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Northern Royal Albatross Chick Taiaroa Head in May weighing

Northern Royal Albatross Chick Taiaroa Head in May weighing


Northern Royal Albatross Chick, Taiaroa Head in May, weighing over Royal Albatross Centre, Dunedin, NZ

Toroa, Taiaroa Head's 500th chick ...

A four month old albatross chick being weighed in the nest on scales.

... collected; Northern royal albatross. Adult and chick . Twin Rock, Taiaroa Head, February 1969 ...

Two southern royal albatrosses.

Image; Northern royal albatross. Adult male displaying . Taiaroa Head, Otago Peninsula, October 1969 ...

Witness amazing insights into the secret lives and loves of Dunedin's Royals as they raise their giant chicks. Royal Albatross ...

#RoyalCam 2016 highlights: Dad feeding chick (with sound) - YouTube


Southern royal albatross. Adult and chick. Campbell Island, January 2005.

Photo of the week: Northern royal albatross and chick #RoyalCam

The world's only mainland Royal Albatross breeding colony. Witness amazing insights into the secret lives and loves of Dunedin's Royals as they ...

A three week old albatross chick in the nest at Taiaroa Head.

#RoyalCam 2017 highlights: Adult bird lands next to Tūmanako

#RoyalCam 2017 highlights: Tūmanako gets up close to the camera

Taiaroa Head,; Northern royal albatross. Chick . Taiaroa Head, Otago Peninsula, August 1976.

Royal Albatross at Taiaroa Head, ...

Chick on Taiaroa Head April 2016

Taiaroa Head, March; Northern royal albatross. Adult in flight showing underwing. Taiaroa Head, August 2012.

They might look cute, but an albatross chick can gobble up 2kg of food in

Otago Peninsula, December; Northern royal albatross. Front dorsal view of adult in flight. Taiaroa Head, March ...

Taiaroa Head - Northern royal albatross chick at Taiaroa Head

This Royal Albatross and chick, along with a breeding colony of penguins, are amongst

A toroa or Northern Royal Albatross (diomedia sanfordi) soaring past the observation point at

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Newly hatched web cam chick, Tūmanako.

#RoyalCam 2017 highlights: Both parents at nest

Northern Royal Albatross. Photo: Sy | flickr | CC BY-NC-SA

Northern Royal Albatross Colony

Twin Rock, Taiaroa Head, February 1969; Northern royal albatross. Adult with chick c.30 days old.

Chick slowly losing its down - July 2015

#Royalcam 2017 highlights: Weigh attempt (Tuesday 2 May)

#RoyalCam 2016 highlights: Weighing albatross chick

July chick. Unique... Your only chance to see...The world's only mainland Royal Albatross breeding colony. Witness amazing insights into the secret lives ...

Young northern royal albatross in the colony on Taiaroa Head, New Zealand

Via NZ Birds Online: The northern royal albatross is a huge white albatross with black upperwings. It usually mates for life and breeds only in New Zealand.

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... Northern royal albatross in flight (New Zealand) | by |kris|

... Northern royal albatross in flight (New Zealand) | by |kris|

The history of Taiaroa Head, called Pukekura by Maori, is extensive. It served as a defensive post from the start of human occupation about 700 years ago.

Web cam albatross farewells the mainland: Media release 28 September 2017

Movements of chick-rearing northern royal albatross from Taiaroa Head/Pukekura, New Zealand

2018/01/28 northern royal albatross~mom gets a visit~5:

An adult female albatross swimming.

Most of them winter on both coasts of S South America. Small numbers may winter off South Africa and Tasmania. The Northern Royal Albatross ...

This Northern Royal Albatross chick left Taiaroa Head on the 26th of September 2006. It was found two days later and preserved in memory of those chicks who ...

The male is slightly larger than female. The juvenile is mostly white, with some black speckling on lower back and rump. The upperwing is blackish-brown ...

Northern Royal Albatross (Diomedea sanfordi)

Antipodean wandering albatross chick atop Hapeka on Pitt Island

Campbell Island, January 2007; Southern royal albatross. Adult with wings spread showing upper surface.

Agreement on the Conservation of Albatrosses and Petrels - PhD student Jun Sugishita tracks Northern Royal Albatrosses from New Zealand's Taiaroa Head

Moana the albatross chick.

Northern Royal Albatross in flight with the Taiaroa Head Lighthouse in the Background. Photo Credit

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An albatross chick under a man made shelter on Taiaroa Head.

Campbell Island,; Southern royal albatross. Adult at nest with egg. Enderby Island, Auckland Islands, ...

An albatross chick, similar to the one pictured, was born to a couple who

There's no predicting how much adult albatross action you'll encounter from the viewing station, so we were thrilled to see several adults sweeping in and ...

#RoyalCam 2016 highlights: Weighing the 104 day old chick

3 / 13; Northern royal albatross 6.5 month old chick


Ranger Lyndon Perriman monitoring an albatross nest

Northern royal albatross in flight

Albatros chick being checked on by DOC

Taiaroa Head is home to the only mainland breeding colony of the Northern Royal Albatross

Northern Royal Albatross walking toward chick at Taiaroa Head, near Dunedin, New Zealand

Ranger holding chick, adult bird standing by

Royal Albatross Sanctuary: The first chick hatched on Taiaroa Head about a century ago and

Chick and adult albatross at sunset.

By Royal Albatross Centre. CHRIS_9376 CHRIS_9376

Only 25 pairs breed every year at Taiaroa head. But the numbers of breeding pairs appear relatively stable.

Got any more food for me?Unique... Your only chance to see...The world's only mainland Royal Albatross breeding colony. Witness amazing insights in…

Taiaroa Head albatross chick in the rough, sheltering vegetation of the nest site - a

Taiaroa Head albatross coming in to land

Three still frames taken from the nest cam, showing various albatrosses

1 / 13; Northern royal albatross adult and chick in nest

The rugged beauty of Taiaroa Head.

Stuffed Northern Royal Albatross - Toroa (Diomedea sanfordi) head at Taiaroa Head

#RoyalCam 2018 highlights: Parent change over

The Northern Royal Albatross feeds primarily on squid, usually caught at night when they reach the surface of the water. It catches fish close to the ...

#RoyalCam 2017 highlights: Weigh in time

#RoyalCam 2016 highlights: Supplementary feeding

Image; Southern royal albatross. Adult in flight showing head and wings.

The Northern Royal Albatross

The Northern Royal Albatross breeds on windy slopes with tussock grass for better shelter. But it also nests in more open sites, in order to land and ...

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A Minute in New Zealand - Taiaroa Head, Royal Albatross Centre, Dunedin, New

The Toroa/Northern Royal at Taiaroa Head

Photo: Royal Albatross Centre

... Southern Royal Albatross ...