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Percy amp Annabeth commonly known as Percabeth one t

Percy amp Annabeth commonly known as Percabeth one t


The thing is, Annabeth has these talents called "impulse control" and "logical reasoning" - two talents that Percy obviously doesn't possess.

Percy Jackson is like an adorable confused puppy that everyone loves but no one quite knows what to do with--except Annabeth, who is his beloved owner and ...

Okay but as Percy grew up with an abusive foster dad he'd probably never hit anabeth EVER!

That's all things I've said no shit and I haven't been able to say Reyna's name because of my cousin <

Percy know's what's up. Although I did expect one of those answers that would make Piper fangirl and Leo add another point to the "Reasons why Percy is a ...

If Annabeth was taken by Hera instead of Percy. I feel like " GO PERCY! " and also "Poor poor Percy.

Percy Jackson funny

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww it was good then it got better < < < pretty easy to find Perseus since it isn't common

I think percy trained her AWSOME- me Percy- annabeth The only one who can date percy

I dont ship Percy and Jason (Percabeth forever!

percabeth forever < < < THEN IN TOA WHEN HE STUDIES 24/7 TO GET

then grove's there like "you don't even KNOW how I felt on Percy

hide in the bottom of a lake 4 the rest of your life, Percy. Annabeth can't reach u there!

If you don't like swearing in my pins, just remember opinions are like assholes. Everyone's got them and they all stink. And as for your stinky assholes, ...

Bahaha love it

Bless Uncle Rick for making the demigods dyslexic - showing you don't have to be "perfect" to be a hero <

Percabeth is amazing! Can't wait for Camp Half-Blood Confidential and the new ToA and MCGoA!

Why wasn't there a reunion. I wish Rick had done better at HoO. Percy Jackson ...

Athena Cabin and Percabeth < < < Percy: Deal!

Aww she can't break percabeth

percabeth headcannons are always so tasteful

Percy: the only human being who will ever get away with sassing Annabeth.

The 7 Conversation · Funny Percy JacksonPercy ...

Percabeth percy Jackson annabeth chase headcanon otp Um what happened to the cake did Percy just drop it when Annabeth came to kiss him? < < don't question it ...

And at this moment, every speculation about the Percabeth ship finally getting together was confirmed

"Percy Jackson Headcanons" by penguinluv-er ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring percy jackson

Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase's absence from the Argo 2

cute and funny things about Percy and Annabeth

Annabeth judo flips Rachel, because she's a lil' jealous. xD - But Rachel actually kissed Percy, not the other way around.

Seriously, true fans don't make these. They don't even know how to spell the character's names. And some have bad grammar.

Headcanons <--- que waterfall of happy tears! percy is so romantic! even when he doesnt try! < < BECAUSE PERCABETH

Percabeth moments

Confrontation part 1. Percy Jackson ...

Yeah, Annabeth is pretty awesome! :D · Percy Jackson ...

oh my gosh # percabeth

THIS IS SO PERFECT! Read it all. Percy Jackson. You will be surprised

Percy pulled away from Annabeth with an evil grin on his face. What're you-" before she could finish her sentence the sprinkler went crazy completely ...

Percy Jackson and Annabeth chase proposal Percy Jackson series books

Oh wait. My otp did all that. That is my OTP. Percy Jackson ...

Piper and Drew, does anyone see the little Percy and Annabeth?

I kinda disagree with Annabeths, she'd probably talk about the weirdest things with. Percy Jackson ...

How perfect. Percy Jackson ...

But I don't think the annabeth and Jason thing isn't completely true, cuz in the lost hero they talked, but if it happened it would be ...

I just want to point out that Annabeth did not capitalize her first I. I. Percy Jackson QuotesFunny ...

How to catch your own Percy

I love how annabeth just goes straight to the stolls. Percy Jackson ...

Collision Course (Percy Jackson and Harry Potter Crossover) - Chapter Twenty

Will: I wouldn't let him see Annabeth as she was still resting from last night I told him that unless he was injured …

I just finished hammer or Thor (I know it took me for ever but I've been busy) but omg I can't wait for the third book and it comes out near my ...

This is one of the cutest Solangelo headcanons I've ever seen!

No one beats Percy Jackson.--- percy wins the best boyfriend award for the 157272892817175243461829200283624414161710202725233 time in a row

Only he didn't age with the books. Book 2 ended starting fall,

But really, Rick Riordan had me sobbing from one line. ONE LINE. Percy Jackson ...

percabeth // the last olympian

This is kindly brought to you by the PJO fandom. We're all insane. <~ExCuSE mE! I prefer to be called blue.

Dark Percy Me:oh look at this adorable percabeth pic.Me:swipes and read s this Oh well there goes my heart see u

Run Nico! Run! Percy Jackson BooksPercy Jackson ...

I would be Annabeth, without the horrible luck thing, so I could date Percy!

this will never not be funny to me · Percy Jackson ...

Percassy Jackson (side note: I am looking at Percabeth pictures and I was listening to You & I by one direction)


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Last time on Percy´s Awesome But Stupidly Dramatical Life

Percy Jackson - Percy/Annabeth Sunshine via thecottonproject many feels

Awweeee my smol beans

cute and funny things about Percy and Annabeth

percy jackson headcanons - Google Search

Rick Riordan's inspiration for names in the PJ series. I just thought Grover's was hilarious

Percy Jackson annabeth chase pjo head canon ask the 7 seven

I can actually imagine Percy saying this and that makes it ten times funnier

I don't know why I made this but it's awful. This is if · Percy Jackson ...

Partners by burdge Partners by burdge

FRICK ——> Actually, I don't think I'll ever forget the Stolls aren't twins. And no one will ever forget the dam snack bar XD

First slide: Augur Octavian ) Praetor Reyna Avila Ramirez-Arellano, Leo Valdez and Piper McLean. Second: Jason Grace, Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase.

I'm not his type. percy wouldn't actually let him die though he'd just be messing with him < <

246 best PJO Headcanons:) images on Pinterest | Heroes of olympus, Percy jackson fandom and Olympia

Literally the equivalent to TMR Minho: be careful, don't die Newt: Great, we're all bloody inspired

I don't know why I find this so funny. Percy Jackson ...

Percy Jackson Funny

Annabeth eats sushi. Percy Jackson ...

Prachel, Calecy, Preyna, and Percabeth

Don't I get a kiss for good luck?

Annabeth:and there's no one in the world that I love more than you seaweed. Percy Jackson ...

percy jackson(@thedemigods) - Instagram photos and videos

Go Percy!

Percy Jackson holidays head canon tumblr annabeth Percy percabeth

(my first one I made) · Percy Jackson ...

So who's the most annoying boyfriend? Here's the first: Ask the Seven - 1 Please comment with questions the Seven can . Ask the Seven - 2

Percy jackson tumblr textpost funny lol heroes of Olympus solangelo Nico Di Angelo and will solace

Interview with Percy and Annabeth ( continued)

Their relationship in one perfect picture I like how it ends with them being slightly annoyed. Percy Jackson ...

I have the sudden impulse to adapt that game 'Don't wake Papa'

1040 best Percy Jackson Text Posts images on Pinterest | Heroes of olympus, Olympia and Percy jackson fandom

<-- Well like I am not totally crazy for Percy and Annabeth, I like them but I don't go fangirl squealing every time I see a pin about them.

Percabeth in the Titan's curse when Percy thought Annabeth was gonna be a Hunter of Artemis but she said no for Percy

Just Percy being adorable Percy

Wow I didn't think Percy was that hyper... Aww. Isn

Hercules: *jumps into the river Styx* Percy: "Yeah, I already did that one a while back. Enjoy your swim. Percy: I've been to Tartarus and back Hercules: .