search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI) and what I call the SETI ...

USS Enterprise

How Many Star Trek Enterprises Are / Will There Be? 2.0 - ThirdChoiceVideos HD - YouTube

Interstellar travel

Gravitational lens attributed to the presence of Dark Matter. NASA, public domain.

6 Reasons to Upgrade to RebelMouse from WordPress

Well, let's look at this (forgive me) logically. We now have a device that can beam someone to...well... anywhere. Across solar systems, across even ...

Will we eventually be able to colonize other stars? Notes from a preliminary review

... so immense that more than 1,300 Earths would fit inside it. As the spacecraft descends, the astronauts marvel at Jupiter's 67 moons — so many that ...

An artist's illustration shows the asteroid Oumuamua.ESO / M. Kornmesser

Yet, this has shown up on the Web:

New research suggests that if we want to achieve interstellar travel we will need to build

Vacuum to Antimatter Rocket Interstellar Explorer System, is a concept from Richard Obousy that would


Real world answer : I would imagine at that time, the creators of Star Trek didn't know much about outside the Milky Way. A lot of the discoveries we have ...

The 2019 Star Trek Ships of the Line Calendar will be released in August and can be pre-ordered from Amazon for $14.99. You can see see the thumbnails ...

Michigan how fast is voyager 1 traveling images Interstellar travel jpg

LOOK: Coolest Images From Hubble Telescope After 22 Years In Space

This illustration shows the seven TRAPPIST-1 planets as they might look as viewed from

USS Enterprise-D7 face off

Interstellar travel ship. "

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From top, largest Earth ocean ships, Firefly, Ghost, 10 km diameter Sailship, all to scale. The ~3m Breakthrough Starshot sail is actually ...

Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway and David Gyasi in Interstellar. © Warner Bros

... ship with a much more utilitarian look ...

Star Trek - Ships of the Line NX-01

Why Interstellar Travel's Harder Than It Looks

Starship Avalon

Maybe this dates me, but I find these two ships--both products of the 1970s--more inherently awesome than so many other spacecraft designs I've seen on the ...

At the end of "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan" we can see several scorches from the battle with the Reliant on the Enterprise's hull.

9; 10. Therefore, when we look ...

Romulan Warbird (2364)

The real stars of Passengers: the starship Avalon, and robot bartender Arthur (Michael

Battle of Narendra III

enter image description here

The reason they're too small is that their beam is only about 30 meters, while the whole new ...