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Pokemon Go39s Niantic taps 39Harry Potter39 magic for new AR game

Pokemon Go39s Niantic taps 39Harry Potter39 magic for new AR game


Passengers play the augmented reality mobile game "Pokemon Go" by Nintendo inside a bus

Niantic Developing Augmented Reality "Harry Potter" Game

39. HoloGrid Monster Battle. android augmented reality game

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery promotional image. New term …

Brief Reality: New Game Underverse Takes a Stab at the Pokémon GO Gaming Model

'Harry Potter' Augmented Reality Mobile Game Coming Soon

Pokémon GO mit Harry Potter »Wizards Unite« angekündigt - Rome 2 bekommt DLC - News


Harry Potter Wizards Unite: When is the AR game released, what is it and all the latest rumours. Niantic ...

Google Pushes ARCore, Niantic Previews Its New AR Platform, & 'Walking Dead'

(Pokémon GO)

Pokemon Go Halloween: Pokemon Go celebrates Halloween in a new event trailer

Augmented reality example in cricket

The best single-player games to get you through the summer

George Clinton Giving Up the Funk, to Retire from Parliament Funkadelic in 2019 | Utter Buzz!

Anyone else see the resemblance?

Niantic Labs is planning to sell the technology that powers its titles to other game makers

Here Are the 39 Funniest Reactions to 'Pokemon Go'

Harry Potter. While the game hasn't achieved the insane levels of hype and activity since its initial launch, Pokemon Go is still going strong amongst ...

See How Much Money a Congressperson Has Taken From the NRA With This Chrome Extension

A woman poses for a photograph with the Harry Potter ...

Two of the most hated characters in British kid's literature are Professor Umbridge from Harry Potter and Ms. Trunchbull from Roald Dahl's Matilda.

'The Walking Dead' Pokémon GO Knockoff Gets a Launch Date, More Details Revealed

In the show I'm in right now, there's an scene when the less-than-pleasant Archdeacon of the Notre Dame Cathedral, Claude Frollo, tells his adopted son, ...

If you knew how many hours you'd have to work to buy that new TV, or a new car, how would that affect your decision to buy it? This calculator can help ...

The Blues Foundation held its 39th Blues Music Awards on Thursday, May 10, in Memphis, Tennessee. Several award winners have appeared recently in Central ...


Pokemon Go's Niantic taps 'Harry Potter' magic for new AR game

Far Cry Primal

News: Niantic Defends Against App Clones with Quests & Mew Character for Pokémon GO

#funny #pokemon #diglet

Keep Calm and Play World of Warcraft

Look Closer: Instagram for Artists

Hundreds of people of all ages walk in the March for Science on North Pleasant Street in Amherst on Earth Day, Saturday.

Artist reimagines Pokemon and their evolutions as cute Tsum Tsum!

Ticwatch 2 team clarifies which apps its Kickstarter smartwatch will initially support | Utter Buzz!

Epic Beard Men Take On “Dumb Ass Kids” in Laser Tag with New Video

Mary Jane

Back in 2013, developer Marco Arment sold his popular read-it-later app Instapaper to Betaworks, the company that had previously acquired Digg.

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Augmented Reality Is Real, Virtual Reality Is Over?

Pokémon Go's anticipated new buddy system rolled out over the last few days. Yesterday, everybody received access to patch 1.7 for iOS and 0.37 for Android.

The amount of candy you currently have, and the number needed to evolve a Pokémon, can be found on a Pokémon's card. Open the menu by tapping the Poké Ball, ...

Apple AR: Real World Objects Disappear Thanks to Textures and ARKit

Pokemon Go church

One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer: George Thorogood and the Destroyers take the Big E

After months of testing, Pokémon Go's new tracker is finally available. And calling its reception “controversial” would be an understatement—but that ...

GAME ON!!! (39 Photos)

37 Choice Killer Pics To Make Your Weekend!

everwings blackstorm game

Market Reality: Snapchat Does E-Commerce, Renault Drives into Star Wars AR & Christie's Taps Wealthy Art Buyers via AR

Apple offered up a first look at iOS 11.3 on Wednesday, revealing plans to improve Messages, add new augmented reality features, let you check your health ...

They should have added a Harry Potter section to this iFunny post.

Top 50 Mobile Game Developers of 2017

Instead of Banning Cheaters, Pokémon Go Trolls Them Hard

Lenovo's Star Wars — Jedi Challenges Now Lets You Battle Other Lightsaber Users in Augmented Reality

Outside Lands has added a handful of new additions to their 2018 lineup.

Tinder Taps Its Inner Vegas to Predict Swipe Rights

Earlier this week, Nintendo delighted Fortnite fans by announcing that the game, which might just be the most popular game being played right now, ...

Mike Mika is a video game developer, so naturally he has a passion for video games. He modded Donkey Kong once so his young daughter could play as Pauline ...

Mountain Car Drive Timuz Games

Redial the Last Number You Called On iPhone By Just Tapping the Call Button Again

Pokemon Jigglypuff look like she bout to battle eminem

Percy Hill has performed sporadically over the past few years, and are excited to bring Color in Bloom to life on May 12. “Even at live shows and within the ...

The second option, Turn Off..., completely disables all notifications for the related app. Tap this button and you will be prompted to confirm it's what you ...

Nintendo's Switch feels almost like a minimum viable product when it comes to software – the menu, when you boot the console initially, ...

If you've got an iPad with iOS 11, you're probably getting used to the new gestures involved in navigating. From the always-on Dock to the new multitasking ...

Celeste's Video Game Soundtrack Is Perfect Background Music for Getting Work Done | Utter Buzz!

The level of detail in the map for Draconius is surprising. Even the community swimming pool is captured.

Trump Taps IBM and GM Chiefs in First-Ever Sign He Gets Tech Matters

Delta's Amazing Shower Head Is the Best Home Upgrade You Can Make For $16 | Utter Buzz!

Marc Broussard, a master of bayou soul, is currently on his 2018 tour which will feature tracks from his new album, Easy to Love.

Jack White will embark on tour in support of his upcoming new solo album 'Beach House Reach.'

Disney is Livestreaming the Sunrise at Magic Kingdom and Honestly It's Just What I Need Today | Utter Buzz!

You wouldn't think online shopping could get you in trouble with customs, but if you accidentally order counterfeit merchandise on Amazon it just might.

If you want to get your hands dirty on a semi-evil electronics project, this DIY EMP generator is fun—if not a little dangerous—build to try.

It's rare that I pay much attention to automaker infotainment and multimedia system updates at CES – usually there's too much going on with autonomy, ...

What drives a 74-year old classic rock icon to undertake such an ambitious project as performing the rock opera Tommy with a symphony orchestra?

Game|Life Podcast: No Man's Sky, Deus Ex and Other Controversies

Everyone gets stressed, be it from their job, their partner, or even just reading the news. For me, my typical solution to a stressful situation is to go on ...

Can Augmented Reality Help Kids Stay Active? An Interview with an AR Specialist

음양사 for kakao Kakao Games Corp.

Steve Kimock & Friends To Headline 'Art & Soul: A Concert To Benefit Dave Hunter' | Utter Buzz!

Smashing Pumpkins Share New Single 'Solara'

Anker's mobile division Roav is today announcing an in-vehicle Alexa device. Called Viva, the device plugs into a 12-volt cigarette lighter outlet and turns ...

The computer in your car is a treasure trove of information about gas mileage, engine performance, maintenance issues, and more, but without an OBD2 scanner ...

New Orleans Jazz Fest 2018 – Night Shows: Photo Gallery

Some middle-class mamas are swapping out their sippy cups of wine for drug-laced cheese plates. According to Business Insider, “brieing” is the practice of ...

Review: The NES Classic Edition and all 30 games on it

Ann Arbor funk quartet will soon release a guest-filled studio album, 'The Beautiful Game.'

39. Facebook Unveils Two New VR Cameras With 'Six Degrees of Freedom'