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No matter how rude you get with a Capricorn they always know how

No matter how rude you get with a Capricorn they always know how



I suppose lol. No pain, no gain. Read more about your Zodiac sign here

Yes..and i wasn't worth..yes..he did

We Capricorns love hard.........but we let go very easily once our love has been rejected.

I have a pretty good sense of humor few ever see. I am quiet and awkward around strangers or large groups of people .I am an introvert who sometImes would ...

When people are rude to you, they reveal who they are, not who you are. Don't take it personally be silent. For more quotes and inspirations: ...

Amen and seldom if ever will you ever know anything other than the kind of soda I might drink.

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Capricorn lies . That's what we're ...

it's a shame that you fall for the cheats, though you claim that's your one deal breaker.then you go and do it to me but still lie about it.

You know you're a Capricorn when.


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Capricorns at times have a tendency of being rude to their partners, so they need someone who is not intimidated by their temper. #Capricorn #quote

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Zodiac Capricorn: How you know they like you - You can easily make them laugh and they become shy at the compliments you give. They make it their business ...


A humorous look at the dark side of Astrology and the negative traits of the Zodiac

Capricorn takes their time . We take our time to get to know ...

Capricorn Zodiac Facts: If you want advice, they can tell you all the choices

Zodiac Capricorn Women. For more interesting facts on the zodiac signs, click here.

This is probably the only thing i have found about my horoscope that is NOT true! I hate flaws!written by OP, but as a cap, completely agree!

Libra is the seventh astrological sign in the Zodiac. There are 80 facts about libra, that help you more understand about them!

Capricorn bad mood .


Do you have relationship problems with a Capricorn?

Capricorn where are ya

Haha at least i look and i am.. i dont pretend.

A Capricorn's heart is genuine and sincere. But their mind keeps them from trusting fully. That's why it's important to show them you're just as sincere.

And dont you other Capricorns forget this!

I have changed the vibe of an entire building more than a time or two.

Arguing is a waste of time, communicate without the screaming, rude comments, asshole

Capricorn and the end of an affair. Holy shit that is scary how accurate that

I like organization, I just kinda lack the finesse to keep things that way.~~ it's me except I hate antiques but ditto on the organization and ...


Wow I never knew this. See more. Scorpio

Not sure I like all these 'hard' qualities, but some are admirable

Capricorn. Find this Pin and more on I ...

Yes, I posses both qualities and more lots more . Which one comes out depends on the situation and it also depends on the Environment stage I see .

All about Capricorn II

Capricorn Pet Peeves: so true for me!

All is true accept the night owl part, I like to sleep

I'm a libra. < < < taurus and exept of the outgoing and attractive things i can say it is right (idk if i'm attractive but I think not) (and idk if i'm a good ...

a-good rule of thumb for dating your capricorn man

Capricorn-I wonder what happened to me then, maybe cuz I'm on the Sag-Cap cusp.

Capricorn Zodiac Sign ~ How other people see you

rad astrology on


Everything Capricorn

Capricorn Parent

Best driver Capricorn let me drive you insane

I am LOYAL (Capricorn) This is true all the way and its so hard because I Forgive . but I don't Forget.

You will regret losing me. Team Capricorn ♑

Dude my friend is a Gemini and she practically says "lovely" to everything

Okay first off rude. Second, my acendent sign is cancer so my Scorpio friend thought I was a pretty nice frickboi. Okay.

Pisces is true I don't know how to make conversation so I end up giggling at everything people say to me

I show affection to my nieces, nephews, friends & my love. Please don't touch me if you don't fall under the above.

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well put, but we'll never let you know there was a struggle.

Zodiac Mind - Your source for Zodiac Facts. Find this Pin and more on Capricorn by koolchik69. I ...

Yeah, it's the small things that happen every freakin day! Make an effort to

Idk if all the Capricorn facts are true about me but this one explains it all.

Capricorn - Shitty Horoscopes Book X: Lovers & Losers by musterni

Aries facts 1

I love a guy who who bring me flowers, and kiss me on the cheek

The Darkside of the Zodiac

Capricorn Man – Sex, Attraction, And His Personality


Couple holding hands

Zodiac Capricorn facts — When a Capricorn cries or becomes more aggressive, it's usually from a buildup of anger and emotions that they've been keeping ...

We need someone who knows themselves, what they want, and will stay dedicated to that path with patience and persistence.otherwise we can't take the person ...

Not too introvert, not too extrovert, well dress

I don't give out 'that look' very often, more often I'll find things amusing!

Astrology Quotes : i bet NO ONE can comment their Zodiac Sign Letter By Letter without getting inte…

Why Men Love Bitches

I'm a Scorpio they always make them so horny and bitchy

When a Virgo looks dirty or smells weird it seems like they have no longer need for these rituals as their world may fall apart.

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Maybe this is a generalization or many this is precisely describing me! ^.^


Fact 2: If you're gonna be with an Aquarius you have to be able to leave them alone they don't do well with clingy people

I was born under a bad sign.

This is really me specially the lie detector part. Ask my ex lol. Maybe that's why he's with the fugly troll. She's gullible.

#Horoscope https://madame.tn/horoscope/horoscope-du-jour-i-forgive-but-dont -forget-easily/


Zodiac & Blood Types

Evil traits associated with the Astrological sign of Aries

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TheZodiacCity - Best Zodiac Facts Since — Zodiac Capricorn .

Don't EVER tell me I can't do something, because that's what

What People Misunderstand About You ...

Facts 4: An Aries don't care about having a lot of friends. They just need people around them who are genuine and real as they come.

Things The Signs Hate The Most