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Phi Double Spiral Field Pattern in IVM Tr33 of Life Sacred

Phi Double Spiral Field Pattern in IVM Tr33 of Life Sacred


... primary components to the field patterning: Vectors/Radials, Rings/Waves, Spirals/Vortices. These depict the Structural, Toroidal and Double-Spiral ...

Vector equilibrium. Torus.

Unified Model: 4 Phi Double Spirals ...

spirals are are balance in motion, Golden Ratio, Fibonacci Number and Sacred Geometry

Universal Torque

More ...

The cosmic comparison between the cosmic web and the neural net shows that there is an existence in a celestial form that lives on a higher plane in the ...

Fractal Spiral

sacred geometry: seed, flower, tree, fruit of life, metatron's cube

Flower of Life Apparel - Limited Edition

Electricity Evolves Mass Into Spheres

Ancient Knowledge Pt.2 Fibonacci Sequence, Golden Ratio, Phi in Nature, DNA

Flower of life and fibbonaci spiral

Golden Mean - Phi: 1.618 is the ratio the universe uses to multiply and divide


Com suas linhas proporções e diagonais, todas simétricas, é possível se construir a árvore

LIFE IS A SPIRAL - Sacred Geometry. The double helix DNA spiral is one of the most important structures in life.

In this basic model the entire double spiral pattern is made from a single phi spiral, duplicating this spiral to create a vortex pattern in both clockwise ...


Rodin Torus Number Map Color

The Sacred Harmony of Geometry

"Biology is the feedback mechanism for the universe to learn more about itself."

Fractal Tetrahedra - Holofractal.net

Torus, a sacred geometric form that is a representation of how energy flows through everything. it is you, it is me, and we are One!

Sacred-Geometry-Golden-Ratio-Spiral-of-Life -Nature-Fibonacci-Sunflower-whorl-Craft-Group-Weaving-CastleofCostaMesa.

Our beautiful world made up of sacred geometry, mystery, and wonder. "Where there is matter, there is geometry" ~ Johannes Kepler.

West Woodhay Down Inkpen crop circle July 29, 2011: serpent-dragon represents scalar wave technology seen in our double-helix DNA and the farthest spiral ...

Phase conjugation is a physical transformation of a wave field where the resulting field has a reversed propagation direction but keeps its amplitudes and ...

Introduction to Vortex Based Math [VBM] - Vortex Based Mathematics

Phoebis, Triple Helix – The Colossal Shop, Rafael Araujo

Esquema de la proporción áurea. Golden RatioCompositionGeometrySacred GeometryKnowledgeCathedralsFibonacci Spiral

... playing cards, and the original Nokia phones felt so natural to the hand. Ain't fibbin' - it's fibonacci. : D Patterns of Visual Math - Phi

Folding circles and combining them into the Vector Equilibrium spherical pattern - YouTube


... a sphere, and a torus, and also used the golden ratio of phi in his artwork; all of which may be derived from the Flower of Life design.


the mutational alchemy tarot: tetractys spread -

Universal_One_Page_139 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Dragon holding Flower of Life Ball, China

Xiaoji Chen's Design Weblog » Air Pollution Index of 10 Chinese Cities

Golden Hexagon and Octogon A drawing in my moleskine about geometry and the golden ratio. It's very rough and I don't use the normal symbol for phi but I ...

Phi - Fibonacci - Numbers & Sacred Geometry of life - Ancient Know.

A diagram of spiraling movements inside the icosahedron

Keith Critchlow - Order in Space (Sacred Geometry)

Applying the Golden Ratio in Modern Designs

Fibonacci Bud pattern with right and left spirals

The crystal, like the Tree of Life of the Kabala, with the Universal or female at one end (at the top) attuned to the universal matrix we exist in and male ...

http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-Yv3_wqurPWU/T ... ract+5.jpg

Seed-of-Life Stages www.crystalinks.com

6 art of π: Circos Visualization

The design of the universe has abundant evidence of this wonderful and surprising pattern. Regardless of whether we are talking about the spirals we observe ...

Mandala Flower of Life Version 4 Sacred Geometry Decal Sticker Wall Vinyl Art Design Yoga Om

Diagram of Energy Flow Through Dream Vogel Wand

... 32.

Lester Circle Theorem, Triangle, Circumcenter, Nine-Point Center, First and Second

How could people of India of thousands years ago imagined flying things like these? They described them in details in their sacred texts, with even courses ...

Of the Spirals, and Birds and Fish Dying

sacred geometry in nature / flower of life

Matter and energy may be viewed as forming out of the transmuting ether in much the same way that chemical wave concentration patterns form in the ...

To celebrate this anniversary Axes Mundi Press has created the interactive DVD Polyhedra to be released in January 2010.


Curves of Life

Experiments with the golden ratio, top view of dandelion seeds with black background. Notice the spiral pattern. - board I pinned this from is all spirals ...


here is the pdf doc for the course outline: - Mark's Advanced Course- PDF Outline Download AdvancedGeometricPhysics1A.PDF


Sigma Phi Epsilon

Star Map inlaid in a floor of the Boulder Dam indicating the date of dedication.

Download full-size image

... Vasile designed this visualization of the first digits of the mathematical constant pi using Circos to plot the sequence of digits…in a circular pattern ...

Flower of Life

PHI // Ammonite, fossils

Fragrance ...

ORIGINS OF DNA:Fusion in the Heart- Fusion in the Blood- Science of Alchemy - with Dan Winter

7 Mystical Seals – PHOsphenes – Rock Art Symbols – Giordano Bruno – Hans Jenny – Cymatics – Ernest Chladni – Fibonacci | Alternative Thinking 37

Homenagem a Benoit Mandelbrot – o homem que descobriu os fractais e deixou a matemática mais bonita

The golden number/ratio or fibonacci sequence on Pinterest | 84 Pins

Dentsu Paint and Sound Sculptures. Using sound frequencies to organically design liquid sculptures.

Efecto volumen en illustrator


Kinokuniya Sydney followed

JIM GUERIN, FOUNDER OF ISC, FAREWELL LETTER OF 1989 December 26, 2016 | Discovery (Law) | Prosecutor

Sacred Geometry in Corporate Logos

A fictional artists rendition of a stargate

Richard Wolf

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports