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Properly designing the acoustics of open spaces is known to have a

Properly designing the acoustics of open spaces is known to have a


Office acoustics in large open plan space

workplace acoustics

Noise pollution in open space office. Meeting rooms acoustics

... very detailed tweaks to make it work,' Herriott says, adding that the trend in San Francisco, where he is based, is for offices that have open ceilings ...

Modern conference and boardrooms are notorious for poor acoustics. Everyone prefers working in environments that are light and open, but they also need to ...

workplace acoustics

Working space open space acoustics

High NRC ceiling tiles above and sound masking from under the floor make this a high

open office

Room Acoustics: Designing an Open Office That Doesn't Compromise Privacy or Productivity

Open space office noise problems

Open plan offices

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"Noise levels in office spaces where conceptual work is carried out should not exceed 55 decibels, and spaces without proper acoustics can even reach 65 ...

workplace acoustics

pinta acoustic Atmosphere

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The majority of employees are seated in an open floor plan, with a variety of support spaces available ...

Our goal is to find innovative solutions, create better environments and help people enjoy the space that they work and learn in.

Create areas where noise is kept to a minimum by utilizing acoustic materials on the ceiling. If the ceiling is open, then use the slab to attach material.

The Sound of Sustainability: Acoustics in High-Performance Design | BuildingGreen

Predominantly, sound baffles such as the Soundleaves designs made with Akutex, or Silencio 5, are ideal for noisy environments.

Wall-mounted televisions, like this one in a Los Angeles home featured in House Calls, can be a major acoustical headache in homes.

Interested in a more natural approach? Plants do have some sound absorbing capabilities that can be leveraged just as effectively in indoor spaces as ...

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Seating arrangement speaker Sound reflection; 5. Long term acoustic studies conducted in outdoor spaces have ...

auditorium design stages plan

Rimpi is an acoustic wall panel for home and public spaces. Beautiful Rimpi surface can

With open design becoming a core staple of more homes, ensuring that they are maintained with the proper range of acoustic panels is now more important than ...

Restaurant Acoustics. “

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The open-plan office design offers many benefits, including better daylight access, greater flexibility, and a more collaborative setting.

Open offices have become the trend for an increasing number of companies as the traditional cubicle fell out of favour. Aside from saving space, open ...


avl consultant avl design and integration

Acoustical Design Relationships ...



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... areas; 38. Architectural acoustics ...

Open space offices acoustic correction: improving the liveability of a working environment

performance venue lighting design

Acoustic diffusers added to the rear wall of the critical listening room to preserve energy at mid-high frequencies. Diffusion here is optional, ...

Setting the Soundstage: How to treat your home theater like a real theater

Architectural Acoustics is a modern field in architecture and acoustics that combines or bridges both disciplines. Below was a study in Worship Space ...


AvenueIS_Applications_AcousticDesign (4)

The green arrows represent the direct sound from the speakers. The other arrows represent hard reflections bombarding the listener.

Any space of any shape or size can have Life-Like Imaging and produce World Class Recordings with Mastering Quality Acoustics with the application of the ZR ...

Visualizing the way sound interacts with the shape and volume of an interior space may help architects integrate acoustics into their design process.

... Shantanand auditorium; 57. 3.9 DESIGN CONSIDERATION ...

Graphic showing sound traveling over partitioned walls via a sound path arrow from the lay in

If you want to get the best out of your microphones, it is a good idea to have some knowledge of acoustics. This article takes you through 10 of the most ...

ZR Acoustics® | The Ultimate Listening Experience

It's easy to get carried away once the boxes of gear arrive. But make sure


Do's And Dont's Of Audio Room Design


Sick of your square Use the to add a new dimension and rounder shape to any blasé space! With a variety of unit styles, you can dress up corners, ...

Sound absorbing ceilings improve the function of screens



Designing Community Spaces for Acoustics

Modern open plan office

Home Theater Room Acoustic Design Tips. home_theater_acoustic_room_design

Simple to install with cable suspensions, they can reflect any color and design by printing on the textile with sound absorbing properties such as Akutex or ...

An Architect's Guide to Soundproofing

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The multi‑use space before…

Material for High Fidelity Listening and Mixing

Super Bass Extreme Positioned in two front corners

Noise problems in public spaces


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... 10. 2.2.4 Issues of Acoustic System Design ...

6. The Danish Music Museum, Denmark

Vicoustic's on‑line 'solutions finder' suggesting some of their different products for a

The performing arts spaces were designed for Western-style music and theatre performances. Cost: n/a. Completed: 2002. ACOUSTICS: TALASKE (Completed through ...

Case Study: Building Silently - Acoustics Design at Smithsonian's NMAAHC| Shen Milsom & Wilke

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Call or email us today to make arrangements for our acoustics team to visit you and evaluate your facility.

Designing the Urban Soundscape

Campbell Ewald. Modern Office DesignOffice Space ...

acoustic board multicolours in open office

Bolt Chart, Reprint from Master Handbook of Acoustics

An Acoustic ...