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Panel from a mosaic showing a lion and cupids Roman about 7010

Panel from a mosaic showing a lion and cupids Roman about 7010


A lion taunted and bound by cupids.

Panel from a mosaic showing a lion and cupids Roman, about 70-10 BC

Lion mosaic. Pompeii. Italy.

An ancient Roman floor mosaic in Pompeii's House of Doves portraying a lion, symbol of

Stockfoto : Cupids playing with dolphins, mosaic decoration of fountain from Utica, Tunisia, Roman Civilization, century

osaic emblema with cupids gathering roses in a garden Roman, North African, Imperial Period, late century Place of Manufacture- Tunisia Fine stone and glass ...

https://flic.kr/p/YSxduQ | Port scene | Stone and glass mosaic of daily life from a North African port city. Roman 2nd or 3rd century.

Art works in the museum of Bardo, in Tunis, Tunisia. Here is a a

This handout photo made available by the Israeli Antiquities Authority (IAA) shows an aerial view of the main section of an ancient Roman mosaic which was ...

An Ancient mosaic showing Lions, still in the condition it was found. It was found in Damascus, Syria.Date: Romans circa 50 (Andrea López)

New mosaics discovered in synagogue excavations in Galilee

Siren and Cupid depicted in the Roman mosaic from the Farnese Collection on display in the

Museum of El-Jem, mosaic, Dionysus riding a lion, 2nd century,

Cupid riding a Dolphin - mosaic form Roman imperial period, circa century A.

Roman Mosaic of Eros, God of Love, 2nd-3rd Century ADIn Greek mythology

Lullingstone Villa: triclinium mosaic (photo by David S. Neal).

"O Leo you have planned, prepared and dedicated" (IIIrd century AD from

Roman mosaic with rabbit from Antioch (c5th C) at St. Louis Art Museum. St Louis, MO.

A Byzantine Mosaic Panel, Syria, 5th/6th Century A.D.

A Brief Introduction to Roman Mosaics

Mosaic - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Young togatus (civil servant wearing a toga). Mosaic (2nd-3rd CE

(Credit: Cotsworld Archaeology)

Mosaic floor from a roman villa of ancient Corinth, showing Dionysos in the…

Saint-Romain-en-Gal on Fotopedia, mosaic showing Heracles' companion Hylas abducted by nymphs

Mosiac of Noah's ark. Image credit: Baylor University.

Download this stock image: Roman mosaic, Gladiators defeated Retarius kneels, Umpire behind.

Floor detail showing an elephant and female nude (mosaic). Roman, (4th

Lion Mosaic / Pompeii No doubt buried beneath ash for a thousand years plus. Vesuvisus

A lion and four millet stems

Left side of a sarcophagus panel showing cupids rolling hoops and boys “chicken fighting”; Lateran Collection. Vatican Museum (Scullard, p. 155, fig. 394).

Mosaic; a continuous floor in two large panels, joined by an eleven inch opening

from Greek and Roman Mosaics

On display in Naples Archaeological Museum. This is one of the Nile mosaics found in the House of the Faun in the ancient ruined Roman city of Pompeii near ...

Lion's head, antique Roman floor mosaic, Villa Casale, Villa Romana del Casale,

Cental panel of a mosaic floor with the head of Medusa, century AD, National Museum of Rome, Baths of Diocletian, Rome

Mosaic from San Vitale in Ravenna, showing the Emperor Justinian and Bishop Maximian, surrounded by clerics and soldiers.

Floor mosaic with Anubis, from a domus in Ariminum, end of / early c.

Santa Prassede, vaulted ceiling of San Zeno Chapel, Byzantine mosaics, Rome, Italy Picture

Mosaic of a Roman banquet, now in the Château de Boudry in Switzerland. The…

Algeria, Djemila, Detail of fisherman on mosaic

Perfectly Chaotic Labors of Hercules (Sarcophagus) Front panel from a sarcophagus with the Labours of Heracles: from left to right, the Nemean Lion, ...

Roman Mosaic. Cupids & Dionysus in a Vine. El Djem, Tunisia .

A Roman geometric mosaic panel Circa 3rd-4th Century A.D. Composed of black, white

Fresco with a Cupid Seller, Roman, A.D. 1–50, found in the

... which he carries in his right hand, while Cassius would mop up any spilt water and other mess. Part of the mosaic showing the long handle of the mop has ...

Villa Romana del Casale - Piazza Armerina

Mosaics provide clues on life in an ancient Galilean Jewish village

Ancient Greek Mosaic Patterns - ImgMob

Detail of a Roman mosaic showing sea creatures, from Herculaneum, Italy, before AD

Detail showing Alexander

Roman mosaic panel of a pygmy hunt. The panel measures 26 ½ by 82 1

Roman mosaic, British Museum.

Memento Mori Roman Mosaic Pompeii 1st century CE How fitting on a Pompeii wall.


Detail of the left metope showing a musician centaur.

The Lod Roman Mosaic from Israel, on display at Waddesdon Manor, England, was too good an opportunity to miss for Helen Miles Mosaics.

Pluto velificans, with a Cupid attending his abduction of Proserpina in a four-horse chariot (Roman cinerary altar, Antonine Era, 2nd century)

Cupid And Psyche

This handout photo made available by the Israeli Antiquities Authority (IAA) shows an aerial view of the main section of an ancient Roman mosaic which was ...

TRIUMPH OF VENUS / ROMAN MOSAIC. Roman, 4th Century. Triumph of Venus (

Fragment of a Mosaic with Mithras, 1st century (Roman), The Walters Art

"Statuette of a Seated Lion," Sparta, Lakonia, Greece, about 550

Roman Mosaic, Sabratha. | Lifted mosaic from the Church of V… | Flickr

Panel from a mosaic pavement: Atalanta, on horseback, hunts a lion. The

Campana relief with Hercules fighting the Nemean lion. Roman, 50 BC-50 Restored

Emperor Marcus Aurelius, soldiers and the defeated ('The clemency of the Emperor') – Roman relief in marble, presumably from the Triumphal Arch of the ...

Libyans hunting on horseback, a popular pastime in Libya. Mosaics from the Villa of

ancientart: “Roman Mosaic Depicting Dionysus' Discovery of Ariadne in Naxos, century AD. The central panel of this extraordinary mosaic depicts a scene from ...

Mask of Silenos, Pompeii, House of the Guilded Cupids. Photo: Luciano Pedicini

Angry Lion - The iPhone Wallpapers

A Roman geometric mosaic panel Circa 3rd-4th Century A.D. Composed of yellow, red

Cupid, a Captive By François Boucher, c.1754. Wallace Collection

Ancient Roman Mosaic Patterns | Roman Mosaic Designs

Roman Empire Art - Roman Bronze Lion with Eyes ...

Mosaic floor of the Beth Alpha synagogue with the Zodiac circle

Mosaic with Musicians

Dionysus Riding a Leopard, Mosaic, House of Masks, Delos, Greece (475)

1,700-Year-Old Roman Mosaic Found out by very lucky Workers.

Roman mosaic. Pompeii. "Beware of Dog"

Inlaid ivory panel of a lioness devouring a boy - Phoenician, century BC, From the palace of Ashurnasirpal II, Nimrud, northern Iraq - British Museum ...

a roman mosaic emblema panel, no

A Rare Archaeological Revival Micromosiac Brooch by Castellani Decorated with a circular micromosaic panel depicting the head of a male lion against a cream ...

Hercules and Omphale, central panel of the Mosaic with the Labors of Hercules, 3rd

another Roman mosaic of Villa del Casale at Piazza Armerina, Sicily. For the decoration of this villa, once the heart of a large rural estate, ...

Mosaic showing a retiarius (net-fighter) named Kalendio fighting a secutor named Astyanax

La Olmeda. Villa romana. Roman MosaicsMosaic ...

Olive tree-mosaic: olive trees are native to the Mediterranean basin

Ancient Greek God HERMES Roman God Mercury Bronze Powder Cast Statue Sculpture

This painting depicts Mars, the god of war, raping the vestal virgin Rhea Silvia, who will give birth to Remus and Romulus, the founders of Rome, ...

Central panel of the Abduction of Helen by Theseus Mosaic Floor, detail of the charioteer

Lion Of Africa Mixed Media by Zeana Romanovna - Lion Of Africa Fine Art Prints and

A Roman Mosaic Emblema Panel, North Africa, circa late 2nd Century A.D.

Vatican Museums - ancient Roman mosaic | by edk7

ROMAN MOSAIC 3RD BCE-1ST CE Mosaic in the corridor leading to an atrium,

Secrets of the Colosseum Animals held in the hypogeum entered the stadium on a wooden ramp