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Nicholas Cage by adavis57 on deviantART Caricatures I Did

Nicholas Cage by adavis57 on deviantART Caricatures I Did


Nicholas Cage by ~adavis57 on deviantART

George Clooney by ~adavis57 on deviantART

Older Frank by ~adavis57 on deviantART

Nicolas Cage Caricature by Jubhubmubfub ...

Sonny by ~adavis57 on deviantART

Pele by adavis57 on deviantART

Bobby Darin by adavis57

Zappa by adavis57 on deviantART

Babe Ruth by adavis57

Caroline Jones as Morticia Addams by adavis57 on deviantART

Mr. Spock by adavis57 on DeviantArt

adavis57 0 2 Morgan Freeman by adavis57

Patti Smith by adavis57 on DeviantArt

Gillian Anderson por Jose Rodríguez Mota

Sophia Loren by adavis57

Nicolas Cage by TomRutjens.deviantart.com

George Clooney by adavis57

Robin Williams Caricature by Jubhubmubfub

Robbie williams

Carl Sagan

Cary Grant by adavis57 on deviantART

Dean Martin by adavis57 on deviantART

LaserDatsun 11 4 Nicolas Cage Caricature by LaserDatsun

Dustin Hoffman by ~adavis57 on deviantART

Clark Gable by adavis57

Arte · Russell Crowe by ~adavis57 on deviantART

sampoozi-art 15 3 Notorious by sampoozi-art

adavis57 5 1 Dracula by adavis57

Olga-Tereshenko 606 27 Linda Ronstadt by adavis57

Peter Capaldi - Doctor Who Caricature by Jubhubmubfub

Aubrey Plaza Caricature by HJacobi

Tarentino by ~adavis57 on deviantART

Charles Bronson by adavis57 on DeviantArt

Kim Jong Un by adavis57 on deviantART

Bette Davis by ~adavis57 on deviantART

MrTristan 9 2 Batman by MrTristan

Bill O'Reilly by adavis57 on deviantART

#caricature of tina fey | Caricatures | Pinterest | Caricatures a Tina fey

adavis57 5 12 Henry Cavill ~ Man of Steel by adavis57

Bilbo caricature by jupa1128

Peter Sellers by ~adavis57 on deviantART


memorypalace 13 0 Infamous by sampoozi-art

B2DaRice 22 6 Mel Gibson by adavis57

Cartoon people

Leslie Nielsen as Dracula by adavis57 on deviantART

adavis57 3 1 Cary Grant by adavis57

i dream of jeannie caricatures | Found on adavis57.deviantart.com

Arnold Schwarzenegger Caricature by Jubhubmubfub

Artist · Jack Black by adavis57 on deviantART

Miley by surrealtoons

sampoozi-art 5 0 Superman_Batman final by vegetanivel2

Robert Downey Jr. by adavis57 on DeviantArt

adavis57 2 3 Drawtober7~ Bette Davis Eyes by adavis57

John Cleese as Basil Fawlty by ~adavis57 on deviantART

adavis57 12 1 Vincent Price by adavis57

Pope Francis by adavis57

Simon Cowell by adavis57 on deviantART

Jenna Coleman Caricature by Jubhubmubfub

adavis57 7 1 James Cagney by adavis57

surrealtoons 19 3 Bon Scott caricature by kyungjin74

I was watching a You Tube tutorial on how to draw Bill Clinton and kept seeing details in the likeness that the artist was missing so I just had to do B.

Bing Crosby by ~adavis57 on deviantART

Nicolas Cage | Nicolas Cage Caricature Collection | Pinterest | Nicolas cage, Caricatures and Celebrity caricatures

adavis57 13 2 Keith Lemon by Sarasaland-Dragon

Leonardo DiCaprio by adavis57

Danny Zuko

adavis57 3 1 My Fair Lady by adavis57

garlickk 35 6 Lugosi by adavis57

Drawings · 43-G.W. Bush by adavis57

keizler 1 0 Judi Dench Caricature by SjanWeijers

Hugo Weaving by adavis57 on deviantART

adavis57 6 0 Captain Jack by adavis57

VIOletLIPS 7 2 Hannibal Lecter, 1989 by memorypalace

Garcia by Rich Conley

Jimmy Stewart

markdraws 29 2 The Priest by Quorton

VIOletLIPS 2 0 Violet Chachki by VIOletLIPS

adavis57 5 1 Drawtober19 by adavis57

Mary Ann Summers

Notorius B.l.G. by adavis57 on DeviantArt

Drawtober21 by adavis57

CarolineVos 72 6 Robert Smith Cure Caricature by jupa1128

Katy Perry by adavis57 on deviantART

Sundance by ~adavis57 on deviantART

John Belushi by adavis57 on deviantART

Explore Nicolas Cage, A Drawing and more!

16-Lincoln by adavis57 on deviantART | Caricatures I Did | Pinterest | Caricatures, deviantART and Celebrity caricatures

James Gandolfini by adavis57 on DeviantArt

Chevy Chase

Archie by ~adavis57 on deviantART