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New App Brings Android Notifications to The GNOME Desktop OS

New App Brings Android Notifications to The GNOME Desktop OS


032715 gnome screenshot

sync android notifications windows

The GNOME 3 Shell with apps

GNOME Shell system menu

Linus Torvalds finds GNOME 3.4 to be a "total user experience design failure" | ZDNet

Zorin OS 12

Ubuntu GNOME 17.04 Beta 2 system notifications and calendar

10 of the Best Gnome Applications from Third-Party Developers

Shell_Notifications_GNOME_13.1. System tray and notifications

GNOME 3.24 Linux Desktop Environment Released | Here Are The New Features

If you're looking to give your newly minted GNOME desktop a bit of a makeover look no further than the Pop GTK theme.

GNOME Shell Application launcher

Papyros in action

The version of Phoenix OS(x86) I downloaded does not include Google Mobile Services, so there's no Google Play Store, Gmail, Chrome, or other Google apps.

The new notification system in action

gnome 3.24: notifications area

The Desktop: Unity's desktop is fairly similar to GNOME Classic's, except for the large dock on the left side of the screen that replaces the old taskbar.

AirDroid: Manage Your Android Device Using A Browser

More like this. android phone hub

... GNOME Control Center ...

Big Memory Leak Bug Found In GNOME Shell; Might Remain Unpatched In Ubuntu 18.04

GNOME 3.20's Activities overview

Web & app menu in Shell

Chrome App Launcher in Ubuntu 14.04

Notifications Are Improved

sync android notifications windows

feedreader installed on ubuntu as a flatpack app

Ubuntu 17.10

Corebird twitter client

Receive Android notifications in your browser.

Ubuntu 17.10 uses the GNOME Shell desktop by default. The Unity desktop is available to install from the Software app if you miss it.

The Epiphany web browser

Evolution 3.19.2 released

google chrome may soon use native linux notifications

Easier application launch: When you view the application overlay, you will notice a new tab at the bottom — Frequent/All (Figure A, click to enlarge).

A little box will appear where you can give the app a name (this is pre-filled) and set whether you want it to 'Open as window'. For an app like experience ...

Epiphany 3.19.1 released

... Searching in GNOME Shell The new ...

Application overview in GNOME

remember the milk on the linux desktop

Night Light night light gnome 3.24

The introduction of GNOME Shell on the desktop is by far and away the most significant change in Ubuntu 17.10, but there a number of key app updates and ...

app launcher now cards

Web Browser Gets a New Address Bar

chrome app launcher

... working on mobile and convergence, and dropped any work on Unity, which explains why Ubuntu 17.10 is now running Gnome desktop environment by default.

When I look at this picture of a dock on OSX, ...


Fedora 27 Linux Distro Released With New Features — Download Installation Media Here


Connect Your Android Device To Your Ubuntu Using "KDE Connect"

Microsoft is supporting Google's Progressive Web Apps platform and that's great news for everyone

Ubuntu 17.10

Theme Windows with Mac OS X, Ubuntu, & Other Skins

If Google Now for Chrome browser arrives then the service designed by Google for Android latest operating system version 4.1.x Jelly Bean will provide users ...

GNOME 3.24 Provides Users With More Pleasing Linux Desktop Experience

ubuntu 17.10 desktop screenshot

1 - Fedora 26 Brings New Boltron Modularity Technology to Linux Servers

Remix OS 2.0

Ubuntu Social Media Kit AppImage Download

Files application made better in GNOME 3.20: ...

Best rising Linux distro

kde desktop layout

The new Trello app is a mix of PWA, Electron, and UWP.

Top 5 Gnome Shell Extensions To Maximize Functionality

sync android notifications windows

This bar, which is the closest thing GNOME 3 has to a Windows (or even GNOME 2) taskbar only ever displays the focused application, though without the Mac ...

Builder Builds More


linconnect notifications


Add to Panel_002.jpg564x523 99.5 KB


Endless OS Settings panel

Notification Center, Google Now Cards, App Launcher Land In Chrome For Linux (Dev Channel)

Photos Provides an Image Overview


Classic Applications GNOME 13.1

sync android notifications mac


The Dash: You can access Unity's application launcher — called the Dash — by hitting the Windows key on your keyboard or by hitting the Dash icon at the top ...

... Notification settings on Android (4.0-5.0)

Most Android apps can be run in Phoenix OS, but instead of launching in full screen mode, they'll typically launch in smaller windows.

KDE Connect Share Android

sync android notifications linux

sync android notifications mac

enter image description here

The GNOME Shell Desktop

3 - DNF Package Manager Updated

In July, Nova Launcher began testing a new feature in v5.4 beta: Sesame Shortcuts. Thanks to an integration with this third-party app, you could use Nova's ...

Despite the fact that Zorin can be downloaded and installed for free, what it brings to the table is beyond impressive. The distro is based on a stable ...

Additionally, this release includes a preview of the crowdfunded GNOME IDE, called Builder".


Night Light Comes to GNOME. Notifications Are Improved

maru os android linux

How to Get Android Oreo's Adaptive Icons on Any Phone