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New ICT road map targets 25 million jobs by 2020 A new roadmap

New ICT road map targets 25 million jobs by 2020 A new roadmap



Photovoltaics: ...

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It shows the way; 27.





Battery technologies roadmap and characteristics

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Figure 7: Energy efficiency measures in place in the EU 28- distribution per topic and target group (status 2016)

Figure 67: overview of different models to deliver energy efficiency investments

Become a plumber, not a priest

But in order to meet this target, more than 400 road deaths would have to be prevented every single day for the next four years, not to speak of injuries.

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Figure 51: Evolution of total annual energy consumption indicators for Brussels EMAS area offices (kWh/m2)

Rapid Growth of PH ITBPM industry. In an industry road map ...

Industry, research and energy - Industry 4.0 ipol stu(2016)570007 en by Departement Economie, Wetenschap en Innovatie (EWI), Vlaamse overheid - issuu

Figure 2: Necessary power generation to have enough energy for 626 billion km of vehicle

An upward bias to skill requirements disproportionally affect older and lower-income cohorts and those working in industries most prone to automation by new ...

The Belt and Road Initiative A new means to transformative global governance towards sustainable development


Phase 1 (NICI I), launched in 2000, established institutions and mechanisms to create an enabling environment for ICT development. Specifically, GoR did put ...

Figure 3: Path change roadmap for electromobility in Germany at a glance target level for vans (TLV)

Roadmap of packaging showing progress toward more 3D integration and higher IO density

Digital transformation is a moving target. And for many companies, it is slipping farther from reach. Read About the Barriers to Digital Transformation.

Chart 2.7: Select Recent Premier International Trade Missions

Map 2.10 Participation of adults aged 25-64 in education and training, 2016

Map 2.5 Employment rate (20-64), 2016

... New-generation photovoltaics: a new strategic industry to receive a boost under the 13th Five-Year Plan ...

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Figure 34: Participants to the voluntary agreements in industry – Wallonia

Isle of Wight Dementia Roadmap

Map 4.1

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Singapore's Electronics Industry Transformation Map aims for manufacturing value-add of S$22.2 billion by 2020

Understanding the Technology Roadmap - you need to understand what's next, where the innovation is

Market Trend Roadmap Template

Market requirements roadmap for TEG Systems (Rowe 2009)

Malaysian Smart School Roadmap | Educational Technology | Business Process

Map 2.1 The EU-2020 achievement index, 2015

Focus on advanced manufacturing technologies and innovation capabilities in Singapore's Energy & Chemicals Industry Transformation Map | OpenGovAsia

Background: Roadmap

The capital projects technology roadmap [65].

Map 6.1


Figure 2 : Example roadmap chart for trust in e-government (cf. [

Figure 3. Number of mobile 3G subscribers in 2014.

Vocational education and training (VET) can improve job-specific and transversal skills, facilitating the transition to employment and maintaining and ...

Philippine Multimodal Transportation and Logistics Industry Roadmap_Key Recommendations_2016.04.14 | Transport | Association Of Southeast Asian Nations

Map 2.2 Change in the EU-2020 achievement index, 2010-2015

Being good at ICT pays off. Workers with strong ICT skills are paid almost 30% more, on average, than those who cannot do much more than type or use a mouse ...

China has looked to open its financial markets, and spread globalization through its Belt and Road Initiative.

Zoom ...

Step 2: Verification of the integrated roadmap

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Fig. 6

Table 10. Service/Device/Technology layer formats.

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Figure 1: Greenhouse gas emissions of various vehicle concepts under today's average conditions in Germany

Figure 4. Number of Broadband Subscribers in 2014.

Roadmap for digital site [12].

Roadmap components for biofuels in the aviation industry.

recycling, as we became the first company to offer a

Five Phase Agile Software Timeline Roadmap Powerpoint Diagram

Years at School vs. Mean Age at First Birth


Six Phase Development Planning Timeline Roadmapping Powerpoint Templat – My Product Roadmap

Chart 2.3: Examples of School Projects Recently Approved

Scheme of a Li-air battery

Masdar PRT record highs!

GitHub - kamranahmedse/developer-roadmap: Roadmap to becoming a web developer in 2017

This indicates that the Directive is likely to deliver the expected impacts by 2020.

EU funding for Horizon 2020 project grants in 2015, calls per inhabitant

This year the Energy Information Days will present the new funding opportunities and innovative schemes offered by Horizon 2020's Work Programme 2018-2020.

We are the UK and Irelands second largest utility with over 9 million customers and 10,000 MWs of generation ...

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About 100 new foreign companies plan outsourcing operations in PH