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New single by The Birthday available in November JRock News

New single by The Birthday available in November JRock News


DEVILOOF to release single under Danger Crue's subsidiary label 9thRecords

RHEDORIC's official band merch and tour goods page has now opened up on XENON Online Shopping and Jrock News Site!

BugLug record fresh album “KAI TAI SHIN SHO” and joins GANSHIN family

Gotcharocka is getting ready to celebrate their 5 anniversary in 2017! They are already working on their 3 album and new songs are coming our way in the ...

the GazettE's upcoming spring 2018 album is the continuation of DOGMA, expect a heavy one

Watch out America! SILENT SIREN are coming to steal hearts with two tour dates

Ex-BIOSPHIA vocalist forms new band DIEALO

Introducing CHOKE: Blending rapcore with nu-metal

It's a visual kei extravaganza starring Kiryu, BugLug, R-Shitei, vistlip in 4Byoushi tour

LOVEBITES and FEMM to perform at The Underworld and HYPER JAPAN, London end of the month

SAVAGE gives you a lethal dose in their first album “Morphine-25g-“

Pentagon start making preparations for their single “Hankou Seimei” with a song trailer

CROW MUSIC reveals digest of REVINE's new single “Kamikaze”

MORRIGAN's Europe tour message for JROCK NEWS readers


Esprit D'Air announces UK tour for new album Constellations

MORRIGAN finally unveils “BLACK WING” European tour dates!

the GazettE


The 3rd Birthday disbands this month

Ticket giveaway: MORRIGAN 1st European tour “BLACK WING”

SCANDAL release information on new album “HONEY”

REVINE dances with swords in “Bansei Naru Kyokujitsu no Shinkoku”

Sel'm decide to disband in November

VEXENT to set fans a-“BLAZE” with first mini-album

Visual Aesthetics: Badass backs

Xepher: New Single Release

The 3rd Birthday returns as Balalaika, with new music video!

Review: Crystal Lake's album “True North” surprises us in many different ways

DECAYS Interview and Live Report (December 2017)

Former Zin members reveal details on their new band Yusai and first single “Airaku Nise Kokoro”

Azero's new look!

Former v[NEU] guitarist Kayuu is back to “Change the World” with his new mini-album

JROCK ONSEN Ep.5 – All about Mana-sama!

Good News Mejibray fans! The band has announced four new releases coming out way in 2017.

SCAPEGOAT coordinate in odd colors for single “Meimei”

Razor Visual kei.

nano offers wagakki sound in theatrical “Utsushiyo no Yume” music video

Blitz new look

17 yummy Jrockers' birthday cakes that make us drool


BugLug's New Single & Live DVD Release

Vocal: leo (玲緒)

The Norwegian vocalist INGER will sadly depart from SALTY DOG

BRATS crafts new song “Nounai Shoukyo Game” for live action film “Slaveman”

DIV to disband


Get the latest dosage of Japanese rock music video over at JROCK NEWS!

Hiyu. Guy. Aki. WeeD. Zillapark.

Ryutaro Arimura to kick off 2018 with solo tour and live-distributed single

SCANDAL celebrates 11th anniversary with first digital single “Koisuru Universe”

lynch. lynch.

JRock247-ALDIOUS-We-Are-announce-2. TRACK LIST

Defspiral #jrock

... LOUDNESS sets date for Rise to Glory

... X Japan's Born To Be Free exclusive stream on Metal Hammer


Review: DEVILOOF's “Kaika” is a trip back into Grindcore

On September 25, Jupiter posted some sad news into their website. Vocalist Zin will leave the band after their Ascension to Heaven lives in January and ...

Dir En Grey at the Showbox in Seattle, November 2, 2015, part of

Are you ready, Mexico? Come meet Kaya at J'Fest in 2018!

LOS ANGELES, CA (February 18, 2018) - Chaotic Harmony is proud to present j-rock artist AKIRA at Saboten Con 2018. She will be holding a live concert as ...

... NoGoD releases new album Renovate in North America and Europe

JRock Tsukimori wyse


THE BLACK SWAN will release their new single “Mushigoe” (蟲聲) on October 25th and here is a long PV preview! See all posts about the single here!

BLaive is set to release their new single "Jack the Ripper" in two editions at their lives and webshop!

Yuuki. Lycaon.


BULL ZEICHEN 88 will release their 13th single “epilogue” on December 6th and here

JROCK NEWS' goal is to provide up to date news to Jrock fans around over the world with our international team of dedicated and passionate writers.

On November 15, BUCK-TICK will release a new single titled “BABEL.” This single will be celebrating their 39th anniversary!

j-rock | Jrock Ghost Write Dazzle

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ALDIOUS to release 9-track mini-album We Are in November

Happy Birthday 09. Travelers 10. die for you (live) 11. Sweet Temptation (live) 12. Luft (live) 13. yozakura (live)

JROCK NEWS' goal is to provide up to date news to Jrock fans around over the world with our international team of dedicated and passionate writers.

Recently I saw that this group I found a couple months ago will release a new single on November 29th and thought to myself, why aren't they represented on ...


MALISEND will disband in October

Guitarist Yutori to leave METEOROID

exist†trace reveals WORLD MAKER music video

Tsudukimashite to disband in October

... YOUSEI TEIKOKU reveals track list for new single flamma idola



BAND-MAID® - New Beginning (2015), streaming on AccuRadio

Amaterase2 Amaterasu



Drums: yura (結良)


INORAN confirms Asia Tour 2014 in November


X Japan premieres Born To Be Free music video

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