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Pan American39s Boeing 314 Clipper at her base at Pearl Harbor after

Pan American39s Boeing 314 Clipper at her base at Pearl Harbor after


Pan Am on. PearlsCoupleCitiesPearl Harbor ...

The Yankee Clipper in 1939

Image of : Boeing Model 314 Clipper

B.O.A.C Boeing Clipper in 1943.Boeing 314 A Flying Boat

The Pan Am Series – Part XVIII: First Round the World Flight | JPB Transportation

Image of : Boeing Model 314 Clipper

The mighty 314

Pan Am China Clipper

Martin and Boeing moored at Pearl City Peninsula base, Pearl Harbor, HI, 1939


Above—a Boeing 314 Clipper on Jan. 1, 1941.

How America's Airline Went to War

anyskin: “ Boeing 314 Clipper ”

Boeing California Clipper, NC Pan American Airways, over San Francisco

Pan Am's Boeing B-314 California Clipper & crew, 1940s #panamerican #aircraft

Pan American Boeing B-314, California Clipper at Pearl Harbor

Capetown Clipper in Bermuda. “

“The Flying Clippers: Their Glory, Romance, Tragedy and Mystery”

A Pan American Airways Boeing 314 ...

At Anchor in San Francisco

Pan American Airways System - in the full livery at Waitemata Harbour, Auckland, December 7, 1940.

A Pan American Boeing 314 in the air. Photo by GHI/Universal History Archive via Getty Images

Boeing 314 Clipper being hauled ashore for maintenance at the Marine Air Terminal at LaGuardia Field

The Pan American Clipper arriving on Ford Island in Pearl Harbor after her flight from California

Pan American Clipper - featured in Ken Follett's 'Night Over Water'

Boeing 314 Flying Boats: Pan Am's "American Clipper" NC18606. Pan American Airways


A Pan Am Clipper over San Francisco. Source: http://willigula.tumblr.com/.

Pan Am B 314 Bob Ford article

After the war, the government offered to sell the Clippers back to Pan Am, but the company declined. The war had brought many more airports around the world ...

The downside of enjoying a success such as my 314 was the inevitability of trying to outdo it in later work, which I've yet to do in spite of my best ...

Sale Painting PAN AM CLIPPER by Daniel Vancas Boeing 314 Flying Boat Aviation Art Deco WwII Honolulu Hawaii December 7th, 1941

Glamorous Crossing: How Pan Am Airways Dominated International Travel in the 1930s

Boeing 314 Yankee clipper

Boeing 314 China Clipper. See more. Pan Am (@FlyPanAm) | Twitter

Boeing 314 Pan American No18 at Keehi Lagoon Seadrome, 1940s by tormentor4555

1937 ad "The clipper that will fly the Atlantic" - the mighty Boeing 314

To read more on the Pan American Clippers, the following books or websites are suggested:

Boeing 314 Clipper - Forgotten Futures

YouTube Premium

This image from a Pan Am brochure captures the romance of flying on a Boeing 314 clipper to Hawaii.

The Latécoère 631 six-engined flying boat- Biscarosse .

The ...

[The Airborne Palace - The Boeing 314 @ FlyingClippers.com] - - includes 314 Data Sheet

Cockpit of Pan American Boeing 314

The Honolulu Clipper - Pacific Pioneer by Jack Fellows (Boeing Model 314)


Sea Planes - Boeing 314 Clipper (Follet, Night over Water)

Touring a Pan American Airways Flying Clipper

Boeing 314 Clipper.

Plane model and Boeing 314 Dixie clipper model plane. It's Pan-Am receives the first Boeing the ultimate in luxury aircraft

The flight deck of a Boeing 314. At the left, standing, is the

Black and white image of interior flight deck of Boeing 314; "FEO desk and Radio Officer's Station" (five Pan American flight crew members visible).

Ford's Flight Route

Galley of a Pan Am Clipper flying boat (B-314) during in-

Pacific Clipper


QANTAS Short Sunderland 23 C Class Empire Flying Boat 'Coolangatta' (VH-ABB)

O Boeing 314 clipper (interior)

Click for larger image

This massive, luxurious 'flying boat' could barely get off the ground

The Boeing 314 "Clipper" initially replaced the S-42 on the PA 160/161 New York service and then to the UK, Far East and Bermuda.

In these days of modern world-wide instant communications, we forget how remote the

1937 ad for S-42 Clipper

314 cutaway model 1940

Pan American Airways Boeing 314 Clipper at Treasure Island, San Francisco.

Life Magazine, October 1941 - Pan Am Clipper

Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor

The Boeing 314 One of my all time favorite airplanes

Quite obviously the upper - or 'Flight' - deck of a Boeing B-314 Clipper flying boat, circa 1939. Since no-one is wearing a uniform, this is likely a Boeing ...

Boeing 314. See more. A great reception for the Clipper and her crew here at Pearl Harbor's Ford…

Convair R3Y Tradewind

Top 100 Airplanes. 40. Boeing 314 Clipper

Boeing 314 PAN AM American Clipper

Flown cover carried around the world on PAA Boeing 314 Clippers and by Imperial Airways,

Imperial Airways, the predecessor to BOAC, which preceded British Airways. Short-Empire flying boats a contemporary of the Pan Am Clippers.

IJN Kawanishi - Kawanishi - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Postwar developments

The very first Boeing to see the light of day was Pan Am's NC later christened the Honolulu Clipper.

Flight Navigator aboard a Boeing B-314 Clipper flying boat of Pan American Airways,

Short Sunderland

Pan AM Clipper Interior

A Pan American Airways M-130 sits at Pearl Harbor.

Seaplane - Sikorsky S-43 "Baby Clipper" of Pan Am subsidiary Inter Island

Pan Am Clipper.Look at the size of this plane. a giant like the spruce goose. No wonder the inside of these old clippers had beds and eating tables and ...

Boeing 314 flight deck

Dining service aboard a Pan American Airways Boeing B-314 in1939 set standards in comfort

Art Deco Boeing 314 Airplane Pan-American 'Clipper', circa 1938

Few Americans had ever set foot on Amchitka prior to Pearl Harbor. Few have visited since VJ-Day.

One aircraft that came to symbolize all of Pan American's fights across the Pacific was the

the Caproni Ca.60 “Noviplano” “a nine-wing flying boat intended to be a prototype for a 100-passenger trans-atlantic airliner. It featured eight engines and ...

rip clippers

Boeing 377 Stratocruiser

O Boeing 314 clipper (interior)

Short Sunderland - Bing images

A rare colour image of the Short S.23 Empire (or: 'C-') Class flying boat…