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Qushui Garden Chinese Garden Chinese gardens t

Qushui Garden Chinese Garden Chinese gardens t


Most of Shanghai's classic gardens were originally built as part of private residential estates, but one exception is Qushui Garden in Qingpu District.

Classical Gardens of Suzhou, China · Most Beautiful GardensChinese GardenChinese ...

shanghai_yuyuan_garden_corridor. Yu Garden ...

Humble Administrator's garden in Suzhou China

Suzhou and Zhouzhuang One Day Tour from Shanghai Suzhou and Zhouzhuang are entitled as the “ Garden City” or “Oriental Venice”. Come and see the beauty of ...


Suzhou Gardens Been there 2009 · Chinese GardenChinese ...

Classic Chinese Gardens

Built in the 10th year of Qianlong Reign of Qing Dynasty (1745), the Qushui Garden used to be subordinate to Chenghuang Temple. In the third year of Xiqing ...


Zuibaichi Garden in Songjiang District is one of the most famous classical gardens in regions south of the Yangtze River as well as a tourist attraction in ...

Yu Garden - Another view of the Pavilion of Listening to Billows.

Yu Garden - The Pavilion of Listening to Billows in Yu Garden.

Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden in Vancouver

Chinese Garden of Friendship

Yu Garden - Image: Yuyuan Gardens water reflection

Portland Japanese Tea Garden

Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Chinese Garden, Biddulph Grange, England

The Nine-Bend Bridge and the Tea House

Two-story corridor:

... QiuxiaYuan in Jiading, and ZuibaichiYuan in Songjiang), and the final one on our list to visit. Established in 1745, the garden is very well maintained.

Chinese Garden of Serenity, Malta

Chinese Garden, Singapore

Yuyuan Moon Gate. Moon Gate, Yu Garden. The classical Chinese gardens were created by the literati ...

Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden in Vancouver

Tanyuan Garden gains its name from two green aged ebony trees, Yuanyangtan and Qiansuitan. Belonging to monotypic species and with a history of 1389 years, ...

Retreat & Reflection Garden - Image: Retreat garden gathering tower

Kent thinking about stepping out on the Taihu rock:

All-Inclusive Vacations to China. Moon GateChinese GardenAsian ...

Dunedin Chinese Garden, Dunedin, New Zealand

... Chinese gardening and traditional buildings. Yuyuan Garden

cherry blossoms | Stories from the Inaka

The Japanese Garden in Portland is a acre respit. Said to be one of the most authentic Japanese Garden's outside of Japan, the rolling terrain and water ...

Lion Grove Garden

2016 travel diary 19: The Scholar's Garden #1: Yun Seon-do on Bogildo | London Korean Links

Lingering Garden

Humble Administrator's Garden, Suzhou, China

The Largest Peony Garden in Beijing

A typical classic chinese garden in Suzhou. Famous of a small, compact, clean

The Peony Garden is behind Jingshan Hill with a pavilion with three-layered eaves on the top

Huxinting Teahouse perched on the pond

Located in Songjiang District, Square Pogoda Garden was erected mainly for visitors to view historical relics. Formerly as downtown center of Guhuating in ...

Suzhou Gardens ... Morning Mist Enshrouds the Gardens · Chinese GardenSuzhou

Lingering Garden is located in the ancient city of Suzhou outside the gate of the Lingering Garden Road No. 338, the park building layout is exquisite, ...

Hangzhou, China

As one of the most ancient gardens in Shanghai, Guyi Garden bears tourist attractions, including Yiyetang (the reclusive hall), Xi'e Pond (white swan pond), ...

Kent thinking about stepping out on the Taihu rock:

Shanghai City God Temple

The Seyeonjeong pavilion, with, in the foreground, the boat-shaped SaTuAm rock (사투암)

The Zigzag Bridge on the Island.

Taking in the sunset over Pudong from Garden Bridge in Shanghai, China

Humble Administrator's Garden

The Imperial Garden in the north tip of the Forbidden City.

Nine-Bend Bridge and Pond

2016 travel diary 19: The Scholar's Garden #1: Yun Seon-do on Bogildo | London Korean Links

They are considered the earliest Chinese characters ever found. Ten Shiguwen stones displayed in the yard are copies of the originals now housed in the ...

Shanghai in Spring

A whitewashed wall with a moon gate screens a small area from the rest of the garden

Beautiful photos of Chinese gardens

Humble Administrator's Garden, the grand view garden style classical luxurious garden, with its layout of mountain island, bamboo dock, Songgang, Qushui ...


Innisfree Garden

Suzhou, the Venice of the East. Paradise On EarthChinese ...

Back in April, I took a weekend trip to the capital of Shandong Province. Jinan's nickname is the Spring City because of its abundance of artesian springs ...

Master of the Nets Garden

Qushui Garden

The garden is numerous, some heat, some fame, and has a long history, we going to talk about today is China four gardens, are: Beijing the Summer Palace, ...

Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden is an AAAA comprehensive botanical garden integrating scientific research, popularization of science, landscape and ...


I Ching: Daily Chinese astrological I Ching reading: 8/7/15.

Yuyuan Market ( Yuyuan Bazaar)

Sunset Glow over Changqiao Park West Lake Hangzhou

Chinese comics from the 1960s-70s, part of an exhibition of 1960s stuff in a building in the complex.

The four inner lakes are connected by poetic bridges.

Jade Buddha Temple, Zuibai Pond Garden ...

Yuyuan Garden in Shanghai

... The Grand View Garden Area of Shanghai ...

Country Garden Phoenix Hotel

Chinese Architecture by Helen Sotiriadis

The rockery called the "Lesser Peak That Flew Here:"

The black eaved long coridor runs along the lake and the whitewashed wall

Looking back to the bridge to the corridor:

Nanxiang Steamed Buns. Nanxiang Steamed Buns. Eating Nanxiang Steamed Buns at the Nanxiang Restaurant ...

One of the features of Canglang is that its main water attraction is on its outside of the garden. It is the oldest garden in Suzhou. Entrance:

tulips and grape hyacinths

Classical Gardens of Suzhou

Trip to Jiangsu