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Okanagan Lake is the reported home of the Ogopogo or Naitaka

Okanagan Lake is the reported home of the Ogopogo or Naitaka


Ogopogo or Naitaka meaning "lake Demon" in Salish is the name given to a

Okanagan Lake is the reported home of the Ogopogo or Naitaka (Salish: n'ha-a-itk, "lake demon") a cryptid lake monster. Ogopogo has been allegedly …

Fabled sea serpent Ogopogo, believed to live in Lake Okanagan, B.C., apparently took an Alberta holiday in 1942. Supplied / SUPPLIED


Lake Monster OGOPOGO

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Ogopogo/Naitaka- Canadian cryptid: a sea serpent allegedly living in Okanagan Lake, in British Columbia, Canada. sightings of it apparently date back to the ...

West side of Okanagan Lake, looking northeast. Jeannette (Atlas Obscura User)

The Legend of Ogopogo. Okanagan Lake ...

Photo of Ogopogo (Naitaka) of Lake Okanagan

Investigating rumours that the 'Ogopogo' lake monster only shows its face at sunrise

Mothman - From approximately November 1966 through December dozens of…

Some sightings of the Ogopogo, resemble the ancient, aquatic reptile of the past, Plesiosaur, as depicted below:

The Ogopogo is believed to be a large sea serpent 12-15m in length that inhabits the deepest parts of Okanagan Lake; only surfacing on rare occasions.

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Letiche/ honey island monster- North American cryptid: a hominid reported to live in

Does a legendary lake monster swim through the waters of Okanagan Lake? | Vernon BC Express

Ogopogo or Naitaka (Salish: n'ha-a-itk, "lake

"Ogopogo Monster feeding on fish" ,February, 1996. Used with permission of · “

Okanagan Lake. Share This. Ogopogo can be found all around the region in the form of statues and merchandise. GoToVan/CC BY 2.0


Ogopogo at Lake Okanagan

View all photos. Okanagan lake ...

Encounter At Okanagan Lake by Seiginotora ...

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Ogopogo by Loneanimator ...

According to many people throughout the years it most certainly does. There have been many recorded sightings of the Ogopogo throughout history.

Ogopogo: The True Story of the Okanagan Lake Million Dollar Monster: Gaal, Arlene

9 Scary Facts About Lake Monster The Ogopogo or Naitaka

... lake near Rattlesnake Island. They were pulled under by some unseen and unknown force later attributed to the then common native myth of the Ogopogo .

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"Late Winter Sunrise, Lake Okanagan" photo by Extemporalist (Own work) via Wikimedia Commons

Tissue Samples and Corpse. Kelowna ...

The creature has been described in similar was to that of the Loch Ness Monster. The Ogopogo is reported to be 40 to 50 feet long, with a variety humps on ...

The Search For Ogopogo + Adventures in Kelowna

The Native Legend


Photo of Lake Okanagan First Nations People (Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons)


MYSTERIOUS WORLD: Autumn 2002: Mysterious Sea Serpents Part III: Ogopogo. '

Eastern Entrance to Ogopogo Gap, Rattlesnake Island is on the left

#ogopogo hashtag on Twitter

The above photograph of Ogopogo clearly shows the creature traveling on the surface of Okanagan Lake. Look at how calm the surrounding water was.

Ogopogo sightings

CRYPTID MONTH: Ogopogo by McDonaldbros ...

Western Side of Rattlesnake Island, note navigation marker

Lake Monster Legends - Ogopogo

Ogopogo Video Taken at Antlers Beach

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9 Scary Facts About Lake Monster The Ogopogo or Naitaka - Dailymotion Video

Lake Labynkyr, purported home of ferocious lake monster

Perhaps you can help me do some Ogopogo hunting. I think it brushed my leg after I fell off my water skis. #Okanagan #Ogopogo pic.twitter.com/fbd92jN5ft

In the silent Okanagan river. We kept searching through the cold water. You could hear the whisper of Naitaka's


In Search of Ogopogo: Sacred Creature of the Okanagan Waters

SEA SERPENT Ogopogo - Canada's LOCH NESS MONSTER spotted in a lake - 50 feet long!

So… Ogopogo


The above location of Ogopogo and 2. a Boat; remember, the two respective photos were taken YEARS apart.

“Ogopogo found!” Would you believe it? Dreaded by the Okanagan First Nation people long ago, it is seldom seen today.


Ogopogo facts hauntedrealities.com

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Ogopogo Lake Monster by oiiii

The students' Ogopogo display at the Okanagan Heritage Museum highlights a number of artifacts including

xD Oh there's also a legend of a lake monster in the lake. Naitaka or what everyone calls it now Ogopogo is said to live there.

Descriptions vary, but certain characteristics have been repeated through the decades is that Ogopogo is green with a snake like body about 25 metres long.


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File:Southern view of Rattlesnake Island in Winter.webm

Okanagan Valley Wineries Poster - 13x19 or 24x36 or 12x36 - (Print 311) -

Ogopogo True Story of the Million Dollar Okanagan Monster Gaal | Non-fiction | Nanaimo | Kijiji

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Ogopogo is a lake monster that is rumored to inhabit Lake Okanagan in British Columbia, Canada.

The Ogopogo by starvingzombie ...

Ogopogo added,. 🇨🇦 Barb aka Kelownagurl @kelownagurl



The significance of this first image (Ogopogo photo 1) will be revealed later inside this site. For now, read on and I'll explain where photo 1 adds to the ...

It is also possible in some cases that Ogopogo could be the misidentification of a seiche, a standing wave in a lake that travels below the surface in a ...

Ogopogo Lake Monster by Vojin Stanic

A boat versus Ogopogo...now you know, what truly lies beneath the waters of Okanagan Lake.

Look very carefully...in the center area the lake image, you will see a BOAT that is stationary. This 2001 image of a boat is ...

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Ogopogo Naitaka T-Shirt

Heres another interview with Mr Basaraba talking about the Ogopogo. www.youtube.com.