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Potica is a typical Slovenian festive dish known all around the

Potica is a typical Slovenian festive dish known all around the


Potica - this is a typical Slovenian festive dish known all around the world. It was first mentioned in 1575.

Potica.......Randy's Favorite

Alongside štruklji, potica is the most typical Slovenian dessert. It is made with more

This spring Terme Krka hosted the first Slovenian Easter Potica Festival. Potica is a traditional Slovenian pastry and Slovenia is trying to obtain the ...

This is excellent for enhancing the immune system in the cold days of the holiday season.

Potica comes with a variety of fillings. Source: Shutterstock

Povitica , pronounced po-va-teet-sa , is a popular holiday dessert bread, much like a nut roll, served in Eastern Europe.

Potica is the most famous and the most festive Traditional Slovenian Cake.

Burek by palachinka, via Flickr

At Easter potica consumption reaches its peak (Photo: slovenia.info)

Putizza di Noci: Slovenian-Italian-Jewish Fusion = Chocolate Potica!

Potica is one of the most typical Slovenian desserts. Some 80 different fillings are known for potica, which is a typical festive dessert made from ...

POTICA is the most typical Slovenian dessert. It is made with more than 80 different

Traditional Potica. Source: Shutterstock

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Hungarians call it bejgli, and Austrians call it strudel, but it's always potica in our house, because my grandmother was Slovenian!


Potica (nut roll) is typical Slovenian festive dish known all around the world. It is consisted of a sweet yeast dough which is spread with filling.

Potica Variations: Chocolate, Pecan, and Poppy Seed

The aromas of typical festive dishes – carefully prepared to recipes handed down by grandmothers or found in old cookery books – waft from every kitchen.


This dessert is rich and heavy, like festive desserts should be. You should use whole cream, real butter (no shortening or other vegan stuff) and don't ...

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The Hirshon Slovenian Nut Roll – Potica

Slovenian potica

Slovenian Nut Bread, "Potica" (Pronounced paw teet zah) is a traditional Slovenian holiday treat. My great aunt use to make this.

Slovenian Potica. 3 hours 20 minutes. Potica is a typical Slovenian festive dish known all around the ...

Potica with walnuts and pecans

As a slovene girl by heritage, my family insisted I learn all about making potica.

Post Christmas Update: Sure enough, that second batch was perfect, even after freezing! See the photo below, with recipe following.

Pope to first lady: what are you feeding Trump?

potica. potica1

Potica: Traditional Slovenian Dish Hits Headline Thanks to Melania Trump, Pope Francis - News18

And Christmas isn't Christmas (and Easter not Easter!) without home-baked potica! You can read plenty more about my potica journey here ...

Potica, the Slovenian dessert favoured by Pope Francis

New for 2015: Gluten-Free Potica--with Amazing Almond Filling!

Two holiday potluck parties in the space of three days:A musical gathering at the home of a Cajun music friend, followed by a Christmas party ...

Potica, Slovenian traditional sweet roll with wallnuts


Potica recipe - traditional Slovenian Cake - Global Storybook

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Potica. Source: Shutterstock

A brass band from Pivka's twin town of Durach in Bavaria, provided the entertainment and joined in the fun, too!

Potica, spiral rolled cake, is a Slovenian traditional festive dessert and a real gastronomic treat. There are many potica bread varieties following the ...

Potica cakes from Kranjski kolaček. Potica is a classic festive dish or dessert in Slovenia.

Potica, typical slovenian food in the market

In December of 2011, we were asked to consider this question: What is the secret ingredient in your holiday traditions?

The last time I posted my family's potica recipe, I promised that I would add an expanded version of the instructions, along with step-by-step photos.

Potica, typical slovenian food in the market

Even after a big lunch, those with a sweet tooth will always find room for potica, a delicious traditional cake that is part of every Slovenian festivity.

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Christmas Walnut Potica, December 2014

potica slovenian festive dish

Slovenian cuisine

I was also impressed by the 'no waste' policy, whereby the ends of the dough that are cut off before the potica goes into a mould, are baked into biscuits.

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Potica je bogato in težko (za želodec) pecivo, takšno kot mora biti praznično pecivo. Uporabiti moramo polnomastno smetano, pravo maslo (nobene margarine in ...

Potica as part of traditional Slovenian Easter breakfast

If you like this traditional Slovenian cake, do not miss the 2nd Easter Potica Festival at Otočec Castle on 28th and 29th of March! https://ter.li/16bn58 ...

For some people Christmas is their favourite time of the year and I think I can say the same for Christmas in Slovenia. In theory Christmas or Christmas day ...

Potica, Roll with walnuts. Slovenian dessert

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Slovenian festive canapes and plates

Somehow we even found room to indulge in traditional homemade walnut potica – thanks Anja!

Cover and let rise in warm place until double, about 30 minutes–1 hour. Bake in preheated 180 °C oven for 30–40 minutes until medium brown.


Traditional hike organised by #Slovenia Military representation to #NATO & #EU. #LovelyDay #potica #WeAreNATOpic.twitter.com/cILJCzegVO

Kremna rezina. Source: Shutterstock


How To Make Homemade Potica Bread Recipe - A DIY To Make Two Delicious Nut Rolls

Potica, Slovenian traditional sweet roll with wallnuts

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The typical Ljubljana dishes such as Carniolan sausage and Slovenian potica will be presented by Prof. Janez Bogataj and prepared by chef Damjan Fink of ...

Slovenian Potica, Traditional sweet Roll with wallnuts, almonds - Global Storybook


The Poor Man's Potica: Pisani Kruh

#Slovenian breakfast meeting at the Ambassador's residence in Tokyo. Enjoyed great #potica and conversations with wonderful women from various sectors.

Typical Slovenian dishes and the surprising diversity arising from mixing cuisines from different areas can be explored at original culinary events in ...

Potica with four fillings

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By prior arrangement the potičnica offers workshops for groups, whereby each person can make their own potica, have a guided tour of the island, ...

Potica – festive cake

... typical Slovenian festive dish known all around the world. Potica is a traditional Slovenian pastry

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... the most popular typical Slovenian dishes: 3963290911_dd91f2c24d_o

We should talk about #potica, the most famous Slovenian pastry - during #Easter holidays poticas are usually made of walnuts and raisins, ...

Žganci is a simple dish. It is prepared from buckwheat, corn, wheat or barley flour.


Potica/Potizza, Roll with walnuts


Trojane smetanova potica

Serves 12

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I'm coming off an illness and don't feel much like leaving the house, but the only food here is a delicious giant cake-loaf #potica ...