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Napoleon39s Grenadier Sapeurs of the Imperial Guard JRB Now

Napoleon39s Grenadier Sapeurs of the Imperial Guard JRB Now


French; Imperial Guard, 3rd(Dutch) Grenadiers a Pied, Sapper Sergeant,. Napoleonic ...

SOLDIERS- Courcelle: NAP- France: French Imperial Guard, Battalion Napoleon 1815 , by Patrice Courcelle. A mixed unit from members of the Grenadiers a Pied ...

Tamburi dei granatieri a piedi della guardia imperiale francese. Napoleonic ...

The Old Guard (French Vieille Garde) were the elite veteran elements of the Emperor Napoleon's Imperial Guard. As such it was the most prestigious …

Voltigeur et Flanqueur-Grenadier.

frankfurt1.jpg (582×949)

Napoleon's Dragoons of the Imperial Guard 1-Sous-officier, grande tenue 1810 2

Imperial Guard: Plate 8: Commanding General, Corps of Foot Grenadiers, 1812.

Troopers, Grenadiers à Cheval, Imperial Guard, campaign dress, 1812

Foot Grenadiers of the Imperial Guard 4

Imperial Guard, & Grenadiers a Pied, April 1815 , the beginning of the and wearing a hastily modified uniform of the Royal Guard

Chasseurs of the Imperial Guard, by JOB (Jacques Onfroy de Breville).

French; Imperial Guard, Grenadiers a Cheval. Napoleonic ...

French dragoon of the Imperial Guard, 1809

French Imperial Guard Grenadier

Imperial Guard: Plate 18: Grenadier Private, Field Uniform, 1815. Napoleonic ...

the Imperial Guard 3

Grenadiers of the Imperial Guard at Eylau, by JOB (Jacques Onfroy de Breville)

Charging the horse grenadiers of the Imperial Guard against the English in Waterloo

Grenadier of the Guard-1815-Keith Rocco

French; Cuirassier Regt. of the Imperial Guard

Favourite cavalry unit of the French Imperial Guard - Page 6 - Armchair General and HistoryNet

Imperial guard; Grenadiers a Cheval 1804-15 by Lucien Rousselot. Napoleonic ...

Group of Officers of the Imperial Guard Artillery 1813 by JOB.

dan horsechief guard grenadiers at plancenoit waterloo 1815

Les grenadiers d'ile-de-france - Grenadiers et Sapeurs

French Imperial Guard, picture, image, illustration

officier des tirailleurs grenadiers de la Garde 1812

A French Grenadier Sapeurs of the Imperial Guard during the Crimean War, 1855.[476x750]

French Grenadiers of the Imperial Guard

Le Régiment de Grenadiers à Cheval de la Garde Impériale (The Regiment of Horse Grenadiers of the Imperial Guard). Uniform.

Marines of the Imperial Guard, by JOB (Jacques Onfroy de Breville).

... a regiment of Grenadiers à Cheval de la Garde Impériale, giving my tiny Imperial Guard some shock troops to play with in my future Napoleonic campaigns.

A French pioneer, of the 3rd foot grenadiers of the guard Regiment (Dutch Grenadiers), Grande Armée, from the Napoleonic Wars, in the Emperi Museum, ...

French; Imperial Guard, 2nd Grenadiers, Eagle Bearer, 1870 by P.Lourcelle

Armes et équipements de sapeurs de la Garde Impériale et de l'Infanterie de ligne

French Grenadier of the Imperial Guard. Painted by Kirill Kanaev

regiment 22, 45, 46, 63 sapeurs. Napoleonic ...

Imperial Guard: Plate 23: 3rd Regiment of Grenadiers, Private, 1812.

The Offical Napoleon Total War Historic Uniforms Thread - Total War Center Forums

French White Uniforms 1806 III

the Imperial Guard 4

French; Imperial Guard, Mamelukes, Musician, Kettledrummer, 1805-12 & Kettledrummer


Soldiers of the Mexican Imperial Army during Napoleon III's Mexican Adventure

A French napoleonic Hussar veteran

Zvezda Models French Imperial Old Guard Grenadiers: Only the elite of the Napoleon's Grand Armee could be enlisted into the ranks of the 'Old Guard'.

From left to right, an artillery train driver of Imperial Guard and a foot artilleryman of the Imperial Guard.

Heads of the Columns of the 3rd Regiment of the Imperial Guard 1810-14 by Patrice Courcelle

Imperial Guard: light cavalry lanciers (second regiment), and Lithuanian tartars attaché scouts

regiment of Lighthorse-Lancers of the French Imperial Guard

Frankfurt am main-line infantry grenadiers 1808 Fig. E. Fort

French; Imperial Guard Cuirassiers, Sapper by Detaile

Despite shortages in artillery ordnance, in 1813 Napoleon created the Régiment…

Marine and Sapper Imperial Guard

Imperial Guard: Plate 173: Polish Battalion, Private, 1813. Napoleonic ...

Young Guard, 2nd Regiment Chasseurs a pied : officer, sergeant, private… Napoleonic ...


Granatieri a cavallo della guardia imperiale francese

Foot Grenadiers of the Imperial Guard 8

3 figures. Painted June 2015.

French line infantry Grenadier (Sargent)

French; Imperial Guard, 3rd(Dutch) Grenadiers a Pied, Grenadier & NCO. Napoleonic ...

Napoleonic Swords and Sabers Collection: Horse Grenadier Saber Napoleon Imperial Guard

Chasseur à cheval de la Garde constituted a light cavalry regiment in the Imperial Guard during. Napoleonic ...

NAP- France: French Fusilier-Grenadier of the Imperial Guard, by Joseph Louis. Napoleonic ...

Sapeurs de troupes a pied, 1809. Napoleonic ...

French; Imperial Guard, Gendarmes d'Elite, Eleve Gendarme, Tenue de Campagne

192 best garde imperiale grenadiers hollandais images on Pinterest | Napoleonic wars, Military history and Military uniforms

NAP- France: French Voltiguers of the Imperial Guard 1810-1815, by Michel

Napoleonic Swords and Sabers Collection

French; Imperial Guard, Company of Mamelukes, Musicians, 1805-10. Napoleonic ...

I'm a lumberjack and I'm ok: Painting a French Napoleonic Sapper

Imperial Guard: Plate 143: Artificer Battalion, Private, 1812.

Soldato del 1 rgt. tiragliatori granatieri, ufficiale e zappatore dei coscritti cacciatori

Italy; Royal Guard, Grenadier Battalion, Grenadier, Sapper & Sergeant, 1809-12 by H.Boisselier

Grenadiers a pied 1800-1815 (pl 63) 1

"Colonel Claude Testot-Ferry of the Régiment d'Eclaireurs de la Garde Imperiale ( Regiment of Scouts of the Imperial Guard ) at Craonne and Arcis-sur-Aub", ...

I'm still photographing AWI bits and pieces so here is a small vignette of the engineers of Napoleon's Imperial Guard (or to give them their proper French ...

Imperial Guard, Grenadiers a Pied, Grenadier, Veteran & NCOs

The Red Uniform would indicate Regiment of Lancers of the French Imperial Guard, who were also known as the Dutch Lancers.

Fusilier-Grenadier et Tirailleur-Grenadier (premier régiment)

French; Imperial Guard, Grenadiers a Pied, Drum Major.

Musicians and Grenadier of the Dutch Regiment of the Imperial Guard, by Maurice Henri Orange.

Photographs of Napoleon's Veterans

Régiment de dragons n° sapeurs (L.

Second Empire Grenadier of the Imperial Guard officer's uniform, (Front with…

NAP- France: French Voltiguers of the Imperial Guard 1810-1815, by Michel

French; Imperial Guard, Train d'Equipages. Art by Kieth Rocco. Napoleonic ...

Imperial Guards, Dutch Grenadier Regiment, Officers in Grande Tenue, 1812

New: Napoleonic French Chasseurs a Pied of the Imperial Guard

sapeur des Cuirassiers de la Garde impériale, Second Empire.Outre l'insigne de…

Sappers and Engineers of the Imperial Guard.

"Musician and Veteran of the Imperial Guard", Job (Jacques Onfroy de Bréville. Napoleonic ...

Band XIV #39.- Spanien. Das Heer Joseph Napoleons 1811. 7. Kav. Rgt. Lanciers von La Mancha.

Infantry uniforms of the Austrian Empire 1836-1866

Napoleonic French Imperial Guard Briquet

Imperial Guard: Plate 135: 1st Artillery Train Regiment, Trumpeter, Full Dress,. Napoleonic ...

Horse Grenadiers, a heavy cavalry regiment of the French Imperial Guard during the Battle of Eylau by Édouard Detaille.

DEL PRADO Napoleon at War Officer Fusiliers Young Guard 1810 Includes Mag 12