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New Mexico designated turquoise as the official state gem in 1967

New Mexico designated turquoise as the official state gem in 1967



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KINGMAN TURQUOISE designer cab Silverhawk's designer gemstones.

Turquoise and coral bola tie

State Gemstone

July @LindseyMarie Gem of the Month - Turquoise, the stone of good luck - Find out more on www.lindseymarie.com:

New Mexico designated Turquoise as the official state gem in 1967. Turquoise was designated as the official gemstone of Arizona in 1974.

Turquoise - "Turquoise is a purification stone. It dispels negative energy and…

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Turquoise stone and glass bracelet

Arizona Sate Gemstone: Turquoise. example from Sleeping Beauty Mine.

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Turquoise gemstone - Mohave Purple Turquoise - purple turquoise is treated to achieve it's color. It is not a naturally occurring color!

Turquoise - Bishop Mine, Lynch Station, Campbell Co., Virginia mw

Turquoise naturelle "Sleeping Beauty", roulée

Turquoise gemstone - Sleeping Beauty Turquoise - Considered by most to be the finest turquoise in the world due to it's light color

State Gem. The New Mexico state gem is turquoise.

A Diversity of Gems from Idaho

State Gemstone Finished Pendant. TURQUOISE FACTS

Moonstone is a form of the mineral feldspar and is not found naturally in Florida. According to Gemological Institute of America, “A ghostly sheen moves ...

State Gemstone Turquoise Gem Rough

Polished Specimen State Gemstone Turquoise Chips


The NM state mammal is the black bear.


Arizona and New Mexico. official state gem is Turquoise. Both states have had extensive mining for Turquoise and the best is found near copper mines.

New Mexico designated turquoise as the official state gem in 1967.

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The stone is named after Prince Alexander of Russia (which is why the "A" in Alexandrite is capitalized), who was to later become ...

A cluster of light purple to violet amethyst crystals.

State Gemstone and State Gem of the Fifty-States

US State Gemstone or Gems

Top Gemstone Special Effects

The New Mexico state flower is the Yucca.

A cluster of clear, colorless quartz crystals.

Holding an Vintage Bulgari VCA Cocktail Ring

An irregular chunk of celedon green jade.

A light blue chunk of topaz cutting rough.

Pinfire opal from Idaho

State Gemstone

Production of Turquoise from deposits in the Cerrillos Hills, Santa Fe County (the oldest known Turquoise mine on the North American Continent goes back ...

The Bolo tie is the NM State tie.

The Garnet, normally considered a gemstone, was officially designated the state mineral of Connecticut in 1977. The Garnet “group” of gemstones is well ...

The New Mexico Whiptail is New Mexico's state reptile.

A custom shield cut sapphire from Rock Creek, Montana in deep blue with a slight

State Amphibian. NM ...

Rough Emerald Sample in Rock

Bulgari Turquoise Ring

State Grass. New Mexico's ...

... Legislature in 1979 as the state gem or state gem symbol. Rhodonite varies in hue from a light pink to a deep rose or reddish pink, and is considered ...

New Mexico's state vegetable is Chili and pinto beans.

... benitoite is a very rare gem that ranges in color from a light transparent blue to dark, sapphire blue, or occasionally a violet shade.

A sliced section of a petrified wood log showing exterior fossilized bark and black, white

The mountain peaks of Mount Antero and White Mountain in Colorado contain some of the finest quality gem aquamarine known.

Aquamarine was officially adopted as Colorado's State Gemstone by the State Legislature in 1971. Unlike Peridot, Topaz, Garnet, Rose Quartz, Amethyst, ...

Vermont's Legislature designated the grossular Garnet as it's official state gem in 1991.

Their state gem- stone is interesting fire opal from the Virgin Valley, and semi precious is turquoise.

Mozarkite was designated the official state rock of Missouri by the 74th Missouri General Assembly in 1967.

December Birthstones Tanzanite Turquoise Zircon

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Tourmaline was the first gemstone mined in the United States by miners other than prehistoric man or Native Americans. Tourmaline mining began at Mount Mica ...

Nevada is host to the most turquoise claims of any state in America. Nevada's Turquoise Deposits vary greatly from those in Arizona, rather than turquoise ...

... these rare minerals are gems like the star garnet, jasper, opal, jade, topaz, zircon, and tourmaline.This is why Idaho's nickname is “The Gem State .”

Several white diamonds with brilliant cuts lie scattered across a white background.


Antique Persian Turquoise Brooch

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New Mexico's Official State Train is the Cumbres and Toltec Railroad.

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What's the Official State Dinosaur of Your State?

Topaz is commonly thought of as a sky-blue gem, but a deep blue hue is rare in nature (colorless and light-hued stones are heat-treated to achieve the blue ...

The NM state mammal is the black bear.

Sterle Turquoise Brooch

An irregular piece of native copper on a green background.

The diamond is also memorialized in the 2003 Arkansas commemorative quarter, which bears a cut gem. Idaho. The star garnet was designated the official state ...

Idaho Star Garnet

State Bird. The Roadrunner is the NM ...

The New Mexico State Flag.

A line drawing showing the five-pointed star feature in the pavilion of the Lone

Onyx and Turquiose Necklace

Burnie's Rock Shop

Spcimen - Pecos Diamonds

The New Mexico state fish is the Cutthroat Trout.

A terminated raw, golden topaz crystal.

Aquamarine - Latin for seawater, this beautiful gemstone inspires visions of the transparent azure blue waters of the Caribbean.

March 25, 2009 a guitar known as the New Mexico sunrise was named New Mexico's Official Guitar. The instrument is a custom guitar designed and handcrafted ...

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Alexandrite – Another ...


A polished cabochon of green pumpellyite showing the desirable chatoyant, cell-like structure found

Dig this: Arizona may soon have an official state mineral

Its name is probably derived from the Arabic words "zar" and "gun", meaning "gold" and "color". The gemstone is found in a ...

Three rough chunks of raw turquoise in brown matrix are at the top of the picture