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Really just like the flowing hair effects Hot Digital Illustrations by

Really just like the flowing hair effects Hot Digital Illustrations by



Really just like the flowing hair effects. Hot Digital Illustrations by Mathia Arkoniel

This is a really strong painting. The hair looks very real. Also the the shadows are reall good especially with keep in check with the light.

Final product image

Final product image

June 21, 2012

Not just men have short hair, so it's worth checking out anyway if you're primarily focused on creating portraits of women. Enjoy and see you next time!

To avoid harsh lines around the hairline, I use the blending tool to soften the intersection of forehead and hair.

Filling in the strokes

Final Image

Realistic hair painting tutorial and free brushes - New version (easy)


In the end though, I decided I don't have enough expertise with digital drawing to make a whole comic look as good as I want it to.

Good Job!

Woman hairstyles

Hair has a voice. Hair that is neat or hair that is messy can speak volumes about a character before they even open their mouth. In a way it has its own ...

Refine the Realistic Hair Digital Painting

Long hair. From Wikipedia ...

First Prize won at the Hairdressing Fashion Show London, 1935, using an Icall permanent-waving machine. The hair is shorter even than in the 1920s and ...

Screenshot Screenshot

Just go wild and do not be afraid to do some strokes. It does not matter if you are working with mouse or tablet, this is going to be just a reference.

When it comes to choosing highlight colors I almost never use true white in a piece. True white is a very ...

Here is a more volumetric version with texture and shadow.

I started making shadows dark but realized they needed to be even darker.

Kristen Stewart goes for the relaxed boho wave

Chapter 06 : By Shane Madden Hair; 61.

Mathia Arkoniel | Official Website

Image titled Draw Anime Hair Step 7

Gradients added to the hair

How to Paint Realistic Hair with Highlights in Photoshop

Here's the breakdown of the complete painting. You see, a gradual change from a rough scanned pencil sketch to a complete painting.

Woman features template

how to change hair color in photoshop

Jonathan Ball. Jonathan Ball is an illustrator and designer from ...

Fantasy/Sci-Fi (Digital Illustration)

Imma do the coloring part now, really excited!!! *-*

hair as body language

Making of Ash and Sam by Jeff Haynie www.jeffhaynie.com

Digital Illustrations by Dmitry Klyushkin

How to paint REALISTIC HAIR with Photoshop - easy tutorial for mouse or tablet

R. Kikuo Johnson

TUTORIAL: How to paint purrty hair with SAI by pikadiana.deviantart.com on


Beautiful artwork by Yue, aka sakimichan, a digital artist based in canada. sakimichan loves to draw and paint fantasy, sci-fi…

Hair Tutorial by KyouKaraa.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Breaking the taboo: The previous day, Lily had appeared on ITV's Lorraine to discuss

The way the Duchess of Cambridge prefers to wear her hair - wavy at the ends


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Progression: ...

Shrem has claimed, with characteristic hyperbole, that he was one of the first 10

Fantasy/Sci-Fi (Digital Illustration)

Digital painting providers on Envato Studio

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Ashley Olsen embraces the boho wave


Watercolor Effect Photoshop Tutorial

CREDIT: Courtesy of Warner Bros.

Matt Damon The Great Wall

Boost Hair Growth From The Inside

Fantasy/Sci-Fi (Digital Illustration)

The brutal distortion of XXXTentacion's 'Look at Me' is changing the sound of the Hot 100 - The Washington Post

female illustration in Corel draw

lol please don't embarrass me again, imgur!

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Paint Detailed Hair Strands for Short Realistic Hair in Photoshop

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Fantasy/Sci-Fi (Digital Illustration)

Girl, slanted - watercolor

Nitasha Tiku

As the music industry has been slowly and agonizingly stretched across the rack of the digital age, the songwriter's comfortable spot amid music's royalty ...

Futuristic: Digital Perm specialist Christian E.Toth brought the technique over from Japan and

Previs by The Third Floor.

I second that drawing tablets are pressure sensitive, but mouse is an alternative though, if not as convenient. Altering opacity and flow in a mouse yields ...

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