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Pacarana Mammalia t Wildlife

Pacarana Mammalia t Wildlife

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Pacarana, a slow-moving rodent indigenous to S.Amer

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Pacarana or Count Branickii's terrible mouse (Dinomys branickii) -


Pacarana: the terrible mouse that isn't

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pacarana one of the strangest animals it is possible to see in the western amazon

Pacarana (Dinomys branickii) (Foto: Leonardo Kerber)

Wild Ones · Pacarana

Mountain paca

Pacarana or Count Branickii's terrible mouse (Dinomys branickii) -

WATCH: One of the rarest animals in the world

Pacarana - NW Venezuela and Colombia to W. Bolivia

pacarana3. pacarana3. Pacarana babies

EQUATORIAL GUINEA 1977 - Animals - Mammals - Pacarana - Rodent - CTO

Download Pacarana Mammal stock image. Image of fauna, hydrochoerus - 21622573

Mara in captivity.jpg

Pantanal Wildlife Holiday Trip Report – Royle Safaris ...

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Ecuador January 2018 (Spectacled Bear, Olinguito)

Mammals of South America, ...


Pacarana comes to say hi

Friday, 19 December 2014

The living Pacarana (Dinomys branickii, below) and its extinct relative, Josephoartigasia monesi

I can't find a copyright-free image of Phoberomys, so here's a

Pacarana (Dinomys branickii), Pucallpa, Peru. Is a rare and slow-

Rare, early 20th Century photograph of a captive pacarana

Brown-furred (or faded black-furred?) taxiderm pacarana specimen at the Berlin Natural History Museum (© Markus Bühler)

Raccoon Dog

Taxiderm pacarana at Tring Natural History Museum, Hertfordshire, England (© Dr Karl Shuker)

Can you find the 10 meat-eaters here?


Beavers: Dam builders extraordinaire

Pacarana (Dinomys branickii)




... rodents normally no more than 60 cm long (often less), averaging 7 kg in weight, and adorned with usually four longitudinal rows of white spots on each ...

... Handbook of the Mammals of the World, Volume 6: Lagomorphs and Rodents I ...

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Chacoan ...

Above & below: Crab-eating Foxes photographed at night during a FONT Brazil tour in Mato Grosso do Sul. The species has been seen during every FONT tour in ...

This wonderful animal has been seen nicely during many FONT tours in that area.

19th-Century engraving of the pacarana specimen encountered by Jelski

Bengal Tiger

cave hyena

A Spectacled Bear (Tremarctos ornatus) at the Houston Zoo. PHOTO BY Cburnett licensed

Sechuran Fox, Lycalopex sechurae

Download figure ...

Collared Peccary, Pecari tajacu



Sumatra Spaka, Tragulomys pacarana (Lowland of Sumatra)

Pacarana (Dinomys branickii) captured at night by Sebastian's infrared camera trap.

3 / 5; Pacarana foraging at night

Capybara (Hydrochoerus) with young. The bird is an anis cuckooo (Crotophaga)

Pacarana in habitat

Indian Mouse Deer

Springhaas. Pacarana


Ocelots ...

entelodon killer pig


Porcupines are rodentian mammals with a coat of sharp spines, or quills, that protect against predators. The term covers two families of animals, ...

Spotted hyena


Spotted tail quoll

Vintage sepia photograph of the Iziko South African Museum's mounted pseudo-melanistic leopard specimen as featured in The Mammals of South Africa, ...

Source: Animals—National Geographic http://animals.nationalgeographic.com.