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Naturallight is a known natural mood booster t

Naturallight is a known natural mood booster t


If you don't have enough energy, some extra time in the sun may be just what you need. Just 10 minutes of natural light each day can boost your mood and ...

Why natural light matters in the workplace

Increase Natural Light To Brighten Up A Dull Space

6 Benefits Of Natural Light & How To Maximize It In Your Home


Traditional Staircase by LDa Architecture & Interiors

Benefits Of Natural Light


Let the light shine in: Tubular skylights are an economical solution for lighting a hallway

The Benefits of Natural Light_ How Much Do We Need_ 1200x630

Natural light photography when travelling [13 lighting facts]

The Benefits of Natural Light

A Stylist & Scientist's Sunny Plant-Filled Chicago Loft

If you plan to remove interior walls, consider the natural lighting in the new space. Should you add a window to a windowless ...


Light changes or perceptions. Image Via: Luis Jauregui. Natural light ...

benefits of maximizing natural light in the home

The benefits of natural light

Sunlight Windows – A Natural Light Alternative

Living room layout


Woman working on laptop in the office. There's something so uplifting about natural light.

Sunlight - How to Increase Serotonin Levels Naturally

How Windows & Natural Light Affect Your Mood, Kailua, ...

Light therapy lamps mimic natural outdoor light and can help boost the mood of elderly people

Mood-Boosting Tricks to Increase Happiness in Your Home - The Drifter Collective

Schiefertafel mit der chemischen Formel von Serotonin

... to let in natural light which is a proven mood-booster. Try an aloe vera plant for something easy to maintain, and sunlight lamps if your space doesn't ...

This week, try giving an outdoor activity a go, whether it is taking a lunchtime stroll or swapping your treadmill for the road and see how your sleep ...

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How to Plan an Effective Office Furniture Layout Few people know this but planning the layout of office furniture requires a lot of thought.


5 Architectural Tricks and Devices to Bring Natural Light Into Your Home

It's early, it's barely light out, and you're perfectly comfortable in your warm cocoon of covers, but you know you have to force yourself ...

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The Benefits Of Natural Light

Artificial light falls woefully short of natural light (ugly & unhealthy)

Food photography light setup example with a reflector and natural light

How Smart Office Lighting can Boost ...

natural light through windows

With shorter days and cold temperatures that make it tough to absorb much-needed Vitamin D from natural light, the winter months are a common culprit for ...

Simple Tips to Have a Healthy Office Professional office space planners in UK knows how to ...

comparing natural light and artificial light

Waking up tired? Hitting a wall around 3 p.m.? Or maybe you've

How to Effectively Use Natural Light in your Home (Save Money and Energy!)


How natural light boosts mental and physical wellbeing – Just Can't Settle

If you're looking for ways to boost your mood by switching up certain aspects of your home, here are six ideas you can spring from to increase happiness in ...

Sunlight Inside's lamps deliver balanced natural light for better health

7 Easy tips to let the light into your home design.

5 More Ways to Bring Natural Light into Your Home


comparing the Philips Hue to natural light

10 Ways to Boost Your Mood on Those Dark Winter Days - Exercises For Injuries

For many, the reduced amount of natural light, bright colors, and warmth during the winter results in the blues, lowered energy, and chaotic cravings.

Have you noticed all the daylight streaming through shopping malls, schools and office buildings these days? It's no accident — the experts (architects, ...

CDI: Natural Light Exposure

An Artist's Bold Black & White Hollywood Studio Loft

Nurse a coffee throughout the day

The Benefits of Natural Light | Architectural Lighting Magazine | Daylighting, Illumination, Building Performance, Control Systems, Steven Lockley, ...


15 Natural Mood Enhancers

comparing the Philips Hue to natural light

Whenever possible, sunlight works best. Image Via: Louise de Miranda

Whether you're struggling with anxiety or just having a bad day, you probably have tricks to make yourself feel better. I recently wrote about one of my ...

... for these mood disorders, there are some natural remedies for depression and anxiety that can improve the way we feel—these remedies can even supplement ...

2. It Affects Emotions

477 best Mental Health - MOOD & HAPPINESS images on Pinterest | Mental health, Mental health awareness and Mental health stigma

As 'wellness architecture' continues to emerge as an industry trend, it's becoming clear that natural light isn't just good for us - it's actually good for ...

Living Room, Chair, Pendant Lighting, and Medium Hardwood Floor Clerestory windows, in

Natural light

This is a great post if you want to know more about hard and soft light! Read - "5 Facts About Natural Light"

Natural Light and Productivity

Natural light on a field

Boost Natural Sunlight In Your Kitchen


Interior Of Beautiful Contemporary Lounge


Why is Natural Light so Important to Homebuyers?

Good Mood Food | February 2016 (Vol. 26 Issue 11) | Magazine | What Doctors Don't Tell You

The Benefits of Natural Light: How Much Do We Need_ 600x600

... boost your mood and improve well-being—perfect for combating the January blues, whether you live in Michigan or Florida. The information comes courtesy ...

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mood lighting

Want proof that food can change your mood? Think Thanksgiving, the meal that leaves you as sleepy as a dose of Valium. Then there's the grande mocha latte; ...


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