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Pin by Jan OConnor on The Franklin Expedition and the ships

Pin by Jan OConnor on The Franklin Expedition and the ships


cultofweird: “ In the Royal Navy ships HMS Erebus and HMS Terror embarked on an expedition to explore the Canadian arctic. Both ships and all 129 crew ...

Wreck Of Famous 'Ghost Ship' Found In Arctic. HMS Terror thrown up by the ice. Engraving after a drawing by Captain George Back

Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper issued the following statement to announce the discovery of one of the ships belonging to the ill-fated Franklin ...

H.M.S. Erebus [picture] - Part of Stanley, Owen, 1811-1850. Franklin ExpeditionNorth ...

Canada finds 1 of 2 British explorer ships that vanished in the Arctic

What do the University of Toronto Library and the discovery of a wrecked ship in the cold waters off Nunavut have in common?

Ships from the 1845 Franklin expedition of Sir John Franklin

HMS Enterprise and HMS Investigator, tow Arctic Survey Ships. Find this Pin and more on Exploration | Franklin Expedition ...

This is either the HMS Erebus or the HMS Terror, a century exploration vessel. Both these ships left England on the ill-fated Franklin Expedition in Sir ...

Three Lonely Graves (Franklin expedition)

In Sir John Franklin, a British naval officer and renowned Arctic explorer, set sail from England, leading an expedition of two ships and 128 men

Incidents-On-A-Trading-Journey-Hms-Terror-Making-. Franklin Expedition

Sir John Franklin British naval officer and arctic explorer commanded the 1845 expedition of the ships 'Erebus' and 'Terror' to search for the North West ...

Brig Renovation sights two ships

HMS 'Erebus' in the Ice, 1846 by Francois Etienne Musin prints from Royal Museums Greenwich.

HMS Erebus John Horton painting.

Fine Silver Coloured Coin - Lost Ships in Canadian Waters: Franklin's Lost Expedition - Mintage:

129 hombres sin billete de vuelta: la expedición perdida del capitán Franklin

The mysterious story of Franklin expedition has finally been resolved after both of the ships were

Franklin Search Expedition, 1857.

Cannibals, Madness And Ice: The Search For The Franklin Expediton

Pin by Jan OConnor on The Franklin Expedition and the ships | Pinterest | Books

Last Man Standing - Franklin's Lost Expedition by KristinaGehrmann on deviantART

Ship From Doomed Arctic Expedition Found After 170 Years - Sir John Franklin's 1845 expedition to find the Northwest Passage

An astonishing find could solve the mystery of Sir John Franklin's lost expedition.

Check out this impressive coin of Franklin's Lost Expedition.

Sir John Franklin

John Hartnell - English able-bodied seaman, Franklin Expedition, died Jan. 4

Pin by Jan OConnor on The Franklin Expedition and the ships | Pinterest | History

Victorian Ship An engraving, circa 1844, of HMS Erebus and HMS Terror, the two ships used by Sir John Franklin

Journal of H.M.S. Enterprise on the Expedition in search of Sir John Franklin's Ships.

"The Crew of the HMS 'Terror' Saving the Boats and Provisions on the Night of March George Chambers, 1838. Find this Pin and more on The Franklin Expedition ...

Pin by Jan OConnor on The Franklin Expedition and the ships | Pinterest | Books

Franklin's lost expedition - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia | The Franklin Expedition and the ships | Pinterest

Erebus and Terror, Ships of the Antarctic explorers, James Clark Ross 1839 - 1843

John Hartnell - English able-bodied seaman, Franklin Expedition, died Jan. 4

Artifacts of a Doomed Expedition

1 of my graphic novel trilogy "Im Eisland" about the Franklin Expedition. Im Eisland -- -- Graphic novel cover

The Erebus and the Terror, ships from Sir John Franklin's search for a route through the Northwest Passage. Painting by Canadian artist, J Franklin Wright.

Sir George Back, H.M.S. Terror, and Polar Ice on Valentine's Day 1837. Franklin ExpeditionPublic ...

Graves of some of the Franklin expedition

HMS Erebus and HMS Terror were sent out in the summer of 1845 to find the…

W-H-Browne-The-British-Naval-Franklin-Search-font- · Franklin Expedition

Frozen Grave of John Hartnell HMS Erebus Franklin Expedition Beechey Island Historical Site Canada High Arctic | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

The Franklin Expedition by Graham Corcoran, via Behance

A century artist's imagined representation of Sir John Franklin's lost…

Boat with Corpses of Franklin Expedition by Corbis

74 best Franklin Expedition images on Pinterest | Franklin expedition, Arctic and Chart

Illustration of the HMS Erebus and HMS Terror stuck in the ice pack. (Getty)

Image result for hms terror

... evidence from King William Island supports the century reports of the local Inuit people; that members of Sir John Franklin's failed expedition resorted ...


Poster offering a reward for help in finding Franklin's lost expedition c 1850

Franklin's lost expedition - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Based on the true story of two ice ships that disappeared in the Arctic Circle during

erebus terror - Cerca con Google

The Expedition Entering Baffin Bay in Search of John Franklin


Search for Franklin Expedition ships cost taxpayers more than $1 million Archaeologists discover ship's bell from

In 1845, Captain Sir John Franklin led an expedition to the Arctic to navigate the Northwest Passage. His ships, HMS Erebus and HMS Terror, were lost in the ...

Marc-André Bernier, Parks Canada's manager of underwater archeology, sets a marine biology

Left: Captain James Fitzjames (Tobias Menzies), second in command of Franklin's ship, the HMS Erebus. Right: Captain Francis Crozier (Jared Harris), ...

Winter quarters of HM ships Resolute and Intrepid 53 & 54 in the pack, there

Portraits of 14 officers who served in the doomed Franklin Expedition, 1845. All of them perished in the Canadian Arctic during their voyage to find the ...


Captain Sir John Franklin, 1845 photo.

HMS Terror from doomed Franklin expedition believed found in Arctic

Relics of the Franklin Expedition of 1845

Nautical Artwork, Naval History, Tall Ships, Cieli, Boats, Sun, Sailing Ships

geisterseher: Clara L. Matéaux, Peeps Abroad for Folks at Home 'Erebus and Terror'. Find this Pin and more on Franklin expedition ...

Sir John Franklin's ships HMS Erebus and HMS Terror on the Thames River in London.

Lost Franklin expedition ship found in Canadian Arctic

the Royal Navy ships HMS Erebus and HMS - AOL Image Search Results

Franklin expedition discovery shows change in Arctic: Climate change a factor in shipwreck discovery (CBC News 12 September

Franklin Expedition ship found

More information

Franklin Expedition Map | The Life of Sir John Franklin, R.N.

Long-lost ship from Franklin expedition found - National

franklin expedition canned food 探險隊丟棄在畢奇島上的罐頭

Endurance was the three-masted barquentine in which Sir Ernest Shackleton sailed for the Antarctic

HMS Undaunted (N55) submarine ship´s badge

Franklin Expedition stamp

An amazing discovery of 2,000 year old mummies in the Tarim basin of Western China occurred

Sir John Franklin's ships HMS Erebus and HMS Terror on the Thames River in London. 1840s

The Franklin Expedition: through date? The purpose of the expedition was to map-out the North-West Passage from Europe to Asia. 134 sailors and officers ...

franklin expedition

Relics of Franklin's 1845 expedition, from the Illustrated London News, ...

Aurora Borealis

New pictures of Franklin expedition's HMS Erebus

Franklin in ice: Owen Beattie and John Geiger, Frozen in Time: The Fate of the Franklin Expedition (Douglas & Macintyre,

Franklin's lost expedition - Statue of John Franklin in his home town of Spilsby, Lincolnshire, England

How doomed British 'lost expedition' ship was found in Arctic

Secrets of Franklin expedition April 8-18, 2015 -- A team of navy

Beaufort Sea, in Artic, remains of British vessel, Investigator, which disappeared 157 years ago. Ship was iced up and the crew left June 1853

Ship found in Arctic 168 years after doomed Northwest Passage attempt

This site is a counter of curiosities and anecdotes related to the arctic polar expeditions happened between the S.

Team finds ship lost in Franklin expedition search

Eight years into the quest to solve a 168-year-old mystery, an

Julius von Payer _ "Starvation Cove" _ 1897 one of few paintings ralated with the discovery of the boats of the Franklin expedition