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RARE HISTORY Richard Theodore Greener 18441922 was the

RARE HISTORY Richard Theodore Greener 18441922 was the


Richard Theodore Greener (1844-1922) was the first Black graduate of Harvard University

Richard Theodore Greener

Richard Theodore Greener Beyond brilliant. This space does not allow me to write it all

Richard Theodore Greener Papers of Richard Greener first black Harvard alumnus

Richard Theodore Greener Greener Richard T 18441922 The Black Past Remembered and

Portrait of Richard Theodore Greener (1844-1922) the first African-American graduate

Richard Theodore Greener (January 30, 1844 – May 2, 1922) was the

Richard Greener portrait

Richard Theodore Greener Richard Theodore Greener Oberlin College Pinterest

1st black pilot with Continental Airlines who had to go through the Supreme Court to get the job. Marlon Dewitt Green ...

Richard T. Greener circa 1887

The natives of Hawaii were Black people whose ancestral roots extend back to Africa. Prince Leleiohoku (1855-1877, Crown Prince of the Hawaiian Islands.

Uncompromising Activist: Richard Greener, First Black Graduate of Harvard College (The Johns Hopkins University Studies in Historical and Political ...

Martin Jay reviews Theodor Adorno and Max Horkheimer's Towards a New Manifesto, freshly translated by Rodney Livingstone, and hints at some interesting ...

A young Martin Luther King Jr. He was born Michael King, Jr., but changed his name to Martin Luther King, Jr. when he was a teen.

Booker T Washington (April 1856 – November was an African-American educator, author, orator, and advisor to Republican presidents. He was the dominant ...

Richard Theodore Greener (1844-1922) was the first Black graduate of Harvard University (Class of 1870) | Art, Photography & History | Pinterest | Harvard, ...

Too brilliant a mind for you not to know. Richard Theodore Greener associate editor of National Encyclopedia of American Biography.


Richard Theodore Greener News Events amp Exhibits University Libraries University

I wonder if his estate got any of the billions of dollars made in Polo shirt sales?

Not until Elizabeth Dowling Taylor published her book, “The Original Black Elite: Daniel Murray and the Story of a Forgotten .

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Our history

Forten became one of the most successful sail

Paul Helleu | Portrait of Belle da Costa Greene | 1913 | The Morgan Library &

Diploma of First African-American Harvard Graduate Richard T. Greener up for Auction this

cartermagazine: Today In History 'Eva Beatrice Dykes became the first Black woman to meet the requirements for a Ph. on this date March Dykes attended ...

Man, if I had his mind and intellect.

Clarence Muse was an actor, screenwriter, director, composer, and lawyer. He

Brother Garvey.

Fascinating story of the woman who became an assistant to J.P. Morgan.

Britain's Biggest Secret - The Black Victorians. Who were the Black Victorians? Never before

USC Beaufort

Moving Image Research Collections, University of South Carolina

Horace Hopkins Coolidge, age 22, on his graduation from Harvard, class of 1852. ... a genial charm of manner, a rare tenderness and a spirit of living ...


My father was a slave and my people died to build this country, and I'm going to stay right here and have a part of it, just like you.

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Explore African American History and more!

First African American February 8, 1944 Harry S. McAlphin - First African American to

Harvard Class of 1870 Photographic Yearbook

Herbert Smitherman, with a Ph.D in physical organic chemistry, was a pioneering executive and professional chemist at Proctor & Gamble who created Crest ...

Black and white photo of Rutherford Hayes, President of the United States, between 1877 and Picture of American President Rutherford B Hayes.

Harvard Class of 1870 Photographic Yearbook

Word, Shout, Song: Lorenzo Dow Turner Portrait | Newsdesk

Anna Dickinson was eight when she survived Titanic, 11 when she lost an aunt on Lusitania, 31 when she lost a cousin on Hindenburg, 37 when she lost a ...

BY RUNOKO RASHIDI I first met Ivan Van Sertima in either late 1980 or I went to a lecture that he gave in a classroom at UCLA.

5 Leaders of the Harlem Renaissance

By the time this photograph of Frederick Douglass was taken, slavery in the United States

Pearl Bailey

Robert Tanner Freeman is the first professionally trained black dentist in the United States. A child of slaves, he eventually entered Harvard Univ…

AFRICAN, BLACK & DIASPORIC HISTORY — diasporicroots: Hazel Scott June 11, 1920 –

History is hot! This lovely southern gentleman is Harry T. the man who was the deciding vote in passing the amendment, giving women the right to vote on ...

Ida Bell Wells-Barnett, around 1893. National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution. | ֆ § ֆ HISTORY-BLACK ֆ § ֆ | Pinterest | Birth, ...

Assistant Chief Librarian (Ret) at the Moodland-Spingarn

Richard Roundtree

At the end of the day after the plastic surgery and stuff they still going to

FANNY JACKSON COPPIN The first black woman school principal in 1869 at the Institute for Colored Youth — improving educational experiences i.

Remember "Gullah Gullah Island" on Nick Jr? There's a real historical side to that! Interesting story of a Former Gullah slave: Robert Smalls

Anthony Bowen, who purchased his own freedom from slavery in Maryland, founded the first

Explore the best Carl T. Rowan quotes here at OpenQuotes. Quotations, aphorisms and citations by Carl T.

Dr. George Franklin Grant was the first African American professor at Harvard. He was

Edward ...

So sad that we've lost sight of this. Maybe the next generation can

I always wondered why anyone would paint Christ to look like a white man then found that one of the most infamous, cruel men in history ...

Max ...

1 9 Plate Daguerreotype ID'Ed Handsome 21 yr Old Amazing Note Behind Image |

Charles Grandison Finney, a Presbyterian minister who supported social change in relation to women's rights.

South Actress Poonam Preet Portfolio Photoshoot (2) at Poonam Preet Photoshoot Stills #PoonamPreet Check more at ...

The Bookshelf Cafe News

On April 27, 1903 The publication of W.E.B. DuBois's Souls of Black Folk crystallized opposition

Fredrick L. McGhee- Niagara Movement Fredrick McGhee, a founding member of the Niagara Movement, was born into slavery in Mississippi in 1861.

Alma Thomas (1891-1978) | expressionist, realist | African American Artists and Art | Pinterest

52 Colorized Historical Photos That Give Us A New Look At the Past

U.S. Congress

1869 - Republican President Ulysses S. Grant appointed Ebenezer D. Bassett Ambassador to Haiti, making him the first black diplomat to represent the US.

Andre Reboucas: Inventor of The Torpedo. Click the link to learn more!

Lewis Sheridan Leary, member of John Brown's unsuccessful raid in Harper's Ferry, VA

BLACK GOLD WAS AN "ALL COLORED CAST" SILENT FILM PRODUCED IN 1928. | Black America: 70's to Now | Pinterest | Silent film, History and African American ...

Christopher ...

Gen. Benjamin F. Butler declared slaves "contraband of war" (refusing to return them to Slave Owners). Mr Butler (who later became a member of the House of ...

Other faces slideshow. Virginia Randolph – educator. Richard Theodore Greener ...

58 Colorized Photos from the Past - Brigadier General and actor Jimmy Stewart. Stewart flew 20 combat missions over Nazi-occupied Europe and…

The founder of The Black Panthers. Wow. Never knew this. ..of

Alexander ...

Maynard Jackson, Mario Van Peeples, Julian Bond and Richard Pryor.

Macon Allen - 1st African American to practice law.

Historical Figures You Didn't Know Were Black

The REAL William Shakespere was a black man, a so called negro with woolly hair

Why not round up all the slave names and commemorate them on a wall, like that veteran shit. Stop trying to tell me that blacks aren't lazy with lamemes

John T. Ford, manager of Ford's Theater, where Abraham Lincoln was shot,

Booker T. Washington (African American Born Into Slavery) was the last of the

Portrait of a Moor by Karel van Mander III. Circa 1640's.

who was born in received a Ph. in philosophy in 1903 from Yale University. He was the first African-American to earn a Ph. in philosophy anywhere in the U.

You wouldn't know it to look at this picture, but Williams was one of the first, wealthiest and most famous black comedians of his day.

Coretta Scott King: Vegan