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Nikita Replyanski Robots Vehicles and Guns t ZBrush

Nikita Replyanski Robots Vehicles and Guns t ZBrush


robot head 3d model

ArtStation - Assault rifle Design for the RISING FIRE, Jay Li

Mike A Nash - Heavy Unit W.I.P - Page 4 - CGFeedback

ArtStation - WIP Compositions; Steampunk Machinist , Aldo Vicente

Jannat on

MW-10 by Rafael Amarante

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Robot Arm, Weapon, Armour, Robots, Character Costumes, Cyborgs, Concept Art, Zbrush, Android

ben-rubey-03.jpg (1920×1080)

ArtStation - Personal project : Sci-fi soldier, Kevin Lee

3d guns turret

Sci-fi helmet, modeled in ZBrush, rendered in KeyShot by Lee Souder.

I made this robot with Zbrush, Maya, KeyShot, Photoshop and Govacko kitbash

ArtStation - Robotic foot, Hristian Ivanov Shyne

ArtStation - zbrush tank concept, Casper Konefal

ArtStation - :: Telepathic A.I. ::, Lee Souder

Art of Vitaly Bulgarov

DeWalt Guns, Tom McDowell on ArtStation at https://www.artstation.

Metal Cavalry I WIP by russell44 on deviantART

ArtStation - Bionic Arm, Bosko Ognjevic

Robotic Hand - Concept, Edon Guraziu on ArtStation at


Robot Battle V MK44 Ammoknights Smart Gun Equipped & Fixed Armament Type from Maschinen Krieger |

ArtStation - Eddie , Paul Braddock More

ZBC member Marco Splash sculpted this character in # ZBrush and rendered it

ArtStation - Sci-Fi Costume Design in ZBrush - with Luca Nemolato, Luca Nemolato

More robot,weapon,mecha ar…

Space Ships by SirisTheDragon.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Robot Arm, Glove, Robots, Cyberpunk, Arms, Artworks, Robotics, Robot, Art Pieces

remote weapon station rws 3d c4d

Exoskeleton suit by Mihail Vasilev Robotic/Cyborg CGSociety

robot head 3d model

The WidowX MX-28 Robot Turret is a super high performance Pan & Tilt platform

Modeled in Maya, (except for the fabric, which was ZBrush), rendered in Keyshot, and post in Photoshop.

Splash Zone - Artwork, doodles n WIPs - Page 16

ArtStation - Robotic Hand Design, Edon Guraziu

Cyber_Protadors by ROMEL CHOPRA

Remote weapon station RWS - Browning M2

sketch 01 by Nikita Replyanski on ArtStation.

Blechmann was a big influence on Flaktraktor design.

Cassie is a dynamic bipedal robot developed by Agility Robotics from Oregon State University.

Mechanical Arm (crop) by Frederic Daoust

Tactile Sensor Gives Robots Novel Dexterity - Robotic Hand -


These images with alpha in my stock - http://www.buyourobot.com/downloads/category/assistant-bot/ For most recent artworks follow me here ...

Explore Ios App and more!

Blog — Joe Peterson Design

Bushcraft Gear, Future Weapons, Sci Fi Weapons, Story Inspiration, Cyberpunk, Archery, Manual, Guns, Concept Art

ArtStation - Deus Ex Mankind Divided : Shotgun Arm High res, Frederic Daoust

This is Qrio Sony's next robot evolution after Aibo the dog. A humanoid biped robot. Looked very cool but they never released it. I would have SO bought one ...

ArtStation - Mecha Arm 2, Hristian Ivanov Shyne

mecha arm, hilman ilyasa on ArtStation

Porn, 2nd Amendment, Firearms, Guns, Hand Guns, Weapons Guns, Weapons, Military Guns, Pistols

ArtStation - Weapon, Krzysztof Luzny


Little Home Robot

ideas-about-nothing: Robot concept design by Edon Guraziu

KMR-M6 Ver.2 リフェバッテリー付きセット

Zaghrat 04 Breakdowns by HoOman - cgvilla

Pixologic :: Pixologic :: ZBrush 4R7

FC5: ARC, Greg Rassam on ArtStation at https://www.artstation

Robotic Bust - Detail, Edon Guraziu on ArtStation at…

Gauss Rifle by Dmitriy Kashtanov

Deus Ex Mankind Divided : Aug arm by Frederic Daoust on ArtStation.


Great look for a Synthetic in my novel. Mech 3 By pablo perdomo

ArtStation - Umojan Guard , Alessandro Manzani

Fred D Characters progress thread - Page 7

Weta Workshop Green Goblin Hand with Bomb

ArtStation - CyberPunk Characters, Bhavesh. Yuta.

Present+Future : Photo

S.O.A.U by Amin Akhshi | Robotic/Cyborg | 3D | CGSociety

Robot by Victor Hugo Sousa join us http://www.pinterest.com

laser weapon - Google 検索

Mecha Weekly 006.

Яндекс.Картинки: поиск похожих картинок

Why do robots need eye(s)? Because they would not look as cool. Humanoid robots are awesome.

Frontier Red: Major Bacall "Pitcher" , William Bao on ArtStation at https:

Robot Arm

3D CG modeling design by Oide Burger. 3D printing production model I.

Cyber Hand DOU_4 High-poly, Yury Konyushihin on ArtStation at https://

Nikita Replyanski on Behance

Milkor's Multi-Shot Grenade Launcher Can Fire Off 6 Grenades In Under 3 Seconds

The big challenge for our team was to design characters using the same car design features.

Find this Pin and more on Exo-Battle Verse by Pedro Miyazawa.

Nikita Replyanski on Behance

ArtStation - Prototype hand, Vladislav Kudrya

Pixologic :: Pixologic :: ZBrush 4R7

Robot, Sci Fi, Science Fiction, Robots

Gundam Family: G-System 1/72 RX-104FF Penelope Custom Build

The Armoredfarmer : Photo

Primarily modeled in ZBrush, with some elements in Roughly 22 million polygons - W/Decimation.

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panhard vbl

Rockerbot Re-rendering on Behance


Wooden robotic arm holding artificial heart

"ULTRABORG" Pistons&Caps — Vitaly Bulgarov. "

Pixologic :: Pixologic :: ZBrush 4R7