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Crimean war

Civil wars

Find this Pin and more on CRIMEAN WAR by mgblandford25.

Find this Pin and more on CRIMEAN WAR by mgblandford25.

The first battle of the Crimean War, on September

Crimean war

Crimean war

French image of the Battle of Waterloo on 18th June 1815

Blandford Uniforms of the Peninsular War; Marechal des Logis !st Lancers Vistula Legion(other figure is a French Cuirassier 13th Cuirassiers 1810 in a ...

"The Prince of Orange leading a counterattack of the 5th Militia Battalion at Quatre-

наполеон и революция: Униформология. Napoleonic ...

The Duke of Wellington meets Marshal Blücher at the end of the Battle of Waterloo on

Ufficiale e tamburo del 3 rgt. di fanteria belga - caporale del 12 rgt.

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Dutch carabiniers at Waterloo

2nd Coldstream Guards defending Hougomont. Keith Rocco's great painting of a critical action of Waterloo

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Polish Lancer of the Guard: Battle of Waterloo on 18th June 1815

13th Regiment: Napoleonic Swords and Sabers Collection: AN XI Light Cavalry Trooper's Sword Napoleon Army

blesses dans un hopital au temps de napoleon

Uniforms of The Peninsular War 1807 1814 Napoleonic Wars Reference History Book

Uniform Artists Uniforms of the World A discussion of military & civil uniforms from around the world

French; Lancers. L to R; 2nd Lancers , Trooper Elite Co, Full Dress, 1811-14, Marechal Ferrant in stable dress, 1811-14 & 5th Lancers, Trooper-carabiner, ...


Prince Diorama

Military Belt, Military Uniforms, Scottish Warrior, Crimean War, British Army, British History, Military History, Celtic Pride, Belt Buckles

Find this Pin and more on CRIMEAN WAR by MATTHEW BLANDFORD.

Harry Hart / Galahad (Colin Firth) wearing Cutler and Gross and Mr. Porter

Just cute.

Jeremy Blandford. Boards · Pins

Part 2

Pamela Patrick White, corazzieri sul campo di battaglia

The bases are painted with Humbrol Matt 80 Grass Green. I've had a lot of trouble of late with this paint as it was drying streaky with yellow patches so I ...

The final advance by the Allied line against the retreating French army at the Battle of

Find this Pin and more on CRIMEAN WAR by MATTHEW BLANDFORD.

DUTCH ARMY - The Dutch militia in battle at Wood Haelen, the (Dutch) Regiment of Grenadiers of the Garde Imperiale, was practically wiped out during the ...

Dutch Red Lancer crossing Berezina- by Jules Rigo

Although mortally wounded Captain Fawcett of the 57th continued to command his company at the Battle. Napoleonic ...

It's a broad bricht moonlit nicht tonich the noo!

Officier 1er léger garde napolitaine. Napoleonic ...

G Rava: Cuirassier from Napoleon Saga.

BRITISH ARMY - Caporale, 10° Light Dragon (Hussari) 1808

Foundry release Citadel Mercenaries and Blandford Warriors - Page3

The war lasted from 1812 to 1815 with relatives fighting each other on both sides of the border. On August 16th 1812 Brock attacked and took American Fort ...

Favourite Napoleonic Uniform?

In the year 1813 the American General Hampton mounted an attack on Lower Canada. General de Salaberry gathered his men and went to confront Hampton.

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Napoleon and Eugenie as on their wedding day.

Favorite Napoleonic cavalry - Armchair General and HistoryNet >> The Best Forums in History

La Barriere de Clichy: Detail | da unforth

Miliziano portoghese, Sergente del 37 rgt. fanteria di linea inglese, conduttore del treno

Find this Pin and more on CRIMEAN WAR by MATTHEW BLANDFORD.

1187 - 1226 Francés франция

A Prussian officer informing the Duke of Wellington that the French have crossed the border at

Karen Shaw – Netta's main community nurse

Hola! les traigo unas imágenes de caballeros y soldados medievales de la famosa enciclopedia británica "Blandford" de los años 50` espero que les gusten!

Pin by MATTHEW BLANDFORD on CRIMEAN WAR | Pinterest | Crimean war, American civil war and Warfare

Looks like artwork for Esci brand figures. Presenting the Prussians/Russians against the French at the battle of Jena.

Napoleonic Swords and Sabers Collection: 1796 Heavy Cavalry Officer Undress Sword Wellington Army

Hi sexy Irish actor Matthew Goode.

Favourite Paintings of the Napoleonic Wars

The Emperor Napoleon I by Vernet.

royaland: “antique-royals: “ Prince Imperial Louis Napoleon Bonaparte ” In serving with British forces, he was killed in a skirmish with a group of Zulus.

French Pioneers, Napoleon III era

Ussaro, giannizzero e artigliere a cavallo

Lipthay's Defense of Castiglione IR 41 Thurn- August 4, 1796-Keith Rocco

Belgian Carabinier, Waterloo, 1815.


Vintage military british uniform print ~ 1815 driver royal artillery

Pin by MATTHEW BLANDFORD on CRIMEAN WAR | Pinterest | Crimean war, American civil war and Warfare

The Little Corporal

Due to a distraction caused by another project (the unexpected decision to re-base my entire 15mm Napoleonic figure collection – don't ask!), ...

I finally finished the Schleswig-Holstein infantry unit and I have to say I am pretty happy with the result. It's been a nice change to paint some bigger ...


Portugese Legion. The Portuguese Legion (French Légion portugaise and Portuguese Legião Portuguesa) was

Find this Pin and more on I Want To Sing In Opera by Robert Fray.

Horatio Nelson was born on this day in history, 29 September 1758. He was

Find this Pin and more on CRIMEAN WAR by MATTHEW BLANDFORD.

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Napoleon Ryan - Fat Chance

Portanto, esta é uma coisa nova Matthew? Metade de uma mordida de lábio ??

Coat of arms of Thomas Beaufort, Duke of Exeter

All of these are Napoleon's signatures at various times of his life. UK illustrator Matt Dawson used these as examples when he "forged" Napoleon's signature ...

Jamie, Marquess of Blandford, with his son George and wife Edia

Portugese Legion. The Portuguese Legion was organized as a division, originally including: Five

French Cuirassier with captured Austrian colours

Alanda Pike (pictured) and her daughter Louisa May, 3, who had been

Hussars De La Montagne, raised in November 1993 to patrol the valleys of the Western