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Researchers have found what could be the earliest known dinosaur

Researchers have found what could be the earliest known dinosaur


A restoration ...

The discovery last year of Kulindadromeus, which had both scales and feathers, prompted speculation

A century later, we know better thanks to a richer fossil record and more rigorous research.

The earliest known dinosaur relative, Teleocrater rhadinus, was surprisingly large and walked on four croc-like legs, new research showed.

This is an artistic reconstruction of feathered ornithomimid dinosaurs found in Alberta. Credit: Credit: Julius Csotonyi

'Holy Grail' of dinosaur fossils discovered in Egyptian desert

Researchers find earliest relative of Brachiosaurus dinosaur

Researchers have discovered the oldest known horned dinosaur species from the early Cretaceous in North America.

A model of an Allosaurus in front of a mural of what the dinosaur might have looked like in real life, at the Quarry Exhibit Hall at Dinosaur National ...

Artist interpretation shows 190-million-year-old nests, eggs, hatchlings and adults of the prosauropod dinosaur Massospondylus in Golden Gate Highlands ...

Researchers may have discovered the oldest-known giant dinosaur

Life reconstruction of the new species Teleocrater rhadinus, a close relative of dinosaurs. Credit: Museo Argentino de Ciencias Naturales. "

240-million-year-old fossils indicate how dinosaurs grew from hatchlings to adults

Researchers unveil about first known dinosaur to suffer from septic arthritis

Legendary dinosaurs that we all imagine completely wrong

Dinosaur lineage

First dino? An artist's reconstruction of Nyasasaurus, which is either the earliest known dinosaur or a close relative.

The oldest known relative of dinosaurs was a total freak, experts say - The Washington Post

The truth about T. rex: Even the most well known dinosaur kept some secrets

Dinosaurs were discovered by British scientists

A Teleocrater rhadinus, a close relative of dinosaurs, is seen feasting on an ancient

Researchers have named this species Vouivria damparisensis. We have compiled some top-line highlights below from these two exciting studies.

Artist's impression of the Patagotitan mayorum, as the fossilised bones of six young adult dinosaurs

ARGENTINA (CNN) -- Researchers in Argentina say they've discovered the oldest-known giant dinosaur.

Victor Leshyk. Dinosaur ancestors are shown ...

This ...

The rats, as they might have lived


Herrerasaurus, late Triassic dinosaur. One of the earliest known dinosaurs, it was an

Chenanisaurus barbaricus Credit: Dr Nick Longrich, Milner Centre for Evolution, University of Bath

dinosaur Cameron Spencer/Getty Images. Scientists have found ...

Fossil of world's earliest modern bird could help us understand the extinction of dinosaurs

dinosaur drawing. New fossil finds have ...

The dinosaurs in Crystal Palace Park look quite different to how we visualise the animals today

Artist's depiction of Savannasaurus elliottorum based on fossil remains Image by Travis Tischler / © Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum of Natural History

Spinosaurus aegyptiacus trawls for mesozoic fish. Illustration by Brian Engh

New research reveals Spinosaurus to be the first known dinosaur to evolve into a fully aquatic animal.


Researchers have described a #new species of #plant-eating #dinosaur, #

Tyrannosaurus rex as we know and love it (Credit: Mark Garlick/Science Photo

Researchers from the United States and China have found evidence that a feathered but flightless dinosaur was able to snag and consume small flying ...

The apparently youthful dinosaur was running around Wales about 200 million years ago

An artist impression of the Limusaurus. The Ostrich-sized dinosaur was found in Xinjiang

New Dinosaur Found in Montana Reveals Tyrannosaurs' True Face (They Didn't Have Lips)

This is a reconstruction of dinosaurs ...

Did dinosaurs have lips? Credit: Danielle Dufault

Universal Pictures

Dave Gunson

... in Morocco from around 300,000-years ago, including this lower jaw, come from the oldest known Homo sapiens. Or that's what some researchers now argue.

A new study by a team of scientists and amber experts has found that extracting dinosaur

Lost island of the dinosaurs

This illustration reveals Brontosaurus as researchers see it today, with a Diplodocus-like head.


A newly described dinosaur confirms that even the formidable tyrannosaurs were covered in feathers

Triceratops skeleton on display in a museum. A team of scientists has discovered the youngest dinosaur ...

10 Best Recent Dinosaur Discoveries

Prominent structures such as long necks could well have been used in mating displays of dinosaurs. (Illustration by Luis Rey)

The fossil of 195-million-year-old dinosaur Lufengosaurus preserved as found in

Researchers say dinosaurs had growth and metabolic rates that were actually not characteristic of warm-

'Baby Dragon' Dinosaur Found Inside Giant Egg

dinosaur skeletons

From the Magazine Magazine

The researchers, from Imperial College London, said it is the earliest known fossil from

The hadrosaur, nicknamed Dakota, as scientists believe it would have looked, based on their analysis of the fossil evidence so far.

How did dinosaurs evolve beaks and become birds? Scientists think they have the answer

The model dinosaurs in Crystal Palace Park, London (Credit: Martin Bond/SPL

New research by Field Museum scientists finds ...

Scientists in Argentina have discovered the earliest-known "giant" dinosaur

Did Diplodocus walk with a spring in its neck? (Mark Garlick/Science Photo Library/Corbis)

How many dinosaurs were there?

Scelidosaurus was an early armoured dinosaur (Credit: Natural History Museum, London/SPL

Enlarge this image

The new species Teleocrater rhadinus hunting a cynodont, a close relative of mammals. Credit: Museo Argentino de Ciencias Naturales

A newly-described dinosaur fossil contains soft tissue that protected the brain – and possibly


An international team of scientists has discovered the first evidence of dinosaurs in Saudi Arabia.

Could it fly?