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Odd Vintage Dogs or She Plays TOO BABY BOOMER MEMORIES

Odd Vintage Dogs or She Plays TOO BABY BOOMER MEMORIES


Lassie & Timmy (Lassie was a boy dog and his real name was Pal and owned by trainer Rudd Weatherwax) and, over the next 19 years, a succession of Pal's ...

how grandmothers used to look

Offset Iron Sights by Killhouse Weapon Systems ... | Guns | Pinterest | Iron sights, Weapons and Search

Estelle and Brandon kissing in car Prom Party 1954

Baby Boomers-1950s-Nostalgia

Baby Boomers-1950-kids

Baby Boomers-1950s family-cars

McDonalds and the Golden Arch! Back then my dad would say "let's go to the golden arches," not McDonalds! Their food was much better back then!

It made us laugh. Jay had never heard of schnauzers until he met me. We all have our baggage. Mine includes multiple schnauzers.

vintage photo of girl with bicycle

dog dreams

Mothers: We Get the Job Done

101 Greatest BABY BOOMER Toys Best toys of the 1950s, '60s and '70s Reference Price Guide

A majority of Baby Boomers are directing discretionary dollars toward experiences, especially with close friends and former business associates.

Songs my childhood taught me 1: Rhymes from the schoolyard

1950s Baby Boomers dating

vintage school exam

Meredith passed away thirteen years ago. She played Tim Considine's girlfriend on "My Three Sons" and then was the third actress to play Billie Jo ...

Old Fashioned Baby Names

Chatty Cathy | 19 Things Every Baby Boomer Will Immediately Remember

A personal favorite from my Etsy shop https://www.etsy.com

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This dog is hilarious! Denver does bad things and gives himself away in a way I've never seen a dog do. Dogs are so funny in the way.

Welcome to Hadleyville Baby Boom Sign

I loved making paper chains. We decorated our Christmas tree with these.

I ...

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I started to realize that those funny moments, the ones that made me smile, were where the healing was. The best memories were the happy ones, ...

Our trusty dog, Sparky, is our 1/2 family member and joins us for our celebration. She is the last of our canine family, but celebrates with us.

i love funny older people. Embarrassing kids one of the services we offer

4 of 15. Most Baby Boomers ...

Baby Boom movie living room

Staff of the Langman Hospital, S. Africa, 1900.

House party, wedding party or just a bedroom disco, we have all the best party songs you need to get the place moving

... prints to grace the American scene” — THE LONE WOLF by Victor Kowalski–first appeared in the 1920s. This is the version most baby-boomers grew up with, ...

In most parts of the country, May is when spring really unfurls her full beauty, beckoning us to emerge from our homes and step into the fragrant sunlight.

driving up to baby boom movie house

gates leading to Baby Boom house

Okay, think I'm feeling a bit braver this time… (c) Sherri Matthews

Before you tell us your story, here are a few rules you should follow: 1. Make sure the story is scary. (Who would want to read a story that isn't scary?)

If I had been interested in the Rats before, my enthusiasm rocketed through the roof

Vintage Toys For Sale - 1950's, 1960's, 1970's - Cool Old Toys, Play Sets, Battery Operated, Pull String Talkers, Projectors, Clackers, & Cool Stuff.

Top 60

mom reading picture book to her baby

For part of his exhibition The Gay Nineties West at the Kohn Gallery in Los Angeles CA, American artist Mark Ryden created Memory Lane – a strange and ...

2 jugs of milk outdoors

Country Baby applesauce Baby Boom publicity shot

retro TV

Couple's Game of 'Strip Sorry' Takes Unexpected Turn | RTM - RightThisMinute


Photo Credit: jqpubliq

... Duke The Firefighting Dog

1. Mouse Trap

Rachel Franklin has spoken of her horror when she popped a giant growth on her seven

Stevie Nicks got to sleep at home last night for once, her skinny, half-blind, half-hairless 16-year-old dog, Sulamith, snuggling at her feet, ...

Diane Keaton's kitchen in Baby Boom


Keaton with Woody Allen and Jerry Lacy in the play Play It Again, Sam (1969/1970)

Taking medication when you have dementia: 12 ways to make it easier

Oddly shaped, with a pathetic engine and the ignition inexplicably located on the floor: The Financial Times described Swedish automaker Saab as “the ...

Vintage 1965 Baldwin Burns Jazz Split-Sound Electric Guitar


Unusual places to stay @merckipedia Urban House Copenhagen

Got any unruly children you care to scare into obedience, or any post-Baby Boomers to whom you would like to give some bad childhood memories?

Vintage 1965 Baldwin Burns Jazz Split-Sound Electric Guitar

Monkeys are fed by visitors at the Guiyang Qianling Wildlife Park in Guìyáng, Southwest China

FOUND: Kid's Early Reader about Native Americans

(Right) When I first posted this shot (courtesy of Rail Pictorial.com) on this site, I stated that WD 2-8-0 No 90517 was arriving at Skipton with the Tilcon ...

Could yoga be the best way to protect memory as you get older?

Candy Land game Many Baby Boomers' ...

(Above-Below) Memories of Ian Allan ABCs - Click ...

Sci-fi movie: Quatermass and the Pit

SoundBard – Danny Hutton and Three Dog Night Continue to Bring Harmony and Super Sonic Joy to the World

Audrey Hepburn, cycle and dog chic, 1957. “

Pokemon Sun & Moon Burning Shadows Theme Deck - Assorted*

Odd yes, but it enthralled me as a child and when I read it to my own kids they are fascinated by it as well.

'The Babadook' Isn't a Horror Movie About a Monster, But a Mother - PopMatters

Dogs and dreams ...

... to me & it will go on the TOY MEMORY PHOTO PAGE. My Favorite Toy is sitting on my desk. I first played with it in 1958 - When I was 2 yrs. old.

A group of dogs get together to build and race cars in a universe I would still love to visit. This one was probably confused for a Dr. Suess book, ...

Hi Michele, I am so glad you enjoyed the pictures. Yes, you can add them to your web page should you ever update it. It would be an honor.

When Meryl returned to New York, Cazale was even worse than she had expected. For the next five months, Meryl focused on taking care of Cazale and ...


1. Best Summer Ever

You can add this to your website someday also if you want to. I think it is so cute.

*Sigh* A whole buck for nothing more than a swirly pattern on a wiggle badge. That money back guarantee was also a sham, since you had to pay for the return ...

5 MORE reasons to join the Unforgettable Dementia Support Group

The Ford Pinto had a small design flaw that made the gas tank susceptible to explosion when hit from the rear. Ouch! When my Pinto was less than two years ...

... 1967) was cool because the little launchers with the sliding score keepers appealed to me. It was fun to play, too.

(Thanks to Wanda Sears for sending it to me)