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Procopius The Anecdota or Secret History Procopius39s History of the

Procopius The Anecdota or Secret History Procopius39s History of the


The Secret History. of Procopius

Procopius, Vol. 6: The Anecdota or Secret History (Loeb Classical Library,

The Secret History (Penguin Classics): Procopius, Peter Sarris, G. A. Williamson: 9780140455281: Amazon.com: Books

4915769397_26472ab5a0_o (1). I had a ...

Procopius, Vol. 7: On Buildings, General Index (Loeb Classical Library, No. 343) (English and Greek Edition)

Title page of the first English translation of Procopius's Secret History

Icon of Triumph of Orthodoxy .


Procopius of Caesarea

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In 324 Constantine, the first Christian emperor, became sole ruler of the Roman Empire. He set up his Eastern headquarters at the ancient Greek colony of ...

How Perilous Was It to Write Political History in Late Antiquity? | Studies in Late Antiquity

Bronze statue of Theoderic the Great.

Theodora, Aetius of Amida, and Procopius: Some Possible Connections

... and buried history of some of the most notorious groups, including the Illuminati, the Freemasons, Skull and Bones, World Bankers, the Secret Government ...

A famosa 'História Secreta' foi descoberta séculos depois de escrita na biblioteca do Vaticano e publicada por Niccolò Alamanni em 1623.

The Chronicle of Zuqnin Parts III and IV A.D. 488-775 | Religion And Belief

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Why did Justinian marry Theodora?

We will never know what pushed the brave general and prudent historian Procopius of Caesarea to betray, in his Anecdota (The Secret History, cca.

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(BTW The reference in that text above on the right side is to the famous description from Procopius' Gothic Wars (part I, 15): “And adjoining this is the ...

In Hellenism, Olympos is the radiant royal palace where the Gods dwell— a fortified hilltop with golden halls which lies just under the peaks of Mount ...

Original Table of Contents or First Page

Fake News – Special Issue $14.99. The production and dissemination of fake news has a long history. Procopius ...

L.M. Slackens: The Yellow Press, showing William Randolph Hearst as a jester handing out

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This description of the first Samaritan rebellion by Procopius of Caesarea, a Byzantine historian, was written between 559 and 560 C.E. This account ...

Family Tree of Ahmose (click to see larger image)

Bust of a Byzantine empress, possibly Theodora. 6th century. Museum of Ancient Art

Musings on current events and some of my recent works on medieval and late Roman history

Prokops Historien in der um 1315 geschriebenen Handschrift Venedig, Biblioteca Marciana, Gr. 398, fol. 98r

By 2001 such views seemed eccentric, but they are in line with historical Christian teachings, where all sorts of disasters were blamed on sinners such as ...


3247_recto.jpg ...

Dubious Byzantine 'anecdota'

Social and Political Life in Late Antiquity | Identity (Social Science) | Late Antiquity

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Paris, France | AFP | In capital letters and with an exclamation mark, “FAKE NEWS!” may have been popularised by Donald Trump in hundreds of his tweets but ...

“It came to be supposed that as Alemanni was himself an official of the Vatican library, and had printed the 'Anecdota' from two manuscripts which he found ...

Before Trump, the long history of fake news

Modern or early modern drawing of a medallion celebrating the reconquest of Africa, c.

US President Donald Trump unveiled the 10 "winners" of his "Fake News Awards

Jan II Komnen pozostawił bizantyjski skarbiec pełny, i nie wezwał do egzekucji lub okaleczania któregokolwiek ze swoich poddanych za swych rządów.

Donald Trump may have popularised "fake news", but the concept has been

The rock Hvitserk, and a fight with a Greenland Pygmy (Olaus Magnus, 1557)

... John, the Maverick Gospel

Weeding out Fake News: An Approach to Social Media Regulation by Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies - issuu

The long history of fake news

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(Files) US President Donald J. Trump speaks to the media before participating in a video teleconference calls with troops on Christmas Eve in Palm Beach, ...

der oströmische Kaiser Justinian I.

Anastasius IAnastasius I, portrait on the obverse side of a coin. CNG coins (http://www.cngcoins.com)

Image of St Dunstan

529A-552C; Figure 1).

AMAZING FACTS ON HISTORY. everything under the sun!

The Project Gutenberg eBook of Encyclopædia Britannica, Volume XII Slice VII - Gyantse to Hallel.

THE LEADER STORY - Great Royal Wife - Queen Neferneferuaten Nefertiti

Sepphoris Cardo, a Byzantine Period market place in the Galilee.

Timeline of the name "Palestine"

'Anecdote' initially meant “items of unpublished or secret history or biography.”

Anecdotal Evidence: Definition & Examples


Before Trump, the long history of fake news

18th century Piranesi drawing.

anecdote was our Word of the Day on 02/10/2009. Hear the podcast!

Pompeii bodies (click to see larger image)

17. Mozaïek: Justinianus en Theodora, S. Vitale, Ravenna.

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Johnny Shumate provided a full-page illustration depicting Justinian and some dismounted heavy cavalrymen.

Stoic Paradoxes


The Alexiad of the Princess Anna Comnena by Anna Comnena

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in a crowd in the 1840 painting.

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The art of 'adulting': Why do so many of us struggle to grow up?

Jan II Komnen pozostawił bizantyński skarbiec pełny, i nie wezwał do egzekucji lub okaleczania któregokolwiek ze swoich poddanych za swych rządów.

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