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Nut goddess of sky supported by Shu the god of air and the ram

Nut goddess of sky supported by Shu the god of air and the ram


File:Geb, Nut, Shu.jpg

goddess Nut (sky) with Qeb (earth) reclining. Shu, standing,

Nut, goddess of sky supported by Shu the god of air, and the ram-headed Heh deities, while the earth god Geb reclines beneath.

Ancient Egyptian cosmos: goddess Nut (sky) with Qeb (earth) reclining.

You'll recognise the fine, upstanding figure in the middle immediately; that's Shu. Ignore the ram-headed characters; on either side of Shu; ...

Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses

Geb, God of Earth

Air-god Shu holding up the sky-goddess Nut supported by two versions of Khnum. Lying down: earth-god Geb.

Isis - Greco-Roman era painted image on a linen and tempera shroud - c

The Greenfield Papyrus depicting the ancient Egyptian goddess Nut, goddess of the sky, standing

Tefnut ...

The illustration shows Seb, an earth god, supporting Nut,a sky goddess and

English: A scene from the Book of the Heavenly Cow as depicted in the .



Geb and Nut

Great goddess Nut with her wings stretched across a coffin

English: A scene from the Book of the Heavenly Cow as depicted in the .

Vignettes featuring Ani, his wife, Nut, goddess of the sky and Anubis holding

Nut, Egyptian goddess of the sky with gods Shu and Geb beneath her. Drawing

Egyptian goddess Nut supporting the sky. Tomb of Horemheb, last king of 18th dynasty

Detail from coffin of Nespawershepi, chief scribe of the Temple of Amun, Creation scene

Bastet, Sekhmet and Tefnut

Egyptian mythology honored Nut as goddess of the sky and as the mother and the daughter

Nut, Mut and Tefnut


CMC S98-3504; PCD 2001-283-004. Shu, the god of air, separates the sky goddess, Nut ...

The creation by the Egyptians. Fragment of coffin painted in different colors. Type Deir

Human and semihuman forms of some of the chief Kemetic/Egyptian deities: 1) Horus, son of Osiris, a sky god closely connected with the king.

Aker – God of Earth and Horizon Ammit – Gatekeeper and Guardian of the Underworld, Goddess who devoured condemned souls. Amenhotep – Son of Hapu, ...

Family Tree of Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses

Goddess Of Sky Nut

Horus God Horus Egyptian God

The sky goddess Nut depicted as a cow

Nut ...

gods of egypt: Complete story of EGYPTIAN Gods part 2 !! shu and tefnut story


'Book of the Dead' of Nestanebtasheru (sheet 87): Geb is shown

Headdress and Symbols Associated with Ancient Egyptian Goddesses. Image 115 Egyptian Gods

Goddess Nut Image-yt504

Athena Greek God Amun God


Nut - the Egyptian Sky Goddess

The Egyptian Gods

Ancient Egyptian cosmos: goddess Nut sky with Qeb earth reclining Shu, standing, representing

Babi is a deity shown in Baboon form, and it's from his name that we get our word for these animals. Babi is ferocious, even blood-thirsty, ...


Nut – Goddes of the Sun Aten – Personification of the sun and later an all-power and creator God under the Pharaoh Akhenaten.

Possible Neolithic prototype of Egyptian sky goddess Nut with gods Geb and Shu standing beneath her


Nut held up by her father, Shu. Geb can be seen reclining on the ground. From "Egyptian Mythology" by Veronica Ions.

Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses Worksheets

Ra as a cat, defeating Apep



14. Atum – the father of Egyptian mythology Shu – god of air ...

Shu was the father of Nut and Geb. The image below shows him supporting his sky daughter over his head while his earthbound son lies below.


This papyrus scroll depicts Nut and her consort Geb (the Earth god) being seperated by their father, Shu (the Air god). Taken from "Egyptian Mythology" by ...

Gods and goddess

The Ennead were the nine great Osirian gods: Atum, Shu, Tefnut, Geb, Nut, Osiris, Isis, Set, and Nephthys. The term is also used to describe the great ...

2 - EGYPTIAN GOD and GODDESS MYTHOLOGY: ., ., ., favourites by usua on DeviantArt

Nut in the Form of a Sacred Cow in the Hatshepsut Mortuary Temple

EgyptSearch Forums: Egyptian Gods or Spirits .

He was often depicted wearing the atef crown with a pair of ram horns on its base. Osiris was the primary deity.

Illustration depicting the Egyptian cosmos The Goddess Nut standing on hands and feet representing the sky


Sky goddess Nut and Geb with the head of a snake.

The god of the air Shu is shown supporting the arched figure of the sky goddess Nut, separating her from the god of the earth, Geb.

Nut, Shu and Geb

The deities Nut, Geb, and Shu described the physical world of the Egyptians and

Khepri - With the head of a scarab, Khepri is the god that controls the movement of the sun. He is another god associated with creation.


... (Sky) Nut on a coffin lid; 33. Creation Painted papyrus depicting Shu, the air god ...

The Egyptian God Family Tree

Prominent Deities of Ancient Egypt

Eygpt Detail of face of Sky Goddess Nut from modern hand painted papyrus produced for tourist

Gods Shu and Khnum (twice) holding up Nut the Night-Sky above her exhausted brother Geb, the Earth, from the Greenfield Papyrus, a version of the “Book of ...

Ancient Egyptian deities - The sky goddess Nut swallows the sun, which travels through her

Horus, god of war, sky, and protection



Atum ...

Egyptian Deity Physiology