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Ramona Fradon Original JLA Super Friend Art Superman t

Ramona Fradon Original JLA Super Friend Art Superman t


Justice league · Ramona Fradon Original JLA Super Friend Art Superman ...

Super Friends #39 art by Ramona Fradon

Comic Art, Comic Books, Dc Comics, Jimmy Olsen, Book Covers, Captain Marvel, Graphic Novels, Wonder Woman, Superman

By Ramona Fradon

Super Friends 7 Cover by Ramona Fradon

Additional Images: Digitally Colored. Super Friends 7 Cover by Ramona Fradon

Super Friends 7 Opening Splash

Silver Age Batman collage by Ramona Fradon

Ramona Fradon and Bob Smith Super Friends #27 Cover Original Art | LotID #50014


Showcase Presents Super Friends! Vol. 1

Super Friends 7 (1977-2017) Cover Re-Imagination (Batman, Superman

Super Friends 24; September 1979. Cover and Interior art by Ramona Fradon and Bob

Super Friends Action Valentine Playbook (1980) 1

The Super Friends #41. Cover by Ramona Fradon.

Ramona Fradon and Bob Smith Super Friends Splash Page 1 Original Art (DC, Featuring Batman, - Available at 2017 May 18 - 20 Comics & Comic.

Superman breaking chains by Ramona Fradon Comic Art

Super Friends (1976 DC 1st Series) 31

Super Friends (2008 2nd Series) 1

Bracelets (by Ramona Fradon & Bob Smith fron Super Friends #24, 1979)

DC Super Friends: Favorites 2 HC (2016 Random House) A Little Golden Book


DC Super Friends: Wonder Woman and Her Super Friends HC (2016 Random House)

... Ramona Fradon. Super Friends 7 Opening Splash. Justice League 1 (1987) Cover

Super Friends TPB (2001 DC) 1-1ST

DC Super Friends: How to Be a Hero HC (2016 Random House) Super


SuperFriends Comicbook Series · SF Are back- Cover

Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman are having their latest annual Trinity-Meeting. Batman accidentally refers to the League as "friends", which is pretty ...

Super Friends (1976 DC 1st Series) 2

The battling bowman made his one and only appearance on The Super Friends in a 1973 episode.

All-New Super Friends Hour – Season 1, Volume 2 Due in January

In the past, we get a little bwa-ha-ha, when the trinity huddles around a photo of a kayoed Guy Gardner. This occurred in Justice League #5 (September, ...

DC Super Friends: 5-Minute Stories HC (2016 Random House) 1-

Review: 'Super Friends: The Lost Episodes' on DVD

Friday, September 18, 2015

Justice League of America #84 FN Swan Dillin Batman Black Canary Superman Flash

JLA/Avengers #1 (September, 2003) "A Journey into Mystery" Writer - Kurt Busiek Artist - George Perez Colorist/Separations - Tom Smith Letterers - Comicraft

Saturday Morning Cartoons: “DC Super Friends”

Super Friends (1976 DC 1st Series) 22

Metamorpho, The Element Man #2 original cover art by Ramona Fradon.

Super Friends (1976 DC 1st Series) 37

Super Friends For Justice TPB (2009) 1-1ST

SUP-er Friends!

Signed Ramona Fradon Original DC Comic Art Sketch Super Friends JLA ~ Ba.

The episodes on Super Friends: The Lost Episodes seem pretty typical for the show, and not significantly better or worse than any other episodes I've seen ...

Justice League of America (vol.2) #0 (2006)

In the future, Superman arrives to the new JLA Satellite for his annual meeting with the rest of the trinity... alas, they are a no-show.

Super Friends #25

Pencils: Ramona Fradon Inks: Bob Smith

Justice League of America #219

SHOWCASE PRESENTS: SUPER FRIENDS VOL. 1 TP Written by E. Nelson Bridwell and Dennis O'Neil Art by Ric Estrada, Vince Colletta, Ramona Fradon, Bob Smith and ...

SUPERMAN #30. Written by SCOTT LOBDELL Art by KEN LASHLEY Cover by ANDY KUBERT 1:25 MAD Variant cover. On sale APRIL 23. 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US. RATED T

Amazon.com: Super Friends!: Your Favorite Television Super-Team is Back! (9781563897160): Various: Books

Nubia (1973) Wonder Woman.jpg

Superman and Batman are also on the scene. Superman's not scared of the virus due to his being an alien and all... Batman is wearing protective respiratory ...

Big Book of DC Super Friends HC (2015 A Big Golden Book) 1-

New ListingSUPER FRIENDS #46 (1981, DC), Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman/Robin vs the Seraph



New ListingSUPER FRIENDS #8 (1977, DC) Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Robin

JLA: Year One #1 (1998)

Justice League Vs. Squadron Supreme (Plus 4 More tales!)

New ListingSUPER FRIENDS #9 (1977, DC) Wonder Woman, Batman, Ice Maiden, Green Lantern. '”


... artwork by Ramona Fradon, the legendary cartoonist who visually created Metamorpho and who illustrated Aquaman for decades. She's got a fluid, ...

Super Friends!: Truth, Justice and Peace! (Super Friends!, 2

1980 Original Super Friends JLA color guide:Batman/Wonder Woman/Superman /Aquaman

Justice League of America #146, page 3 (September 1977)

Issue #42

Wendy, Marvin and Wonder Dog do manage to catch Chick and Kitten and take them to the Hall of Justice. The Super Foes' sidekicks are impressed and think ...

1980s Justice League Comics Batman Superman DC

Super Friends #24 Cover by Ramona Fradon & Bob Smith, ...

Justice League of America #19 Cover


Superman #653 (August, 2006) "Up, Up, and Away! Chapter Seven: Up in the Sky" Writers - Kurt Busiek & Geoff Johns Artist - Pete Woods

With Super Friends ...

Super Friends group commission by Ramona Fradon.

Cover by Ramona Fradon.

Ramona Fradon holding a page of her original art.

Yes, it was a toy tie-n and later in his career, but it was still very cool to see Jack Kirby's artwork on DC's premiere heroes in the first two Super ...

Justice League related lot of 10 DC Comics! Superman, Batman, Firestorm, GL

Tempest Garth.jpg


The Spirit by Ramona Fradon.

After exchanging pleasantries, Captain America accuses them of "fascism"... which is such a Captain America thing to do. Thor decides the time for talking ...

an original piece of art I commissioned from her homepage