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Pin by Me on rapmon t BTS Namjoon and Rap monster

Pin by Me on rapmon t BTS Namjoon and Rap monster


안녕하세요 전 김4가지인데요 제가 드디어!! 내일 5시 엠넷 4가지쇼에 등장을 하네여. 평소에 할 수 없었던 여러가지 얘기들이 있으니 본방사수. 방탄도 나옴요. ^^

Rap Monster soooooo sexy he is like baby come here you won't regret it More

Yup this hair is so pretty😍

Read Rap Monster: Don't leave me from the story BTS Smuts (Boy X Boy) by Jungkookiefcksme (Tiffiny) with reads.

Rap Monster <3 || Just you know if you didn't have reason to smile yet..ah you know I am here..you can smile for me <333

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Monster A precious n belover leader in bts

Rap Monster • #BTS

Pin by Улыбка Тэхёна on ❤RM❤ | Pinterest | Namjoon, Rap monster and BTS

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BTS Tweet - Rap Mon (Selca) 140329 More

Rap moster. NamjoonRapmonWigBts ...

Namjoon messing with my feelings. Find this Pin and more on Rap Monster ...

Rapmon is perfect. Give me a choice to marry anyone in the world and we're going straight for namjoon. Find this Pin and more on Rap Monster~ (Kim ...

Find this Pin and more on BTS NAMJOON by uirouriuri.

Pin by Syahnerra Widya Maharani on Kim Nam Joon 김남준 | Pinterest | Namjoon, BTS and Rap monster

Again with the flower crown I can;t handle this... RapMon is adorable


idk why but Namjoon reminds me of Soul Eater in this picture. Find this Pin and more on Rap Mon. ...

Rap Mon twitter update

ALL FOR BTS #inkigayo

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Pin by Paula Insuratelu on Namjoon | Pinterest | BTS, Namjoon and Rap monster

Bts rapmonster

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So this guy I haven't talked to in forever texts me out of the blue and straight up insults me and.

This part kills me everytime BTS - 'Wings' Blood, Sweat & Tears MV

I wish BTS would forever keep Rap Monster's hair blond...because its just all kinds of sexy

don't do tgat i will die

Rapmon, Namjoon ...

BTS RM | Rap monster is my source of mental stability.

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Pin by Jhane Binnon on Kim RM Namjoon | Pinterest | Namjoon, BTS and Rap monster

Don't forget to vote BTS on MAMA 2017 and Melon Music Awards 2017.

Rap Monster ❤ [BTS Trans Tweet] 나를 만났다 \ I met myself (Namjoon is handsome, but cute af people and he looks great in white hoodies bOW DOWN and he's ...

[Picture/Scan] Rap Monster at Singles April Edition

“namjoon reminds me of cherry blossoms w that hair made this and I'm pretty sure this is a description of namjoon😮”

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BTS Rap Monster || Bangtan Boys Kim Namjoon

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Here we have Rap mon, being a problem.

he wrecked me so hard you don't even know


This is me explaining why RapMon is my bias.

Rap Monster ❤ BTS Profile Photos For 'Blood Sweat & Tears' Japanese Version! ❤ #BTS #방탄소년단

Rap Monsters blue hair phase gave me life

I can't help but to say rap mon is sexy as ever! BTS FIGHTING

pin: countlessroses ❂//I think i died a little inside

Compare your height with the BTS members. Find this Pin and more on rapmonster ...

BTS Rap Monster Reveals the Original Version of "Converse High". Find this Pin and more on BST RAPMONSTER ...

Rap Monster ❤ BTS at the Incheon Fansign

Rap Monster / rapmon / god of destruction ♥ bts leader

Pin by ♡♡♡ ʲᶤᶰ'ˢ⁶⁰ᶜᵐˢʰᵒᵘˡᵈᵉʳˢ on ♡вtwєєts♡ | Pinterest | BTS, Namjoon and Rap monster

Namjoon, Rapmon, Rap Monster, Dimples, Daddy, Kawaii, Bts, Anime, Wallpapers

He looks like freaking Saeran from Mystic Messenger.I swear their stylists plan this shit. Especially since Mystic Messenger is a Korean game

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RapMon - his dimples are deadly... I swear every pin I put are · RapmonNamjoonBts Bangtan BoyDimplesGossipBts Rap MonsterCelebrity ...

Pin by A.T.M on Kim Namjoon <3 | Pinterest | Namjoon, BTS and Rap monster

BJJZKI me: pre debut namjoon is so cute smh he- Yall: *throws receipts on how much i love jung hoseok the sun an angel*

Rap Monster so cutee ❤❤❤

Rap mon looks really good here

*pushes everyone out of the way* ME first and I'll never let go. Find this Pin and more on Rap Monster - Kim Namjoon ...

eto-nani.tumblr.com || BTS Rap Monster || Bangtan Boys


Imagen de bts, rm, and namjoon

Rap Monster on Running Man ❤

Namjoon (RapMon)/// SQUEEEEEEEE

Namjoon, Rapmon, Bts Boys, Families, Bts Rap Monster, Stage, Beauty, Pretty, Bts Wallpaper

Pinterest// jiminsgirll

Rap Monster :) · NamjoonRapmonBts ...


Aww why so cute baby?


pin: countlessroses ❂

How dare you kill me with this Action!😨😱😍 I'm so in love with you Monie~❤


RM ❤

Rap Monster (Kim Namjoon) during Spring Day's making off Cr to BigHit Entertainment

that's BTS — allforbts: © Keep Real

<3 Rap Monster <3 Kim Namjoon <3 #namjoon #rapmonster #bts

My lovable husband.

Rapmon, Namjoon, Bts Rap Monster


Find this Pin and more on ❤RapMon❤ by vitoriamurphy38.

Namjoon o.O (Twitter update) /// lolol so much derp <33333

pinterest ─ bagmilk

[ BTS × RapMon × Holy shit Namjoonie with wet hair × fml ]

Rap Monster ❤ [BTS Tweet] 2013.. (준이) #BTS #방탄소년단

Bangtan Boys Rap Monster - Singles Magazine May Issue