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Note the strange feet on the Angwantibo Animals t

Note the strange feet on the Angwantibo Animals t


Note the strange feet on the Angwantibo. | Living Prosimians: Lemurs, Galagos, Lorises, Angwantibo(s) and Tarsiers | Pinterest | Primate, Zoology and Animal


What if I put my hand here...... Is this good

Arctocebus calabarensis "Calabar angwantibo"

Potto (Perodicticus potto), also called bush bear, tree bear, or softly-softly, slow-moving tropical African primate. The potto is a nocturnal tree dweller ...

35 Animals Who Are Kind Of Worried About You

Frans Lanting - Brown mouse lemur, Microcebus rufus, Eastern Madagascar

Galagos also known as bushbabies

The tarsier [stuffed toy] by Irentoys on DeviantArt

The Philippine tarsier (Tarsius syrichta) is a petite, nocturnal primate that lives on a diet of insects. It is the first documented example of primate that ...

A baby spectral tarsier rests on a branch in Tangkoko National Park, Sulawesi, Indonesia

Scientists unmask a new primate species—a type of slow loris called Nycticebus kayan,

A newly recognized species of lemur. Female Lavasoa Dwarf Lemur, Cheirogaleus lavasoensis, at Petit Lavasoa, Madagascar (Andreas Hapke) McKenzie McKenzie ...

Crowned lemur looking upwards by Tambako the Jaguar on Flickr. Rare AnimalsFunny ...

From teensy mouse lemurs to lemurs with freakishly long fingers, we're celebrating some weird yet cute and entirely underrepresented lemur species.

don't feet them after midnight by WolfAdemeit

Lemurs: Photo + Interesting Facts - Online magazine about Travel, Art, Animals and Girls - Remliel

A seven-month-old yellow baboon (Papio cynocephalus) carries a Galagos,

Wooly Lemur Babies.

Javan slow loris

Perodicticus potto | Potto | Pinterest | Ape monkey, Primate and Wildlife

flying squirrel by: The Camera Trap

Lemur selfie

Calabar angwantibo (Arctocebus calabarensis)

Funny pictures, funny gifs, funny quotes, etc. — How does the fox feel?

Here is a funny animals compilation. Most of it consists of cute animals doing funny things. Some funny animal fails, doesn't include funny animal vines.

The name #Prosimian means pre-monkey. This is a kind of primate that

South Lakes Safari Zoo – Alaotran gentle lemur 30 minutes from Flookburgh

Badgers are omnivorous animals that have short legs and a lot of fur. You could say that they are similar to look as a groundhog, opossums, and raccoons.

Preliminary identification key for slender loris subspecies

Mongoose lemur (Eulemur mongoz) //True lemurs (Eulemur). Animal FacesRare ...

catsbeaversandducks: And now, some Baby Lemurs. Photos by ©Duke Lemur Center

American Pine Marten by © Corey Hayes

Tarsier, one of the most rare animals of the world. Thanks to my friend

This species is so rare that they are only found on Hainan Island in China. Cutest Animals You've Never Heard Of

... is considered to be one of the world's 25 most threatened primates, according to the latest update of the IUCN 'red list' of endangered species.

Red-ruffed lemur (Varecia rubra) //Ruffed lemurs (Varecia) · Strange AnimalsMajestic ...

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Diademed sifaka

This lovely young male lemur was born in May. He's been called George, after Prince George of Cambridge.

Slender loris, L. t. tardigradus

It is only found in Mada-gascar. ➰ Tarsier

Philippine Tarsier

Mongoose Lemur. LemurAfrican AnimalsFunny ...

Philippine Tarsier

Cute baby animals: 100 reasons to go 'Ahhhh'

Pygmy Slow Loris Pastel and Pencil #slowloris

Just hanging around: Sleepy lemur uses his body as a bed. Unusual AnimalsCute ...

Fossa: A relative of the mongoose, the fossa is unique to the forests of Madagascar, an African island in the Indian Ocean. Growing up to 6 feet long from ...

Perfect Oscelot!

About Angwantibo or Golden Potto

Golden-crowned sifaka - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Lesser Bush Baby | Lesser Bush Baby, with Persimmon Fruit, Diospyros Virginiana .

The slender lorises (Loris) are a genus of loris native to India and Sri Lanka. Description from quirkability.blogspot.com. I searched for this on bing.com/ ...

Baby mouse lemur!

The Dwarf and Mouse Lemurs of Madagascar: Biology, Behavior and Conservation Biogeography of the

The World's Ugliest Animals

Takin, a goat-antelope found in the eastern Himalayas

Planet Lemur: 10 Beautiful Little-Known Species

Sifaka lemur. '

A Baby Sifaka Joins the Family at Saint Louis Zoo On January a female baby Coquerel's Sifaka (CAHK-ker-rells sh-FAHK), an endangered lemur species.

p972776878-4.jpg 800×534 Pixel

10 Definitions of what Critically Endangered means

Red-bellied lemur (Eulemur rubriventer) //True lemurs (Eulemur) · Baby LemurFunny Animal ...

Happy Animals, Wild Animals, Animal Alphabet, Animal Magnetism, Ape Monkey, Strange Creatures, Amphibians, Reptiles, Animal Pictures

Today, the Von der Decken's sifaka is listed as Vulnerable, but if habitat destruction continues in Madagascar it won't be ...

Meet the largest bat on Earth - The Pemba Flying fox with an average wingspan of

Pottos are small, nocturnal, tree-dwelling prosimians found in the tropical forest belt of western, central and eastern Africa, from Sierra Leone and to ...

Alli& Alley: Wildlife Wednesday: The Fossa

Lemurs Dance in Wind. Photo by Michael Zhang

Barking Deer (Chinese Muntjac)

Cute Slow Loris | Slow loris is super cute and super deadly

Bat Eared Fox | von Mark Dumont. Majestic AnimalsRare ...


American Badger (Taxidea taxus)




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Coquerel's Sifaka, Madagascar These little guys always look very surprised!

A baby crowned sifaka that was born to mother, Linoa, at Belfast Zoo.

Lemur ~source: annacatharina~ "Anybody up for some lemur yoga? Yeah, it's a thing..." | ANIMALS [MAGNIFICENT!!!] | Pinterest | Lemur, Yoga and Animal

Spotted cuscus- my new favorite animal!

Cotton-headed tamarin crouched on branch. Critically endangered. Rare AnimalsExotic ...

I'm just chilling, man: Lemur takes a break from foraging to relax and meditate | Lemur, Animal and Creatures

Darwinius masillae

Galeopiteco / Colugo (Galeopterus variegatus) / por Hendy Mp en 500px

Loris - quotes Tarzan "huh,it wasn't me i swear" lol


Tarsier, funny sweet little thing!

Black-and-White Ruffed Lemur | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Strange AnimalsExotic ...

Tarsier funny animal illustration by Akhil Sabu

Golden angwantibo (Arctocebus aureus) //Arctocebus, Subfamily Perodicticinae

Some really cool pics and interesting facts about animals! The Daily Wild: Nature's Most Incredible Creatures (PHOTOS)

Google Images, Slow Loris, Primates, China, Gallery, Random, Baby Animals, Nature, Im Weird

Swamp Wallaby by Ern Mainka

Slender Loris

Sifaka de Milne-EdwardsMilne-Edwards' sifaka (Propithecus edwardsi)

Ili pika, a type of tiny, mountain-dwelling mammal found in the Tianshan Mountains of northwestern China. #endangered #animals