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Photo Feminism Equality and Random t

Photo Feminism Equality and Random t


Please stop bodyhair-shaming, my wallet and sensitive skin don't appreciate it


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This reminder that you don't need to be what society tells you. | Feminism, Equality and Random

Just a little rant-thing on the user's name: You can't be 'anti-feminist' while being 'pro-equality'; that's an oxymoron, since a feminist is someone who is ...

Random things

Random Things · Practice. No kidding. Don't be afraid to say these things if they

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Just to set things straight

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http://weheartit.com/entry/207862436 | society | Pinterest | Feminism, Equality and Random


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A feminist is not someone who believes woman over rule men, or that men over

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Image result for tumblr post clothing causes assu;t | Welcome to the real world | Pinterest | Feminism, Equality and Random

This is not ok and needs to stop sooner than later · EqualityFeminismRandom ...

I don't believe the wage gap is real. But the rest of this, yes < < <

Funny things

Okay don't do this but still kinda funny.

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I honestly don't know where to put this but I want to save this so I'm just putting it here

#feminism #sexualviolence #sexualassault #feminist #sexualharrassment

Mi familia que Tran feminista

That's some moronic feminist logic right there

"Gender equality", I don't think it means what you think it means.

Um-hm gal, bem assim Porque agora as roupas e brinquedos têm gênero, flor

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But please don't use rape as a way to get reposts next ime

A collaborative effort from a random group of grrls (and one guy!) on a Friday afternoon. (via Amanda Marcotte)

Don't Say Man Up. It shames, humiliates, puts down others AND reveals your desire to do so.

THS IS SO DEEP. This is the only thing wrong with being a girl, the crap society makes us go through

Catcalling vs. Compliments: A Girl's Guide

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I am a prude tease b*tch

this interest me because inequality within the sexes is a very big topic right now and i feel we should all be equal

Carol Rossetti art

“Realistic Proportions” | Feminism, Equality and Random

I can assure you this also applies for gen z people | Stuff | Pinterest | Feminism, Equality and Random

Not ashamed....as we all should be... Protest SignsIntersectional FeminismEqualityPortlandRandom ...

“Rape culture doesn't exist you feminazi bitch!”

I'm not reposting because of the biggots that day I have to because I

I wish we didn't need them, but I like the idea of protecting women AND hurting abusers (who aren't always men, but often enough that it is generalized that ...

Incel “rebellion” | All we need is badass love | Pinterest | Feminism, Equality and Random

Find this Pin and more on Equality by hriejones.

If we're going to close the we need to stop the devaluation of feminized jobs! (On the same subject, we need to stop the fetishization of traditionally ...

Feminism has accomplished many things in the past, but modern feminism hasn' t been doing anything to create actual equality.

406 best Riot Grrrl images on Pinterest | Riot grrrl, Feminism and Equality

It makes me sad that there are people out there so against equality for women that they simply can't help but twist feminist values to fully repaint a ...

19 Real AF Tumblr Posts That Will Make All Feminists Laugh

Dory on

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15 Reasons We Actually Don't Need Feminism

(rp @tibetanfeministcollective) · Human RightsFeminismPsEqualitySocial Equality

Don't let society label you. Trust yourself . Be yourself

Be aware friends | I think this turned into my fun Tumblr shit. | Pinterest | Equality, Feminism and Random

Ambivalently Yours

What feminism is about

Tumblr Protect Everyone

Pin by CD on Equality and truth | Pinterest | Random, Equality and Feminism

Seriously, Feminism doesn't have to be scary

satan-opossum: “ Coincidentally as a man I kind of want to be told I can cry, and be depressed and that my self harm injuries aren't “maricinadas”.

CBS says why you shouldn't report sexual harassment: When major news companies activel promote rape culture, they need to be put out of business.

234 best Who Says Feminists Aren't Funny? images on Pinterest | Feminism, Politics and Equality


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I knew we don't have an official language, but the bill is new

Funny but true

Men think equality is a demotion because they're used to being exalted

I wasn't put on earth to make you feel like a man

gender equality part 2. I'll keep posting this until it's no longer true. :: RAZZYTASTIC on Tumblr

I don't normally pin feminist type things but this is so true. I hated growing up a girl because while I had to sit nicely with my legs together in my dress ...

Instagram photo by intersectional feminist

Also, polyamorous people are always judged but if you and all of the people involved are happy then wtf don't judge them

Carol Rossetti:

it might be easier to blame the abused then to be brave. To make the abused stand up and be accountable for their actions.

Someone saying something you don't like is

Jobs and Feminism.

Haven't heard this. Intersectional FeminismEqual ...

Equal rights feminism definition essay Feminism is a movement that seek to achieve equality and social rights for women in all key areas which includes ...

Mind the cussing, but this is SO true, I am a women and I can FULLY agree with this

That just got better with every sentence

... artist ” [[Image description: Illustrated comic titled “Why Homosexuality is Natural and Important.” The first panel depicts a random assortment of.

This is not feminism, this is abuse and it's disgusting real feminist don't hate men we want equal rights for men and women and this makes me ashamed of the ...

Idiots actually try to push these abstinence programs.

So often the "other girls" we malign & set ourselves apart from aren'

Homophobia isn't even a phobia--it's blatant hatred. They don't scream out of fear when they see two guys holding hands, they just look at them with ...

As an asexual the S-I-T-T-I-N-G joke bothers me bc we do feel romantic attraction! Just not sexual attraction!>> as an aro-ace I kind of liked that joke but ...

A persons job to respect another person period end of story

Or it should be a universal thing for guys not to be disgusting creeps that harass women. >> universal thing for anyone, doesn't matter gender

Nevertheless, she persisted.

I don't think I've ever seen anything about female veterans! Respect to them! And the male veterans!

If you don't agree with feminist views you're "un-educated" or "sexist", "misogynistic".

Funny because America isn't even 300 years old

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