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Neofetch Display your Linux system39s information Linix OS tips

Neofetch Display your Linux system39s information Linix OS tips


A cool Linux Mint screen output! "NeoFetch"

ArchLabs : 84 changing neofetch to show elements the way you want

screenfetch with cool retro term


neofetch - Cooking With the Command Line

ig.02: neofetch running on Ubuntu

How to get all the information you need about your Linux machine with a single command - TechRepublic

4 Best Tools To Display Linux Distribution Logo Art In Terminal – CrackWare

... Linux distribution displayed in ASCII art along with some information about your system: ASCII display for Antergos

Display Linux logo in ascii art in terminal

... on my Ubuntu Linux terminal: linuxlogo art in ubuntu

I wrote a simple script for my system, but I later realized that one can just configure neofetch/screenfetch to do the job (duh).

Check os version in Linux command line

ArcoLinux : 301 how to change the logo of neofetch to a picture or another logo - any desktop

Fig.01: ttyload -- "graphical" tracking of Linux load average in

terminal pic

MEPIS LLC and MEPIS Linux were founded by industry veteran Warren Woodford in November 2002 to create a user-friendly Linux version that 'just works' based ...

Fig.01: Adding date and time to my bash history

linux kernel distro version command

9 how to install i3 on linux mint 18 cinnamon - changing the fonts

Aureola Tutorial : stop the conky from running

ArchLabs : 79 making your terminal beautiful with terminal.sexy

16 sets of sardi icons for your linux operating system version 4.2.2

7 Smallest Linux Distros That Need Almost No Space. Linux MintComputer TipsLinux Operating SystemSpacesTagsWebsiteAquariumsSoftwareComputers

Linux Command To Find the System Configuration And Hardware Information

Fig.01: neofetch running on macOS. Sample outputs from Ubuntu Linux ...

30 Useful Bash Shell Aliase For Linux/Unix Users

ArchLabs : 102 how to autostart applications in ArchLabs

Arch Linux Discovered and trying out gnome 3.16

ArchMerge : 219 neofetch explained - all settings + add image or logo

ArchMerge : 100 making sure neofetch shows up in a terminal any desktop

Auryo is a Desktop SoundCloud App that Works on Linux

Terminal tweak: neofetch in iterm2

How to Install and Configure latest version of Ansible on Ubuntu Linux

'Anatine' Is a Simple Desktop Twitter App for Linux

We're often asked what our essential Ubuntu apps are, but rather than reply in the comments I figured I'd write a list of what are, for us, must-have apps ...

How to Get Hardware Information with Dmidecode Command on Linux

Basic Linux Commands..- skillprogramming.com

A great guide for beginners.

pulseaudio-dlna is a lightweight streaming server that makes it easy to stream audio from a Linux computer that uses PulseAudio, to a DLNA / UPnP or ...

Added more colorful logo's in arcolinux-neofetch

Neofetch - Display your Linux system's information - OSTechNix

Ubuntu 18.04, Ubuntu Flavours, GIMP 2.10, FFmpeg 4.0, neofetch, Clonezilla | This Week in Linux 27 – Все о линуксах

Start Skype in Linux Mint

How to Refresh Your Linux Desktop Without Rebooting

Calculate Linux Is Based on Gentoo and Has Numerous Flavors

Linux Desktop Customization

ScreenshotGot really ...

Verify microcode update on a CentOS RHEL Fedora Ubuntu Debian Linux

Fig.01: Download Google Chrome bit deb package for Ubuntu Linux. Click on ...

Mandrake Linux Creator Launches a New Open Source Mobile OS

Fig.03: How to capture a webpage from Linux command line

Linux Twitter users looking to use something other than their browser for catching up on the 'what's happening' have a number of desktop Twitter clients to ...

Looks nice with pywal apparently 😏. Think Out of The Box

New config and Logo's for Neofetch


This can be installed on ArcoLinuxD too. They are on the github of ArcoLinuxD. Tutorials and articles will follow later.

How to setup Neofetch and Screenfetch on Fedora

Install FreeFileSync 7.8 in Linux | 2daygeek.com | Linux Tips & Tricks | Scoop

Neofetch logo with Ascii

linuxlogo installation ubuntu For installing Linux_logo on DNF and YUM based Linux ...

You don't need me to tell you what VLC is as, like Firefox, LibreOffice and The GIMP, it's arguably one of the most famous pieces of open source software on ...

This Week in Solus - Install #39

Postat de: Cristian Gherman

... on Ubuntu Linux: archey output ubuntu

#Tanglu 1.0 is a new #Linux #distribution, based on #Debian's "

Learn & Use Linux Made Easy

... information of your system. Like neofetch or screenfetch or even like the conkies. The idea is to include the FUN factor via scripts on a monthly basis.

franz chat app

My rofi colour is set in ~/.Xresources, but it just an #INCLUDE command. The actual colour configuration is in ~/.xrdb/rofi, You will understand if You look ...

We have created an extra script to quickly install the “fun stuff ” on our systems, design our system and take a screenshot.

neofetch-2018-01-04-06-14-08-23360. neofetch-2018-01-04-06-14-08-23360.jpg1366x768 361 KB

354KiB, 1920x1080, screen tearing linux.jpg

hddtemp on linux

08:41 How to install the latest docker on ubuntu plus a ubuntu lamp container example

I still keep using debian on my desktop machine but my laptop isn't so underpowered in terms of software now that I'm figuring this stuff out.

Postat de: Cristian Gherman


Take this awesomeness Windows fanboys/-girls :D I'm finally done with my new linux desktop setup and I'm getting aroused as fuck by using it.

Available in xfce-settings. New package created for it – arcolinux-applications-git

I already have a line shaped workspace indicator. So, I only need a static icons for workspace icons.

ArcoLinux Gallery Xfce

Now to see if it will actually improve my workflow somehow. rant i3wm tiling window manager linux ...

20. Clementine Music Player

2MiB, 2560x1440, Screen ...

Ubuntu Cleaner System Maintenance Tool

Welcome to Reddit,

After the tweaks

View SameGoogleImgOpsiqdbSauceNAO IMG_20180104_021030-01.jpg, ...


Top Five Linux Office Tools

Shown in the terminal windows are pacman (the Arch package manager) running and a screenfetch recognizing the system ...

a photo of my terminal

First time on a hard drive let's goo