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NY shirtwaist workers strikers having lunch Here39s a Start t

NY shirtwaist workers strikers having lunch Here39s a Start t


The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire of 1911 lasted 18 minutes and left 146 workers dead.

New York City shirtwaist workers on strike, taking a lunch break.

Solidarity: Garment workers in Cincinnati sold newspapers to support the International Ladies' Garment Workers

In 1898 the workers' strike against the Paine Lumber Company in Oshkosh Wisconsin was the earliest major labor action in the state's history.

Two women strikers on picket line during the "Uprising of the garment workers strike, New York City. Strikes, ladies tailors, N. picket girls on duty

United Garment Workers Strike in Chicago

Have We Forgotten the Lessons of the Triangle Fire?

1919 Rent Strike in Harlem. NYT 1919

Triangle Shirtwaist ...

Firefighters work to put out the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire, March 25th, 1911

12 Powerful Images Of Women In The Labor Movement

During the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire, 148 garment workers died from the fire or jumped

On December more than of Philadelphia's shirtwaist workers walked out on their jobs, one month after the “uprising of commenced in New York City's ...

LABOR TRAGEDY: One of the deadliest industrial disasters in US history, the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire in New York City left 146 workers dead in 18 ...

Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire: March 25, 1911

Newspaper clipping during Seattle General Strike

Amalgamated Clothing Workers Strike, 1915 | 12 Powerful Images Of Women In The Labor Movement

2 3 ...

Womens' work strike in 1912.

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Female shirtwaist strikers being taken into custody by the police at Jefferson Market Prison, New York, NY, 1909. (Kheel Center, Cornell University)


Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire in New York City on March 25, 1911, This fire would influence the support of many unions as well as pursuing more safety ...

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New York Times archives

Women Strikers Selling Newspapers circa 1910

She was a leader of the garment workers' strike a year before the fire occurred. Had the workers' conditions been met, fewer fatalities would have occurred ...

Lunch Break Over Manhattan, New York City, New York - Professional Photos

March 25, 1911: The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire in New York City kills 146

Striking PATCO Workers

Russian Immigrant home at 347 E 14th St, New York City, George Grantham Bain Collection (Library of Congress).

Wednesdays at Michael's by Diane Clehane

Triangle Factory Fire New York City March 25, 1911; 3.

One year later 146 workers, mostly young girls aged 13 to 23, were to die in a devastating fire at Triangle's New York City sweatshop – 1910

Women shirtwaist strikers join the throng demanding an end to the subcontracting system, a 52 hour work week with unpaid overtime limited to 2 hours per day ...

“When you fight for justice, others will follow.”

At least 30,000 workers in Rochester, N.Y., participate in a general strike in support of municipal workers who had been fired for forming a union – 1946

The life of American workers in 1915 : Monthly Labor Review: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

In 1916 there was Minnesota miners strike. In this photo workers march in sympathy for ...

Boys With Brooms: November 1908. Some Sweepers in a North Carolina cotton mill. Photograph by Lewis Wickes Hine for the National Child Labor Committee

Jimmie Sakashita, Westinghouse worker, speaking at the Westinghouse Gate, Sunnyvale, California, during the October 1955 – March 1956 strike.

One of many women that we'd love to sit down and have lunch with

A construction worker on a beam high above the building at 40 Wall Street, New York City,

A book for younger readers on this topic is Brave Girl by Michelle Markel. It tells the true story of an immigrant named Clara ...

Urban renewal ravaged poor and working-class neighborhoods in New York City throughout the 1950s and 1960s. However, residents of the neighborhood ...

Here they needed police protection during a strike of garbage haulers, a separate service.

New York City Fast Food Workers Organize City-Wide Strike

early strikers


Working Class People 1890s | lunch break, c. 1890. (Four workers enjoy a break for lunch c. 1890 .

Excerpted from The Big Squeeze: Tough Times for the American Worker, by Steven Greenhouse, a labor and workplace reporter for The New York Times (Knopf, ...

Elizabeth Gurley Flynn

Some of the garment workers from Dhaka who have come to talk to us and listen

UPS workers

Max Blanck and Isaac Harris in “Triangle Shirt Waist Manufacturers Listening To Testimony Against Them," an illustration from 1911.

shewhoworshipscarlin: “Shirtwaist, 1900, Norway. ”

"Beverly reassured Georgia she wouldn't tell her husband that Virgil stopped by every day at lunch.

Note ...

Triangle Shirtwaist Fire, 1911 Look it up. Amazing tragic history!

Teamsters Strike, Minneapolis, 1934

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9. CSR and Sweatshops

100 Years After Triangle Shirtwaist Disaster, Sweatshop Fires Still Rage

The "Mill Girls" were female workers who came to work for the textile corporations in Lowell, Massachusetts, "little girls" who worked there about the age ...

Whether they occur at home or in the workplace, fires are devastating events that sometimes

... new and to be indifferent to the past, except when they can use “tradition” to reinforce current prejudices and power arrangements. This has had an ...

Clara Lemlich

Traces of an American Tragedy: Inside the Former Triangle Shirtwaist Factory

For more information

A defining moment of labor history, the deadly fire at the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory in New York remains a powerful touchstone even after 100 years.

Women Workers at a Shoe Factory, Lynn, Massachusetts, 1895. Photo by Frances

Bowling Alley

Factory Workers

Buster and Eldridge. 1912

... and sent to Blackwell's Island wear “Workhouse Prisoner” signs claiming their service with pride, and were cheered by other strikers and supporters.

Francis “the horse” Kane in 1893, another sex worker at Paresis Hall male brothel in New York

Shack, built of loose boards and parts of boxes, in New York City during the Great Depression. My thoughts- if things were this bad and it wasn't 'the end' ...

View images and find out more about This Day In History: The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire at Getty Images.


Volunteers and rescue workers at the collapsed building on Thursday. Credit Munir Uz Zaman/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

1918 A large group of women workers smile and wave for the camera as they crowd down the steps outside their canteen at an aeroplane factory in ...

Some operatives in An Indianapolis Cotton Mill at the Noon Hour. Date Created/Published: 1908 August.

All will have work

Rita Margules with a photo of her mother, Clara Lemlich, giving socks to servicemen


Santa's already looking older and more wrinkly from all those centuries of smoking Lucky Strikes!

Ryan Steuer working with his students.

49 old photos of men staring at women in the past.


At my father's funeral this past Sunday, I told the congregation that if he were still alive and well, he'd be in Wisconsin. This was his fight, ...

Cleator Mill Strike Committee, 29 April All of the women wore their union workers' badges for the photograph at Cleator Moor

Two sailors exhausted from celebrating the end of World War II,… – History

“Street Boys with Graffiti", San Francisco, 1938 by John Gutmann

Democratic machines ran urban slums like “Bandit's Roost” in New York City, offering jobs and opportunity in exchange for votes.

lancashire mill workers 1900 - Google Search