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Phrenological model of knowledge management Mindware

Phrenological model of knowledge management Mindware


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A phrenology head from How to Read Character, 1876.

An illustration from 'Vaught's Practical Character Reader' image

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The brain of a knowledge worker - and that is just the beginning (Credits:

Above: From the 1848 edition of the American Phrenological Journal.

Hip-Hop Head

external image phrenologicalchart.jpg

An illustration from Vaught's Practical Character Reader, a book on phrenology by L. A. Vaught published

Phrenology Head Chart by Photo_History, via Flickr

Phrenology is the belief that human behavior and even criminal tendencies could be predicted from skull shape and bumps on the head.

Chart of Phrenology

Vintage Surreal Print "Phrenology Chart" Antique Medical Illustration - Fortune Telling Occult Anatomical - Head Skull Gothic Dark VIctoria.

Zombie Phrenology $15

Creative concept of the human brain, vector illustration. Knowledge ManagementThe ...

Phrenology head

feminine phrenology collage

Knowledge ...


Historical Personality Assessment: Humorism, Phrenology & Physiognomy


This is a black and white template for another Brain Hat....this one from Ellen McHenry's own website. A COLOR version can be found here: ...


Phrenology as seen by Searle. This is a pseudo medicine primarily focused on measurements of the human skull, based on the concept that the brain is the ...

The Significance of Gerald Edelman's Cognitive Neuroscience



(Thanks to Ivan Alvarez for bringing this to our attention.)

Phrenology Diagrams from Vaught's Practical Character Reader

In the book I learned that, despite these labels, which were associated with something called phrenology, the brain was really an unknown landscape, ...

Figure 1 (Gowaty & Hubbell). The hypothesis for the evolution of adaptively flexible

Crafty Project - Phrenology Head Pin Cushion

19th century phrenology map posted by @ucla_powell_library.

A model of interoceptive predictive coding according to

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pages: 296 words: 86,188


The Unknown History of MISANDRY: Gesche Gottfried Murdered 2 Husbands & 13 Others, Germany - 1831

Brain #Phrenology

In fact, however, no form of phrenology is valid.

Phrenological Chart of the Head of the Country (1785) | William Bengough

Plaster phrenological models of heads, showing different parts of the brain, are seen at. "

clawmarks: “Images modified by Amy M. Lavine based on plates from The science of palmistry and its relations to astrology and phrenology Also, ...

Based on 10 years of organizational design (“organizational DNA”) research and diagnostic surveys, here's what we've learned about building high-performance ...

…Came up withthe idea ofphrenology ...

pages: 369 words: 90,630

INFP Myers Briggs Type Indicator Female Phrenology Head Print. Available on Etsy, #psychology

A model of interoceptive predictive coding according to

A Closer Look at Phrenology's History and Influence

Mormon Brain Metamorphosis, Mormon Evolution

the information disciplines

pages: 398 words: 100,679


'Phrenology' Poster Print - contemporary - Prints And Posters - The Artwork Factory

Figure 1. A-D: Center: Schematic depiction of interaction contingencies for situations of (

Clinical psychologyClinical psychology is an integration of science, theory and clinical knowledge for the purpose ...

Schematic Functional and Anatomical Architecture of the Triple-code Model (Dehaene & Cohen, 1995). The localization of the main areas thought to be involved ...

Phrenology and Localization

Phrenology Bust

Seeing Red: An Anger Management and Peacemaking Curriculum for Kids

Knowledge management quotes

Phrenological Heads


Sometimes callipers, Phrenological callipers from Combe, Elements of phrenology.

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Introduction; 2.


A phrenology model head

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Toon Tellegen, Langzaam, zo snel als zij konden · dbnl

Franz Joseph Gall Introduces Phrenology

Loes van Swol-Noomen on

View of EEG electrodes on a model phrenology head

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phrenology “

Cognitive therapy | Oxford University Department for Continuing Education | Cognitive therapy

Knowledge is power; the first and most important step is to search out and understand the root causes of or reactions to any problem or challenge.

Five advertised Kirby & Co models; May 1869 American Phrenological Journal

Figure 1 (Cleret de Langavant et al.). Four distinct perspectives in social

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Find this Pin and more on ᗰE (ᗷEᕼIᑎᗪ TᕼE ᗰᗩᔕK) by Ashley.


PHRENOLOGY • “African ...

NLP - The Meta-model of language


pages: 428 words: 121,717

Phrenology: Dr. Spurzheim's divisions of the organs of phrenology marked externally: Phrenology is a pseudoscience that attempted to determine brain ...


Brain Crafts and Activities

Phrenology head