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Paris Hilton Monarch Programming t Illuminati

Paris Hilton Monarch Programming t Illuminati


Paris Hilton has a butterfly tattoo. Butterfly tattoos are a way of "marking"

paris-hilton-monarch.jpg (500×483). Illuminati ...

Sex Kitten (Beta Programming)

Paris Hilton Imagery: Pyramid with One Eye overseeing the world

Paris Hilton-this represents the mk ultra Alice in wonderland follow the rabbit down the

Pseudo-Occult Media: The Hilton Hotel: One Night in Paris' Butterfly

The Checkered Floor Conspiracy

Paris Hilton

Pharao MK Ultra Show , Illuminati Monarch BETA Slaves Part 4 Kim Kardashian 1 - YouTube

Pseudo-Occult Media: The Hilton Hotel: One Night in Paris' Butterfly

Monarch Programming

Paris Hilton, yet another Monarch victim.

Anne Heche

Evidence of monarch programming???

Good night? Cara Delevingne arrives home the morning after the Glamour Awards carrying her shoes and wearing just a bra

There are dozens, probably hundreds of major sex kitten celebs who have portrayed her, and I'm not going to find every one of them.

Pseudo-Occult Media: The Hilton Hotel: One Night in Paris' Butterfly

5 Common Illuminati Symbols And Why Not To Worry Lazer Horse

Nicki Minaj - MK ULTRA Illuminati Monarch Mind Control Programming Symbo.

Some of the worst tattoo ideas. See more pics @ http://www

MK-ULTRA, Project Monarch + Government Mind Control with Ron Patton on Aug 21

Taylor Swift, full-blown Illuminati pawn. These A-list Illuminati women (and men) are essentially glorified prostitutes, and many are Monarch slaves who ...

Hollywood was created for the purpose of brainwashing and mind control to condition us for the New World Order by the world richest and the most powerful ...


Cara Delevingne is a 20 year old model from England who is currently one of fashion's "It Girls" coming from a relatively well connected family (see ...


Arizona Wilder

This image is a rather clear way of portraying Miley as MK Beta Kitten. Her

Roots Autumn News Imagery: One Eye symbolism

Vanessa Hudgens; note the sun burst earring

Paris Hilton - Satanic hand signal

Also trending on Pinterest

Chaz Bono-mk ultra-monarch programming

Kelly Rowland - the mk ultra Disneyland mind control programming.

the Butterfly “Project Monarch” mind control.

Pseudo-Occult Media: The Hilton Hotel: One Night in Paris' Butterfly | MK Ultra Monarch Program | Pinterest | Illuminati

Iggy Azalea - this devil is doing the mk ultra shhh mind control symbol.

Image Image Image

In his video “Zoo”, he's got one eye hidden by a monarch butterfly (representing Monarch programming). That's like Illuminati 👁

Kim Kardashian ◇ mind control. ◇ MK ULTRA


The WEIRD World Of Illuminati Celebrity Kids (2015)

oz programming | The Monarch Files. Paris and Nicky Hilton.

Google MK ULTRA and NAZI based CIA (illuminati and other elite's occultic secret societies)


Costa, Nikka

Here's another handful of Beta sex kitten celebs who've been in Marilyn moods:

The symbolism surrounding ...

Kelly of Destiny's Child on the left joined by former band member Michelle, who also

Shortly after, they are featured in Monarch mind control-themed photos. They muted by Butterflies

Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter, also known simply as Beyoncé. MK Ultra Mind Control

Item: Roseanne Barr Told Russia Today that "MK-ULTRA Mind Control Rules in Hollywood"

Pink dressed as Marilyn Monroe (the symbol of Kitten programming) with one eye hidden


Pseudo-Occult Media: The Hilton Hotel: One Night in Paris' Butterfly


Analysis: Mickey Mouse ears symbolize mind control, and they say those who wear it

La Roux, also emphasis on the All-Seeing Eye.

Chris Evans Has His Captain America and The Avengers Costars by His Side at His Big Premiere

Melanie Martinez was first discovered as a contestant on The Voice before being signed by Atlantic

I'm pinning this because of the butterflies and she's in the bathtub. Also

Britney "channels" here Marilyn's platinum blonde look. Her hands are bound which can

Shia LaBeouf Illuminati MK-ULTRA Mind Control Breakdown Leads to Arrest?

Is this an Illuminati MK-Ultra Monarch trauma based programming scene in.

illuminati mk ultra/sex kitten beta programming Angelina Jolie More

Britney Spears in "I'm a slave for you". Also notice serpent

Chelsea Clinton linking arms with one of her many mk ultra mind control programming , handlers

Mariah Carey is a Monarch mind control slave.

David LaChapelle, Naomi Campbell, Tatler, Paris, 2005

She also seems to frequently be in a beta state a good portion of the time. Here's her as Marilyn as well. Notice the diamond “collar” in the second photo.

Illuminati's mind controlled slave, Katy Perry with her slave handler Russell Brand. Music/

Nicky Hilton Is Marrying a Rothschild Satanic Illuminati Elite Family Me.

Celebrities under Monarch Mind Control Part I

The late Anna Nicole Smith, Taylor Swift, Paris Hilton, the list goes on. And on…

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Ariana Grande pulls teeth

... looking ...

To further prove her Beta Sex Kitten status, I looked to a few of her music videos for more symbolism.

Here's another handful of Beta sex kitten celebs who've been in Marilyn moods:


The shooter appears to have a blank, mindless expression. He looks like a mindless

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Charli XCX Diamond Mind Control Eye WO

HiltonfamilybutterflyParis. Paris Hilton again

As stated above, Marilyn Monroe was supposedly the first publicly known Monarch slave. Here are some current media personalities who have payed homage to ...

charli 1


Soon, she will be forcefully graduated to the soft porn slut category, and join the likes of Carmen Electra, Kim Kardashian, and Paris Hilton in the ...

Disney's Vanessa Hudgens gets a butterfly tattoo on her neck. Victims of monarch programming like to get butterfly tattoos.

Paris Hilton - Alice in Wonderland

Vogue - Vogue is a great pusher for mind control. Just take a look at the ads they choose.


Jay Z ...


Mind Control - MK ULTRA - Lindsay Lohan Calls Paris C**T - Triggering - YouTube


This is terrifying, monarch butterfly, skull, one eye covered in a mason like